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JetBlue increases legroom, creates de facto premium section

In a move to provide more convenience to its passengers, JetBlue has removed a row of seats in its Airbus A320 planes. This move gives passengers more legroom ranging from 36 inches in rows 1-11 and 34 inches in rows 12-25.

Aside from good it brings to its passengers, the move was also seen as a way to save on its operating expenses. Taking out some seats also equates to JetBlue reducing the number of flight attendants per flight. This leaves some bad news for flight attendants whose positions will be cut more or less 35%. By estimate, a total of $30 million in a 5-year period will be saved when this removal of seats is implemented.

This move also turns rows 1 to 11 into a premium section, which is about similar to United’s Economy. This being the case, will JetBlue be also charging a premium for this seats in the near future?

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