singapore airlines landing Upgrades and Downgrades: Singapore Airlines wine, seatback pockets, Irish ness, and more
Upgraded: The importance of champagne to Singapore Airlines
“Singapore Airlines Ltd. cut Chief Executive Officer Chew Choon Seng’s salary by 20 percent and parked planes in response to a global travel slump. It didn’t touch the S$11 million (US$8 million) it spends annually on wine and Dom Perignon champagne for first-class passengers.” Fewer planes, but constant wine budget? Say no more.

Upgraded: Clarity on what’s legal in seatback pockets
Remember the semi-secret FAA rule that banned personal items in airline seatback pockets? Last week, Henry Harteveldt tweeted that the FAA had clarified its policy. The entire policy is printed here. The short version: You can keep up to three pounds of stuff in the pocket, presumably including the SkyMall magazine, etc.

Upgraded: United Airlines
It takes a trip to the bottom to warrant an improvement, it seems. United, having peered into the abyss, has announced that they’ll be revamping their aircraft interiors (say goodbye to the “tequila sunrise” decor!) and airport lounges.

Downgraded: Aer Lingus’ Irish-ness
Ireland’s Aer Lingus has applied for an operating license in the UK, which, if granted, would enable the company to relocate its official base of operations to Britain. The reason: A labor dispute with Irish pilots and flight attendants, who are resisting a pay cut. Expect strikes if this goes through.


pixel Upgrades and Downgrades: Singapore Airlines wine, seatback pockets, Irish ness, and more

3 Responses to “Upgrades and Downgrades: Singapore Airlines wine, seatback pockets, Irish-ness, and more”

  1. Mike Maddaloni - @thehotiron Says:

    Thanks Mark – I think I’ll print out the FAA policy and bring it on my next flight. On a recent trip on Southwest, on the flight out nobody mentioned anything about seat pockets, but on the way back they were brutal over it!


  2. Aaron Schubert Says:

    Nice photo. Where was that taken? I am finding your blog very helpful for choice of flights!


  3. Mark Ashley Says:

    According to the photographer, it was taken from Changi Village, right near the airport in Singapore.

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