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Reader mail: What’s wrong with empty bottles?

One of the readers has this to say:

I got myself a Bailey’s while taking on a Southwest flight. The bottle was given to me without the cap, so I had to ask the flight attendant for it so I wouldn’t be spilling the drink while on flight. When I finished everything, I wanted to keep the EMPTY bottle so I can take it home. However, the flight attendant demanded that I throw the bottle instead. Is there any regulation by the FAA regarding this or is this just a Southwest policy?

As of this writing, there is no regulation banning mini-bottles, empty at that, on airplanes from the FAA, ATF, IMF, FTC, TSA or even the CIA. The flight attendant may just be concerned with recycling issues? Or she’s just taken the ‘open container’ law over the top?

Technically though, alcohol intake, even if it is your own, is not allowed on board any flight to and from the US.

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