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2007 Travvies: The Winners

The results are in!

It is with great pleasure that I announce the winners of the first annual Travvies, celebrating the best in travel blogging.


First off, thanks to everyone for participating, from nominations to voting. The response has been fantastic, and many people wrote in to say that they appreciated the awards for pointing them to new and interesting blogs. 

I’d also like to thank the judges once again for their hard work in narrowing down the list of nominations to a tight group of finalists. Thanks to John Brownlee, Matthew Daimler, Henry Harteveldt, Darryl Jenkins, Michele McDonald, and Michael Miller. 

A final note: If you’d like to be added to a (spam-free!) mailing list devoted solely to announcements for next year’s Travvies, please use the contact form.

To the results: A grand total of 2306 ballots were cast. In some categories, the competition was truly fierce, with the winner separated from the runner-up by single digits. Proving that every vote counts!

Today, it’s my pleasure to present the winners.

Best Photography on a Travel Blog
Exposed Planet 

Based in the Netherlands, Harry Kikstra, a self-described “climber / expedition leader / photographer / filmmaker / producer / writer / public speaker / cycler and many other things” proffers up a beautiful portfolio of images from his travels around the world. His photos portray both people and places — a reminder that the beauty of travel is not just found in vistas we see, but in the cultures we visit.

Best Single-Author Travel Blog:
The Cranky Filler

Self-described airline dork Brett Snyder serves up commentary on the aviation industry with insight, humor, and a penchant for Photoshopped stock imagery. If it’s about air travel, he’s likely to have an opinion, though in reality it’s not always as curmudgeonly as his blog title implies.

Best Group-Written Travel Blog:
The Lost Girls

Three New York women faced burnout in a “quarterlife” crisis, put their media careers on hold, and took a year to travel the world as a group. The blog is their collection of dispatches from the field, as they explore South America, Africa, and (most recently) Asia. Jealous readers, living vicariously, can pick up locally-specific travel tips as they watch these women living the dream.

Best Informative/Practical Travel Blog:
The Cranky Flier 

Cranky, again! Though other blogs were nominated in multiple categories, the Cranky Flier is the only one to actually win multiple awards. As mentioned above, Brett Snyder’s focus on airline news and opinion, with a humorous touch, has won him many fans.

Best Destination Blog:

Amy Langfield helps her readers get a lay of the land in the City That Never Sleeps, with news and event listings for tourists and locals alike. For visitors hoping to hit the ground running, the site is a goldmine of up-to-the-minute information that traditional travel guides might only get around to putting in print 12 months from now.

Best Travel Blog:
National Geographic Inside Traveler

Finally, the big one: Best Travel Blog. Emily King, National Geographic Traveler’s assistant to the editor, and researcher Jessie Johnston round up stories and links from (quite literally) all over the map. Sometimes practical, sometimes destination-specific, but always about exploration and travel. The 2007 award for best travel blog goes to them.

Congratulations to all the winners! And thanks again to everyone for voting!