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Airport security: TSA re-allows lighters on board; non-flammable water still a threat to safety

The TSA has ruled that lighters will once again be legal to take onto airplanes, effective August 4. Not Zippo lighters or other “torch” lighters, just “common” lighters. Amazing. Bottled water is still illegal, but a container containing a flammable liquid is permissible. That’s freedom, baby. And why the two week delay? Do lighters’ magical terrorist […]

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George Lucas (hearts) airports

These posters are fantastic. They’re pitching the Star Wars weekends at Disney/MGM in Orlando, taking place this month, but for whatever reason, the Star Wars characters are moving through airports, instead of cavorting in the Magic Kingdom. (FYI, this weekend is your chance to meet the diminutive Kenny Baker, who actually controlled R2-D2 from inside […]

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