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Be careful not to touch anything at Wynn Las Vegas

You’d actually think that people who’ve been to the glitzy and glamorous Wynn Las Vegas have a lot of stories to tell about the luxurious accommodations, posh restaurants, etc., but this is not the case. Instead, people love to talk of the snacks on top of the minibar.

Yes, there’s been a few complaints about the snacks on top of the minibar. The minibar has a motion detector, but what surprised most customers is the snacks outside of the minibar. It’s placed inside a wooden tray, and when you move an item on the tray and do not put it back within 1 minute, then it’s considered sold.

But what about if you’re just curious about the kinds of snacks they offer or you want to check its nutritional content. Well, judging by how Wynn Las Vegas does it, you’re going to have to pay for it. You wouldn’t be able to get away with it anyway since it’ll be added up to your checkout tab.

Have you ever wondered what’s next though? A trip wire that triggers a fee when you make use of the bathroom?

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