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Another stab in the back of frequent flyers

Bad news for customers. Delta has undertaken another step to further devaluate frequent flyer miles.

There has been an increasing number of customers who have complained that it was becoming harder and harder to cash in flyer miles for saver award tickets. In answer to these complains, the airline company reasoned that there are a couple of frequent flyer tickets. One, the saver rewards called ‘limited seats available’, which is a bit hard to get. And two, the unrestricted inventory awards, which lets cash in your flyer miles anytime there is an open seat provided that it charges at a higher price.

Coupled with this change, there are some more tweaks that Delta has implemented.

Come to think, Delta isn’t the only airline company that has devalued their mile rewards. In fact, Northwest also tweaked their WorldPeaks program of late. Other airlines will also probably follow suit with these two, but boo for these two who can’t wait to get ahead of the competition!

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