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Several readers have sent in e-mails, informing me of airfare deals they’ve gotten in recent days. They’re good, especially to Europe. A few examples:

Reader Diane found a deal from Denver to Amsterdam on US Airways in July: $2068.32 for a family of three, including all taxes and even travel insurance.

Reader Frank is taking his family of four to Paris in June. He’s leaving from the New York area — going over on Open Skies, coming back on L’Avion. It’s costing him more than it cost Diane, but it’s still a decent deal: $1479 per person for a cradle seat, booked on the L’Avion site. (As an aside, I don’t think L’Avion should be calling their product “business class” anymore, especially given that their corporate sister, Open Skies, is categorizing an equivalent seat as premium economy, err, “Prem+.”)

If you’re looking for some off-season discounts to Europe (say, February), and coach class is more your speed, then check Air France. $350 base fare ($490 all-in) from New York to Dublin, for example.

Finally, reader Aurelio booked a sweet spring break fare from Chicago to Last Vegas on United for $119, all-in, round-trip. Those are 2003 prices! Crazy-cheap!

To book some of these deals, you may need to be flexible with your dates or your connections. And be sure to comparison shop. Sites to consider as springboards include FareCompare, Kayak.com, and ITA Software, for starters.

Have you scoped out any good deals of late? Hit the comments with your savvy savings, especially if they might still be available for others to book!


pixel Summer travel deals: Readers write in
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    Thanks for sharing the info. Most discount airlines in Europe sell their tickets exclusively over their website or the phone, and tickets are not available via travel agents. flying in mid-week or early in the morning or late at night or flying in low season are other options to make your holiday more economic.

  2. LahLAH Says:

    Hey Mark,

    I see you have Kayak and FareCompare. You should also check out cFares.com! It provides the same fares and if you are a member, you can save tons of cash (below market rates)…much needed at this time! Especially great for international travel. I am planning a “spring-break” from work to Italy. Just did a search San Fran to Florence = $684 (member)!!! Market price is $709

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