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Short hops: Fly the A380, skip the printout, stretch out and procrastinate

This week’s short hops features flying the A30, skipping printouts, stretching out, and procrastinating.

Fly the A380 for its commercial debut

If you’re way past admiring the miniature Lego models of the A380 like the one above, you can actually fly on the maiden commercial voyage of the A380. eBay will conduct a charity auction event of the plane’s inaugural flight, which will benefit the Doctors Without Borders and the Community Chest of Singapore.

Bidding date is yet undisclosed, but SIA will be announcing it later.

Westjet doesn’t require papers

Westjet will not be requiring the printouts of e-tickets. A copy of the ticket on your smartphone or on your laptop is already acceptable, but this might not possibly work for US-Canada flights.

Drunk astronauts?

Astronauts were permitted to fly even if other fellow astronauts and flight surgeons cautioned that they were very drunk to the point that they can actually pose flight-safety risk.

Qantas announces premium economy

The Qantas premium economy has just been announced with more legroom, better menu, separate check-in queue, laptop power, noise-canceling headsets, and more.

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