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Fuel prices achieve what customer dismay couldn’t: The death of Ted

Ted, the low-end airline within an airline, is shutting down because it can’t pay its bill!

Created by United, Ted was a cute name for a low-end airline, but apparently, its concept and execution were a total waste. On a number of times, I’d usually catch a glimpse of Ted planes approaching O’Hare, and I’m sorely tempted to shake my fist a la Abe Simpson at Ted.

You see, everything about the concept of Ted is just wrong. For starters, Airbus A320s were converted into one big United economy. They tore down first class seats, and divided the remaining into the economy and economy plus seats. In short, Ted made us believe that it was fun, interesting, edgy, but in fact, it’s not any of the three!

So I say, goodbye Ted! Good riddance!

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