us airways jetbridge US Airways starts surcharging on its own website

The appeal of booking on an airline’s homepage isn’t the swank digs of the site itself. It’s typically the savings, and maybe a few bonus miles (though those bonuses are all but extinct). Now US Airways manages to eliminate its home field advantage by actually charging $5 more than some other agencies.

The Cranky Flier is all over this, and he has every reason to be cranky. Why buy from US Airways directly when you can book for $5 less from Priceline or Hotwire, which don’t charge booking fees? (I mean their “regular” bookings, not the “name your own price” opaque fares.)

The fee that US Airways is charging appears to be a fuel-related charge. It’s not a credit card fee or such, as is common outside the US. (Airlines seem to prefer debit transfers…) But don’t think that U.S. airlines aren’t thinking about renegotiating their merchant agreements with credit card networks, so they can introduce that sort of upcharge here. The first moves were made this summer. It’s coming, just wait. But I digress…

Bottom line: If US Airways is your choice, shop around before clicking “buy.” Don’t just buy your ticket directly from them. If you do, you’ll just reward bad behavior.


pixel US Airways starts surcharging on its own website
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5 Responses to “US Airways starts surcharging on its own website”

  1. foxnomad Says:

    Funny thing is, it might still be cheaper than booking from and online travel agent or ticket search engine.

  2. Mark Ashley Says:

    As Cranky’s post (referenced above) shows, the SAME flights were showing up for less money on Priceline.

    But, indeed, it’s always worth shopping around.

  3. Kango Suz Says:

    Where once these internet ticket sites were always cheaper, they arn’t unnecessarily any more. It seems that now they’ve got the business they arn’t discounting as much. I’ve even found prices cheaper by calling their reservation numbers.

  4. Tim Says:

    It just figures. USAir is the worst airline in this country, bar none, and they have continually shown that they don’t really care that they come in last in almost every customer service category. When everyone already hates you, why bother worrying about pissing them off with another $5?

  5. Mark Ashley Says:

    Bar none? What about Spirit? ;)

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