minyanville airline fees The logical conclusion of fee proliferation

The financial wiseguys at Minyanville have nailed it. They’ve pinned down, to a tee, the future of air travel fees.

I like the “Arial Font Fee” best. Can I get a discount for Palatino?

It’s item 4 of the “Five Things You Need to Know” today. The full “ticket” is here.

pixel The logical conclusion of fee proliferation
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7 Responses to “The logical conclusion of fee proliferation”

  1. Sheila Says:

    Mark – That’s pretty funny. It reminds me of a MadTV skit on YouTube. It’s kind of a skit version of this list. Have you seen it?

  2. Nicholas Barnard Says:

    So, if I decide to forgo an itemized list of the fees do I get a discount?

  3. Mark Ashley Says:

    Sheila, do you mean this one? “As always, exact change is appreciated.”

  4. Sheila Says:

    Mark – yes, that’s the one!

  5. travellingminstrel Says:

    any news on when the Travvies will be announced. I know you guys have some list to get through

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    [...] re-ticketing fee. And on and on. (The fee fee, the Arial font fee, and the fee fi fo fum fee, as outlined here, somehow didn’t make the [...]

  7. How can airlines make things worse? Let me count the ways… | Upgrade: Travel Better Says:

    [...] fees, across the board, too many to name. And US Airways is shutting clubs and arrival lounges. Satire just doesn’t cut it [...]

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