You may remember Dave Carroll from music videos decrying the state of United Airlines customer service. But the airline keeps finding ways to inspire new songs:

After famously breaking his guitar, United Airlines has managed to cause further trouble for David Carroll by losing his luggage — just as the Canadian singer-songwriter was en route to deliver a speech about customer service.

You can’t make this stuff up.

There have been two videos so far, both decrying United’s baggage handling and subsequent customer service. Personally, I thought that Carroll’s first video was his best. The second was okay, but felt like it was trying too hard, and didn’t add much. Yes, the third video in the trilogy is basically writing itself now.

(Thanks for the heads-up, John!)

pixel Vengeance? Karma? Bad luck? United loses the luggage of the United Breaks Guitars guy
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4 Responses to “Vengeance? Karma? Bad luck? United loses the luggage of the “United Breaks Guitars” guy”

  1. The Amazing Spider-Ads Says:

    United definitely wanted to just string the guy along and then crush him again :). There are some sadomasochists on both sides, clearly.

  2. Jackson Says:

    Would the guy be going around making speeches on customer service if it wasn’t for United.

  3. conor Says:

    You literally couldn’t write this stuff if you tried. His first video I thought was priceless I havent seen the second one yet which Im going to go view right now.

  4. Anil Says:

    I almost don’t believe it! Maybe all that press turned out to be good for United?

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