skycap Those $2 tips add up: Skycaps sue American Airlines and winSkycaps have been getting screwed for the past few year. They used to offer their curbside check-in service for tips alone, but then the airlines got into the act, charging a mandatory $2/bag. But many (or most?) customers didn’t notice the change, and didn’t realize that the $2 they paid now went to the airline, not the skycap. So they didn’t tip. They thought they were tipping.

Skycaps were understandably pissed off. Nine of them sued American Airlines for the change, and yesterday a jury awarded them $325,000. Hey, airline executives: prepare for more lawsuits. It could be made a class action, too, covering skycaps at 60 airports across the United States.

Good for the skycaps. They were being screwed, and they fought back. Huzzah.

At least they didn’t take it out on the passengers. I’m hoping that these skycaps aren’t included in the award.

It’ll be interesting to see how airlines adapt to the lawsuit. Will they reduce the fee? Or will they create better signage, indicating that the $2 goes to the airline, not the employee? Or will they just eliminate skycaps entirely?

pixel Those $2 tips add up: Skycaps sue American Airlines and win
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  1. From the Mind of J Says:

    It makes me very happy to read this. Up with everyday individuals and down with faceless, low-quality corporations.

  2. John Says:

    Skycaps have been some of the best-paid employees working at the airport. When they went on strike a few years ago, I had NO sympathy. I still have no sympathy for them. Let them rot.

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    [...] is being completely petty in their legal dispute with skycaps. You may recall that the skycaps won their suit, in which they argued that they were being cheated when the airline imposed a $2 fee, which most [...]

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