pi pie Update: Pie apparently a threat to security after all

Take everything I said a few days ago about TSA agents having a sense of humor and happily allowing pie-wielding passengers to pass through security, and throw it in the trash like so many 4-ounce bottles of shampoo. Sigh.

From the always plain-dealin’ Cleveland Plain Dealer (via USA Today):

Overall, operations at Hopkins were smooth, [(TSA assistant federal security director for Northeast Ohio) Rick] DeChant said, but there was at least one unexpected hiccup this week.

“In the last two days, we have taken a dozen baked pies,” he said.

Pie filling apparently is banned from carry-on luggage, too. But the pies didn’t go to waste. They were taken to the airport’s United Service Organizations lounge, where soldiers passing through can relax and eat.

Well, so much for common sense. Cleveland: unsafe for pies. Charlotte: apparently safe.

At least the pies didn’t go to waste, but the TSA’s inconsistent enforcement of rules for carry-on bags is back on full display.

UPDATE November 27: Pies should never have been confiscated, and that comes from the top: Aviation Daily’s Benet Wilson has the details:

[...] at a press conference Nov. 16 in D.C. with TSA Administrator Kip Hawley, [...] a question actually came up about whether passengers could carry pies. We all had a good laugh, but Hawley did say that pies could — COULD — be carried past security. He said that his definition of a liquid is what would happen if he put a questioned substance on a table. If it holds its shape, then it’s not a liquid, he said. So pie would not be considered a liquid, he added.

America 2006, summed up in five words: Pie is not a liquid.


pixel Update: Pie apparently a threat to security after all
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16 Responses to “Update: Pie apparently a threat to security after all”

  1. Krispy Kringle Says:

    Too dangerous to take on a plane, but good enough for our troops. Ha!

  2. Brad H Says:

    I fly weekly. Everytime I see a liquid confiscated by the Theatrical Security Association and tossed in a nearby open garbage can, I dramatically jump back a few feet and yell “Whoa!!”. To the TSA’s always surprised looks, I say, “Hey, that’s a potential explosive liquid, and you’re just casually tossing it around with dozens of innocent bystanders nearby? What if it goes off? Where’s the bomb squad? Where’s the HazMat team? I don’t appreciate you endangering me with your recklessness.”. I’ve done this many times the last few months, and not once has it elicited a chuckle or any sign of recognition about how silly their rules are. Usually the TSA drone just looks confused and mumbles something about “just doing my job” or “I don’t make the rules”.

  3. Derek Says:


    Pies are taken by government employees.

    To be used by other people.

    Sounds like “Amendment V” and the “Eminent Domain” rules come into play here. Methinks some air travelers have a nice case for “compensation at Fair Market Value”.

    And Brad — I totally do the same thing. I got into an argument with a gate-searcher dude when I called his assigned-task “a useless feel-good measure which does absolutely nothing for safety.” I said the same thing, “If you really thought that had a nitroglycerin compound gelled into it, no farkin’ way would you hurl it into a trashcan,”… he was .. unamused.

    I’m so glad I don’t travel any more really. And when I do, it’s for business so if I’m late because the TSA decide to be jerks, welp, no skin off my back.

  4. The TSA Follies - Homeland Stupidity Says:

    [...] But the ban on pies appears to be inconsistently applied. Mark Ashley at Upgrade: Travel Better points out that other airports will happily let Grandma carry on her special apple pie she made just for you. “Well, so much for common sense,” he wrote. [...]

  5. Jul Says:

    Yeah, so what’s in these pies that might cause a security risk on an airplane but is still perfectly edible for members of the military? Some sort of new-fangled, delicious, edible explosive?

  6. Apple Pie Says:

    It would be truly terrible if someone were to attempt to take a pie through Hopkins airport that was laced with mescaline and laxatives.

    Truly terrible.

    Not for the person who carried it in, though.

  7. McAuliflower Says:

    Hrmm, I sense a new form of terrorism coming on? That which is intended to be confiscated to target those who eat it in the USO lounge?

  8. charles Says:

    So let me see if i got this right. They take the potential bombs and feed them to people?

  9. Craig Says:

    Some sort of ‘bean’ pie – only explosive after it’s consumed …

  10. Gina - Army SSG Says:

    What I don’t understand is the reality of he situation. TSA is confiscating these pies… why? Because they may cause harm, whether it be explosive material or poison… and they are giving them to SOLDIERS! What the heck, I would never eat something that was confiscated from someone and expected to be dangerous! What moron thought that was a good idea!

  11. havemycake Says:

    you never know, i’ve tasted some pretty explosive pie (particularly blueberry with homemade ice cream)…and you could hide drugs and weapons in grammy’s prize-winner. do the pies have to go through the x-ray?

  12. Beat jetlag by eating cherry pie? » Upgrade: Travel Better Says:

    [...] if it’s filled with particularly gooey, gelatinous filling. Some overzealous TSA agents have confiscated pies in the past, despite TSA Director Kip Hawley’s public reminder that “pie is not a [...]

  13. Airport Security – A Work in Progress Says:

    [...] rather than those that work to inconvenience passengers, confiscate lighters, water, homemade pies, and [...]

  14. Tricia Says:

    Pe in the skyyyyyyyyyyy with diamonds.

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