The countdown to the vice presidential debate between Joe Biden and Sarah Palin is on. (T-minus 36 minutes as I type!) In the spirit of the moment, I’m passing along this information for American voters who might be traveling on Election Day (November 4).

The folks from Election Protection, a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization supported by 100 different political groups, wrote in to offer their services — free — to those travelers who might be on the road, and away from the ballot box, on November 4.

For starters, there’s the website. Beyond just telling you to apply for an absentee ballot, the site walks you through the voting options, state by state. It’s quite comprehensive.

Or, if you’ve got questions, or problems, you can get a phone consult:

Potential voters can call the 866-OUR VOTE hotline to obtain critical information and advice on how they can beat voter registration deadlines and use early or absentee voting to make sure their vote counts.

However you decide to vote this cycle, don’t lose the opportunity to vote just because you’re traveling. Yay, democracy!

pixel Traveling around Election Day?  Dont lose your vote.
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  1. Tim Says:

    Mark – I am finding it very difficult to get a connection out of SFO to ORD on Sunday Nov 2. Tried booking weeks ago. Very unusual. All I can think is that the planes are full of people trying to get home to vote for Obama…

  2. Business Class Says:

    Great blog. Alot of informative content.

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