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Loss of use? Get lost!

Of late, there has been an increased and rather aggressive practice of insurance upselling courtesy of front-desk personnel in car rental companies. This practice is quite considered deceitful, nonetheless it is very effective in coercing car renters to take that added ‘loss of use’ fee.

More than the coverage, this insurance upsell should not be taken seriously. If you have a credit card, the collision damage waiver (CDW) covers for loss of use. There are also credit cards that cover car rental insurance. If your card has this, then there is no need to give in to the insurance upsells.

To check if your card covers for this, check its finer prints. You can also contact your bank and find out from there. If it does not, you can change your card to one that covers this specific policy.

Bottom line: No matter how much a car rental agent convinces or coerces you to get the ‘loss of use’ fee insurance, never give in! Always check with your existing insurance coverage first..

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