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ua first seat Update: New United first class seat

Following up Friday’s post on the next generation of United’s first class seat, here’s the photo, and the press release.

It looks nice, but it also resembles a lot of existing business class seats out there, such as Air New Zealand, Virgin Atlantic, or even the forthcoming Delta seat. Increasingly, first class isn’t looking that different from new-generation business class (unless, of course, you’re Singapore Airlines…)

At the end of the day, if first class seats are only marginally better, the difference between business and first class comes down to service in the cabin (and on the ground, for that matter). But I have my doubts; consistency and top-notch service are necessary, and I haven’t seen a consistent level of service on board United in a while.

(Thanks for the heads-up, Benet!)

pixel Update: New United first class seat

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    [...] has rolled out their next-generation business class seats, and they look good. (They rolled out a first class prototype a few months ago.) The new seats will be fully lie-flat, which is great news. They’ll also [...]

  2. henk de pater Says:

    These businessseat are sooooooo very good at night. I only sleep and eat and didn’t use the multimedia on my trip from the VS to Europe. Says a lot about the quality of this seat or is it a bed with some extra functions.

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