star alliance plane Upgrades and Downgrades    December 14, 2007    Lufthansa (hearts) JetBlue, Silverjet (hearts) Maxjet, and a German guy (hearts) his vodka

Upgraded: JetBlue joining Star Alliance?
German carrier Lufthansa bought a 19% stake in JetBlue, a $300 million investment in the original luxe discount carrier. There’s no talk of merger, or even alliance. Yet. But the companies Lufthansa invests in have the tendency to join Star Alliance.

Upgraded: Star Alliance, again
So JetBlue’s membership is pure speculation. But Star Alliance *did* invite Air India into the alliance for eventual membership. And just yesterday, Air China and Shanghai Airlines officially joined the alliance.

Upgraded: Silverjet, at Maxjet’s expense
Maxjet’s woes, Silverjet’s joy? “Silverjet, which operates all-business-class flights from London to New York and Dubai, said that through Tuesday, the carrier had seen a 20 percent surge in bookings since MAXjet’s announcement.”

Upgraded: Planepooling
With a major treaty to be signed in Lisbon, some EU member states’ prime ministers are flying there together, carpool style, in an effort to reduce their carbon footprint. (Thanks, Dr. Vino!)

Upgraded: Editors’ hateful laziness
Who came up with this headline? “French rude and their hotels smell.” Top shelf editorial work, team!

Downgraded: Traveler’s IQ, and traveler’s brain cells
If you packed a one-liter bottle of vodka in your carry-on, and airport security says you can’t take it onboard, what would you do? If you said, “Open the bottle and chug the entire contents before going through the metal detector,” then you might be the now-hospitalized 64-year old resident of Dresden, Germany who proved he couldn’t hold his liquor at the Nuremberg airport. He should have just checked the booze.


pixel Upgrades and Downgrades    December 14, 2007    Lufthansa (hearts) JetBlue, Silverjet (hearts) Maxjet, and a German guy (hearts) his vodka

6 Responses to “Upgrades and Downgrades — December 14, 2007 — Lufthansa (hearts) JetBlue, Silverjet (hearts) Maxjet, and a German guy (hearts) his vodka”

  1. Suresh Ramasubramanian Says:

    Air India (or Air China) joining are “upgrades” to *A? I wish you luck flying on any of those airlines.. particularly Air India.

  2. Mark Ashley Says:

    Ok, fair enough. Air India is especially notorious for delays, etc. But they’re expansions of the Star Alliance network footprint. So maybe I should have said, “Upgraded?”

  3. Scott Edwards Says:

    Having flown on both Air China and Shanghai Airlines (not Air India)I can safely say the biggest drawback to flying either carrier are not the planes or service, but rather your fellow passengers! If you thought domestic US passengers were bad, you haven’t seen anything yet. I’ve seen passengers who go to smoke in the lavatories and really believe no one will notice, and people who stand up on final approach to collect their luggage and go to wait at the front to be let out. Let’s not even talk about boarding wide-body aircraft. The only reason to fly these airlines is because you absolutely have to when traveling anywhere inside China, and you might as well get miles that are worth something for your sacrifice.

  4. J. Jarman Says:

    I think the other reason Silverjet’s doing well is they’re forever having promotions. I wonder what percentage of tickets they actually sell at full fare? They’re discounting yet again this Christmas – £999 London-New York/Dubai.

  5. Kango Suz Says:

    What a coup that would be for a budget airline like Jet Blue to join such a major network! I know that they’re pretty new, but I use them all the time for my flights and it would be great to be accumulating miles that I could use to travel abroad with…

  6. JetBlue and American Airlines to start selling each others’ flights | Upgrade: Travel Better Says:

    [...] makes this especially unexpected is JetBlue’s recent moves toward Lufthansa (which is a part-owner of JetBlue) and [...]

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