washing wine down drain Upgrades and Downgrades: BA wine disposal, shady baggage fees, one way myths, TSA jokes
Downgraded: Teamwork, Wine, and Cost-Savings on British Airways
Management vs. labor (or labour, if you will) on British Airways is getting nastier. Take this quote, for example: “No-one is doing anything to help save costs any more. Whereas we used to keep unfinished bottles of wine in first-class to save money, now they’re routinely poured down the sink.” Pouring good wine down the sink? That’s a sin!

Downgraded: Traveling Value, Thanks to Fees
Delta upped its checked baggage fee again. $8 more for the first bag (now $23), and $7 for the second bag (now $32). And that’s if you pay your fees online. If you wait until you show up at the airport, add another $2 ($25 total) for the first bag and another $3 ($35 total) for the second. What I don’t understand is this: The policy is effective today, January 12, for anyone who purchased tickets on or after January 5. But the policy was only announced on the 11th. How is this legal, especially in light of the DOT “crackdown” on post-purchase changes to the contract of carriage? I smell a rat.

Upgraded: Travel for People with Nut Allergies
Travelers with nut allergies may soon find a nut-free-zone on Canadian airlines. Complaints filed against Air Canada yielded the ruling, which requires the airline to create a buffer zone within 30 days of the early-January ruling. What other cordoned-off areas will we see on planes now?…

Downgraded: The One-Way Ticket Myth
Mythbusting on the details: Umar Abdulmutallab, the crotch bomber, did not travel to Detroit on Christmas Day on a one-way ticket, despite nearly every major news organization’s reports to the contrary. He might have set off a thousand other warning flags if the data mining and information sharing within the US security community were up to full speed, but a one-way ticket was not one of those flags.

Upgraded: Jokes about TSA drug use
Jimmy Fallon: “Four TSA workers at LAX were videotaped snorting drugs. It was the first time people had ever seen lines go that fast at the airport.” Hey-ohhhh…


pixel Upgrades and Downgrades: BA wine disposal, shady baggage fees, one way myths, TSA jokes

4 Responses to “Upgrades and Downgrades: BA wine disposal, shady baggage fees, one-way myths, TSA jokes”

  1. Nancy N. Says:

    I totally agree about the baggage fee changes being applicable to tickets bought almost a week before the changes were announced. If I had bought a ticket in the last week on Delta (I am actually flying with them next week but the ticket was purchased in 2009) I would be raising hell with my Congressman and DOT about the legality of that.

  2. Andy Says:

    well, one way tickets cost just as much as return ones (very small difference) or even more. It doesn’t make sense to buy it since everyone knows about extra scrutiny.

  3. delta employee Says:

    actually the information on the change to baggage fees in correct. flyertalk has been discussing the change since it was put in effect on the 5th:

  4. delta employee Says:

    oops i meant the information is INCORRECT as its been discussed on flyertalk since the 5th.

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