reply to all Spirit Airlines CEO flips his customers the bird

Time to send the CEO to Microsoft Outlook School! Spirit Airlines CEO Ben Baldanza hit “reply to all” instead of “reply” and thereby sent this charming e-mail not only to one of his customer service employees, but also to the angry passengers who contacted the company to complain in the first place. Here’s the CEO’s message:

Please respond, Pasquale, but we owe him nothing as far as I’m concerned. Let him tell the world how bad we are. He’s never flown us before anyway and will be back when we save him a penny.

Comedy gold, or the perfect distillation of the state of air travel? Maybe both!

“Let him tell the world how bad we are.”

Well, Mr. Baldanza, you’ll be glad to know that the customer did! Blogger Alex Rudloff posted a reader’s entire correspondence with Spirit on his site. Go read the whole thing.

Rudloff’s post hit the Consumerist earlier today, which is where I first saw it. But it’s making the rounds, going viral even, and frankly, the airline is getting exactly what it deserved.

James Wysong asks why U.S. airlines are so bad. Spirit Airlines’ disdain for their passengers just provided Exhibit A.

I get a lot of complaints about Spirit — more than any other airline. (Chris Elliott recently named US Airways to his “blacklist” on the basis of sheer volume of complaints that he receives. If I were writing that list, Spirit would have to be take the top slot. No contest. Most of the complaints surround their baggage fees or automatic opt-in to travel insurance or the $9 club. One airline employee wrote in with a long list of complaints, many of which were common to other airlines, but the sheer litany of issues… Tip: Avoid the coffee.)

Spirit just keeps leading the charge downhill.

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  1. Jon Says:

    The CEO of Spirit might need to learn how to use email better, but his assessment of the situation is right on.

    1. Nobody with half a brain books flights and leaves only 90 minutes of leeway should something go wrong. Especially to Atlanta, especially in summertime. Come on.

    2. They were offered vouchers that exceeded what they paid for airfare. And chose not to take them, and then emailed the CEO of a company.

    3. It’s been shown time and time again that good customer service doesn’t matter to the bulk of travelers today. Lowest fare wins every time. That and frequent flier programs that have some of us addicted to the benefits.

    4. The customer is not always right. Sorry. The customer does have the money, but if giving them exactly what they want every time puts your company out of business.. probably not a wise strategy.

    Frankly, I’d rather see more CEOs publicly say what they’re really thinking. I can appreciate a response like that much more than “We value the opportunity to serve you” or other such platitudes.

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  3. Mark Ashley Says:

    Well, I agree that their complaint was not the strongest, though I am of the view that airlines shouldn’t sell some of these connections if the airports are that backlogged. Don’t blame the novice traveler for following the timetable that the airline provided.

    More importantly, the key here is not even the CEO’s fat finger. It’s the corporate leadership’s view that customer complaints don’t matter. “Let them eat cake!” It’s THAT brazen callousness that deserves mockery, disdain, and zero of my cash.

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  5. Mark White Says:

    I have to say, the traveling public is responsible for the nature of the airline industry today. Loyalty to a specific airline has gradually eroded over the years causing airlines to reduce staffing, services, schedules, and other ammenities focusing on cheap ticket pricing. I find it ironic, almost funny when individuals board our flights complaining about not having white glove service when “I paid 100 bucks for my ticket!!”. (It would be more expensive to take a train or ride a bus) So I guess the point is, “You get what you pay for” and as long as you want to enjoy ultra low fares, expect terrible service and very few ammenities. Good Luck!!

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  7. Gerri Says:

    I am a former employee of Spirit Airlines and have seen the ownership of the company change hands at least twice while I was there. When I started with the company back in 1997, it was still owned by the original founder and I was proud to be an employee then. After reading Mr.Baldanza’s reply to the customer’s complaint, right, wrong or otherwise, I can only say that I’m glad I’m no longer an employee. By the way, Spirit Airlines does not just extend bad customer service to it’s customers, but the internal customers (aka employees) are not treated much better. At least the ones at the Orlando station are not. That station alone has gone through four different managers since 2000, two of them due to incompetence and the current one is a joke with an axe to grind, making her the worse kind. I won’t make this personal, but from an insider’s point of view, I will say that the lack of quality customer service can be attributed to two things; poor management (lower and upper apparently), and hiring people who just are not cut out for working with the public. You either have people skills or you don’t.

    The airline industry has become all about turning a profit and there’s nothing wrong with that but, it can be done without sacraficing quality customer service with the right peolpe in place.

    Mr.Baldanza’s suggestion that customers will still book with Spirit as long as they can save a buck is so far fetched. I’m sure others feel the same way, but know that consumers are willing to pay a little more if it means better service, and there are other options as far as carriers with competetive faires in the same markets.

    Spirit has direct flights to and from my former home yet, I absolutely will not fly them for a number of reasons. I’ll give my business to US Air or Airtran and pay the extra to fly back home before I give Spirt a dime. As far as saving a buck, it’s my understanding that Spirit is now charging passengers for all checked luggage, so where are the savings?

  8. arnie Says:


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  11. Paul Says:

    I don’t agree with your post. I just flew this airline and it was almost criminal in the way they operated. I prepaid my baggage and when I got to the airport they said I didnt and wanted another 20 dollars. Thankfully I had proof and they had to let me on the flight. On my return flight weather caused the flight to be cancelled. Spirit offered a refund or rebooking, I chose the refund and took another airline to get to my destination. When I called to check on my refund they told me the flight was never cancelled. Tell that to the 100 people who had to rebook! Think of the arrogance! The whole airport was shut down for the night due to fog! I would guess from what I heard in line 60% re-booked with spirit, filling their later flights that were obviously empty and 40% opted for refunds will never be paid. Small claims court is the only other option and how many take that option? I must admit pretty brilliant on their part since the CEO strategy doesnt look for repeat business. However, its not a substainable operation…I predict he will be selling.

  12. rose Says:

    You are so correct.I am glad you said this, Gerri, because my husband works for Spirit and they are a terrible company. Last January , they cut the pay for mechanics $13,000 . this was for courses they had taken , but most people who fly do not care who are the mechanics who work on the planes they fly. I will not fly Spirit either. My family flew stand by with them on several occasions and we were treated like criminals.. Standby is a bad word for this company and the supervisor at the La Guardia almost physically attacked me in front of passengers. I hate what they do to their employees. Gary West, the director of maintenance is a horrible person who will pay dearly for his treatment of others. I only wish him the worst there is in life.Thanks for standing up for what you believe in.

  13. kristen gross Says:

    This airline gets an F in customer service. We too pre-purchased luggage and it was not indicated in their system. It was a shame that we had to “pay” to have them lose a bag and not return it until the last day of our vacation. No one answers the phone at baggage in Fort Lauderdale nor their corporate headquarters. No one communicates and responds to their e-mails. Its really despicable not to mention highly inconvenient to not have a single thing to wear on Christmas day when there isn’t a single store open. Good management starts at the top and it is very apparent to me that Mr. Baldanza cares very little for his customers. This attitude is reflected in each of his employees with whom I had contact. Although ineffective, I dealt with one baggage person in Detroit (Dana) and another in Fort Lauderdale (Maria) who at least attempted to be helpful but were paralyzed by the incompetency prevalent throughout the company. I did travel this airline on a regular basis prior to this trip but will avoid it at all costs now.
    Kristen Gross

  14. Rick Says:

    Wow, where do I start! Well, I purchased tickets to NY from Ft. Lauderdale in December, butI caught the flu and was unable to go. I called Spirit’s 1-800 numberto cancel my tickets before the 24 hour cut off to receive my ticketvouchers and was told that I had to pay $70 for each ticket toreschedule. I thought this charge was unfair and argued against it,but I finally came to realize that there was no way out of paying thefee (always read the fine print people). The agent, who is based inthe Philippines, took down my flight information and told me aboutthe flight vouchers. Before we ended the call, he said “is thereanything else I can do for you?” I said no, and both of us hung up.Weeks later, I realized I never received my vouchers in the mail andI never received an email pertaining to my flight cancellation. Icalled the customer service line and was told that “the agent whotook my cancellation call put in his notes that I called to cancel myflight, but I changed my mind.” They had me down as a “no show” at theairport and told me that “I had lost my money” ($350.00). At thispoint I was furious and wanted to speak with a manager. They refusedto let me talk to a manager and would not give me the name or Rep. IDof the agent who took my cancellation call. I asked for the corporatenumber and they told me that they were not allowed to give that out.The following are the steps I had to take just to talk to a CorporateCustomer Service Agent… Step 1:I went online and found a phone number for the corporateheadquarters, but this number turned out to be a customer serviceline that disconnects you when you select the number (#3) thatcorresponds to “customer service” I tried a different extension inhopes of being transferred to the correct department, but all of theprompts disconnect you immediately. No luck here! Step 2:I live in South Florida and the Spirit Corporate Office is located inMiramar, FL., 20 minutes from my house. I arrived at the corporateoffice at 3:00 pm EST. and found that there were signs directing meto the customer service center. The customer service center consistsof a large room with 2 desks and 1 phone. Get this! The desk has asign on it that instructs customers to call the same 1-800 numberthat was disconnecting me. There is a door that leads from this roomto the inside of the main building, but it is locked and theemployees that pass by the glass window just ignore you. Step 3: I asked every employee that came out of the building if there wassomeone that could help me with a customer service related issue. Itappeared to me that the employees have been directed not to speak toanyone who is asking for customer service, as some of them justignored me and walked to their cars. One person told me that nobodyis going to come outside to help me. Step 4: I found a local phone number listed on an occupational licensehanging the wall of the “so called” customer service room and dialedit. It was a number assigned to the corporate office. A womananswered the phone and I asked to speak with someone in customerservice because the number that I had was disconnecting me. What doesshe do? She transferred me to the same 1-800 number that I just toldher about. I called her back and there was no answer. I called nearly30 times in a row and I could hear someone picking up the phone andtransferring me back to the 1-800 number. Finally, the woman answeredthe phone and I pleasantly told her that I was standing outside thecorporate headquarters and would like to speak with someone incustomer service. She said she will send someone out to assist me. Awoman and a man came out about 10 minutes later and wereconfrontational, immediately asking what I am doing there and told methis was a FAA secured building and I should not be there. I explainedmy situation and gave them my flight number and locator number. Theysaid to wait outside and they would look into it for me. 30 minuteslater, the man came back outside and told me that there was nothingthey could do for me because I had forfeited my money by not showingup to the airport. He said that the Philippino sales rep. put in hisnotes that I changed my mind about the cancellation during my initialcancellation call. I told him that there was “no way” I said anythingto that effect and asked him to review the recorded tapes of theconversation. He stated that they will not listen to the tapes unlessthere is a fraud investigation. I asked him if they were really goingto take the sales rep’s word over their customer’s word along with adocumented recorded conversation. He said YES, and there is nothingelse he could do for me. Step 6:I told the Spirit employee that Spirit is known for their terriblecustomer service and if I knew then what I know now, I would neverhave selected their airline. I also told him that if you GoogleSpirit Airlines the 3rd or 4th result is a website instructingtravelers to stay away from your airline. He goes on to tell me thatevery airline has a negative website. I said that might be true, butit is not the 3rd result listed. He arrogantly stated that they arethe fastest growing airline and they must be doing something right.If that’s true, then it’s not going to last for long with their totaldisregard for their customer’s concerns. Step 7:I called my credit card and reported Spirit to their frauddepartment. Looks like they will be reviewing those audio tapes afterall! I will be flying to Boston in February (not on Spirit) and I willbe wearing my custom made Spirit Airlines shirt. It reads on the front“GOT CUSTOMER SERVICE?” On the back it reads “DON’T FLY SPIRIT” Ithink I will hang out by their sales counters for a few hours to killtime before my flight! This airline needs to go down, and go down hard (not literally).Please do everything in your power to keep your friends and familyfrom flying this terrible airline. It may be cheaper, but they havesacrificed customer service in order to keep their fares low.

  15. John Says:

    All i have to say is most of these comments on here are 100% true, and this comes from a current spirit airines employee. If you you think they treat the customer bad, then you see how they treat the employees. Its a a hard world out there today and unfortunally most if us at spirit are only here to collect a pay check. 90% of us would jump on any other job offer it we found it. Jobs are hard to come-by, expecially in the Detroit are. (spirit has laid off 400 people in the Detroit area since june 2007) They outsourced there reservation center to the philippens and has reduced there flight attendants and pilots in Detroti and forced them to move to South Forida or quit. Additionally they have laid off all aircraft cleaners (the planes dont get cleaned anymore after 2-1-08.) And the scariest part is they laid odd most of the mechanics, leaving just a skelatin crew, system wide. Now keep in in mind they are downsiing empployees in every singe city they fly to. In Fort lauderdale for every flight they add to there route they fire 4 agents to save money. Does this make any sence?




    This airline will fail. I have prepared a number of people with the ability to destroy their corporate network, they will lose the ability to receive payments, book online, their ip phone system will soon be on the blink, and every workstation in their office and at their check in coutner will fail to operate. I have been embarassed by spirit now 10 times, and never recived a voucher, a sorry, any sort of assistance, i have slept in 4 airports due to them kicking me off my flight because they wish to move their flight UP an hour without notice, BULL#@#@. May i suggest that noone fly spirit in the fourth quarter of the year 2008. That is, september to december, as you will not be able to book your flight, or seats or baggage, and spirit employees, may i suggest you prepare your resumes to find new employment after december, as spirit will be filing for bankruptcy, whether they choose to do so or not. I have had enough of corporations who abuse a service that used to be viewed as a new horizon of travel and appreciated.

  17. IRa Says:

    I am writing about a stolen item from our luggage. My brother was on a flight NK300 at 9.25AM to LGA from MYR on Thursday, February07th 2008.
    Around 8.30AM we checked one piece of luggage, which had inside a brand new laptop, laptop charger and users guide which mysteriously dissapeared by the time my brother arrived to NYC.
    When he got his luggage in NYC, there was no delay in getting a luggage. HE got it right after the plane landed it came out on baggage lift. He opened his luggage right away to inspect the belongigs and discovered that the laptop is gone. Right away he tried to do a baggage claim on Your airline refused to do it.
    I tried to call customer service and there is no answer, they transfered me to corp office no answer.
    So I went to MYR to do some research. First of all i got awful customer service from Airline workers, who didnt care at all.
    I thought that a company workers supposed to take care of their customers, help them find out how the problem can be solved.
    What happened to us today is simply showing that Spirit Air has a very weak security system and the workers of airilne can not be trusted.
    I said its a fact that the laptop is gone in “secure area”.
    Today is Saturday, Feb 09th, i left 3 messages at airline baggage claim voicemail, nobody called me.

  18. Elana Says:

    Oh, man. I stumbled on this blog, and feel bad. I was just trying to get my money back after falling for a bait and switch. Nothing nearly as horrible as the things everyone else is going through. If they aren’t helping in these more serious situations, they certainly aren’t going to help me!! I was angry at myself because I booked on the phone (more expensive than online) and didn’t realize that my $116 per person tickets came out to $370 for my husband and myself. The taxes are so outrageous I didn’t even comprehend the 300 part! Well, I guess I’m not going to get my money back. It’s a lesson learned, and I will never fly with them, and will make sure NOONE I know flies with them. I mean, I’m telling people I run into at the supermarket to avoid Spirit when I tell them about my upcoming trip. The CEO will soon find out that unhappy customer CAN ruin a company. Arrogant prick.

  19. WillNeverTravelSpiritAgain Says:

    Started to call Spirit Airlines at 9AM this morning. Finaly got a line that would put me on hold, not just a busy signal, at 9:20 AM. Call was answered by the spanish seaking desk in the Dominican Republic at 10:17 AM. Was put on hold again. Finaly talked with someone at 10:20 AM. Got disconnected. Called back and actually placed on hold at 10:23AM. Still holding. Have heared their sales pitch now for the 7th time and counting……

  20. Scott Says:

    I had a flight earlier this month I needed to cancel, and must have called their 800 number 20 times during the afternoon and evening. Never once got a human, was disconnected from the menu after making a choice. I suspect this is intentional on spirit’s part, in tandem with their cancellation/forfeiture policy. Do I sound paranoid? I would remind readers of Time Warner’s AOL division policy of not letting users cancel accounts, and even managing to charge cancelled credit cards months later.

    Won’t fly them again unless I am just desperate. What a scam.

  21. Margaret Curran Says:

    I booked a flight as a gift for my neice on Spirit Air in December 2007. Yesterday when I received my AMEX bill I saw a charge from Spirit Air Promotions that I did not authorize. After being on eternal hold my call was finally answered by a very rude “customer service representative.” I explained the situation and she told me when I booked the ticket I signed up for this, I told her at no time did I see anything about this and I do not even know what the promo was for, further I would never sign up for it as I never travel (or ever will!)Spirit Air I had purchased the ticket for a gift. I asked her to take the charge off my AMEX card and she said it was non refundable and the only way to get my money back was to cancel the ticket, at that answer I became even more upset and asked to speak to a supervisor, she refused to transfer my call! I then asked for the number for the CEO and she refused to give it to me. I found the number myself and again was put on eternal hold and finally hung up! It is not so much the money but the fact that I feel my credit card was charged without my knowledge and I was treated so rudely by the so called customer service. I have reported Spirit Air to AMEX and I hope they will see my side.

    Margaret Curran

  22. Gordon Hampden Says:

    Booked a flight on line in April 2008 for travel in August 2008. Made a mistake in the online booking. Instead of reserving in October, I reserved for August. The dates were correct buyt the month was incorrect. A simple error at not looking at the drop-down menu. After being on hold on six occasions for more than a total of 3 hours, I got some young lady who told me I would have to pay a $70 per person change fee. I said, “Lady, I booked this flight yesterday and it is for travel in October. I did not wait for even one week to call to make a change..I did it immediately when I noticed it which was next morning.” She hung up on me! Screw this airline. As a travel agent, I will not recommend this airline to anyone ever again.

  23. Juan C. Says:

    I have booked a flight for June 18 to go to Puerto Rico to visit the family. I called the So called 1800 nunmber to be put on hold with elevator music for almost 2 hrs. The customer service in this complany really sucks… I bet the hire people with no customer skills and pretty sure with no collage or high school education at least. This will be our last flight with this florida base airline company. I would love to see begging for customers when they reach bankruptcy.

  24. debra Says:

    Flew w/Spirit on April 29th told us we would be boarding at 7:10 after 8 pm finally started boarding. Got on the plane and the seats that I reserved months in advance were taken by another couple who WOULD NOT MOVE and they didn’t make them move either. Finally got sat in the very back of the plane with an intoxicated man who kept bumping into my seat because he couldn’t stand up. The plane was filthy!!!
    Flew back WRONG seats AGAIN put way in the back of the plane and once again seats, floor, and even the pockets where they have magazines DISGUSTING… there was actually old moldy food in the pocket of my seat. DEFINITELY will never fly SPIRIT again!!!!!!
    Would love to contact Spirit but can NEVER get connected you either get disconnected or put on hold FOREVER!!!!!
    They should be ashamed that they run a business like this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. claudia Says:

    I recently wrote to the Spirit CEO about my bad experience…As someone who travels weekly I was shocked to say the least, of how I was treated during my last Spirit encounter.

    I was booked on a flight from MCO to Atlanta that was scheduled to leave Thursday at 1:55PM.

    When I arrived at Orlando International all of the flight boards noted that my flight was not leaving until 4:50pm. I approached the Spirit counter at the main terminal of Orlando International and was told, rudely,they didn’t know why the flight was late. I then went online to inquire to see if there was an explanation and the flight status had no update, just noted to check with the Airline.

    After wondering around the airport for an additional hour, I again checked the flight board, this time in the departure terminal. Again, the boards notated that flight 832 was departing at 4:40. I moseyed to the gate and imagine my surprise to learn the flight had left – and left on time!

    The customer service agent from Spirit told me that unfortunately all of the boards in Orlando International did have the wrong flight time for flight number 238. He said that flight 238 had previously been scheduled for 4:50pm and that ten days ago the flight was updated to earlier departure. He said they had no control over the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority and they had asked them before to change the boards.

    He went on to say he couldn’t give me a refund. I needed to be in Atlanta by 8:00am. He didn’t offer to book me with another carrier and told me there was nothing he could do. I find it hard to believe he couldn’t have refunded the money, or arranged a flight with another carrier. I was forced to pay $189.00 with Airtran for a last minute ticket.

    I want my money back!! Is this the way to run an airline?

  26. k kelly Says:

    I’m sorry to hear that my irritating experience with Spirit was not unusual. I am a relatively frequent traveler and I have never been treated with such disregard. The agents I had to deal with very openly admitted that the kind of thing I went through happens every day, so it was no wonder that they were so nonchalant at my irritation, as well as that of literally all of the other Spirit customers in my vicinity — and we weren’t all on the same flight, either. My frustration initially stemmed from having to wait an hour to go through immigration and another hour to go through customs in Ft. Lauderdale. So, we ended up missing our connecting flight. Of course, they didn’t hold the flight, even though there were many people who were also on my flight stuck in customs, but I understood that to some extent. From there though it was a true runaround to rebook. We had to wait in line for hours, even though the line I was in wasn’t even that long–just one angry passenger after another with a single agent. I was told I would have to wait over two days (!) in Ft. Lauderdale to get another flight to NY. No accommodations, no nothing. One woman in front of me was in a true panic because she needed to get back for dialysis. When I finally booked a flight to Long Island for the following day — an hour and a half away from my destination in NYC — they acted like they were doing me a favor by “waiving” the $40 rebooking fee or the $20 luggage fee(which I had already paid at the beginning of my trip). My problems seem so minor compared to everyone elses! But all told, this “cheap” ticket, which by the way wasn’t that cheap ended up costing me quite a bit more than I counted on — bewtween hotel & meals & the parking ticket for not moving my car on time!

  27. Ed Says:

    “An unexpected error occurred while loading this page, please call customer service to process your booking.”
    For the last 6 days the Spirit website has given me this message while trying to change my reservation. Five emails unanswered. The call center is a joke; no one answers…

  28. Tiffany Says:

    Its really sad that there are so many Spirit airlines customers who’ve had bad experiences, however its not surprising.

    My husband and I flew from NY to Fort Lauderdale last week. Our outbound flight was delayed (as usual) other than dealing with the less than kind airplane attendants we arrived unscathed.

    However the trip back was a NIGHTMARE!!!!! We arrived at Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood Airport to masses of people yelling, screaming and delays to know end. My husband spent 1 hour on line trying to check in only to find out that we were somehow ‘bumped’.

    We were told we had to wait on the line to rebook – we waited in that line for 2 hours and 40 minutes – no I am not making it up! I would never make something like that up. After waiting to get to the front of that line we had to ‘fight’ with the ground personnel for another 40 minutes.

    They were able to book a flight out the next evening and were going to ‘reward’ us with vouchers to travel with Spirit Air again and thats it. HAH! Perish the thought.

    I have absolutely no desire to travel with them ever again. After fighting with them, they finally gave us a hotel room along with vouchers for breakfast/lunch/dinner.

    We were able to get on our flight the next day…finally! After once again dealing with their horrible airplane attendants we finally arrived back home. I WILL NOT fly Spirit again!

  29. Jana Brandt Says:

    So what else is new. The DEMON Spirt Airline company is right on target.
    They just don’t care. So we shouldn’t either.
    Avoid it at all costs and tell anyone you know that this airline is the one thing in life they need to avoid at all costs. Life is too short.

  30. C Says:

    Spirit Airlines is the worst. Awful.

  31. David Says:

    I booked a flight from Atlanta to Ft Lauderdale and when I arrived at the airport I was told my reservation was for Ft. Lauderdale to Atlanta instead. I had no choice but to pay $175 to make the changes. I now have AMEX receipts that prove I made the right reservation in the first place. Has this happened to anyone else?

  32. Kicked off w/ a 2 yr old Says:

    Don’t fly w/ children’ My mother was diagnosed with some serious health issues so I booked a ticket to Michigan from South Carolina on Spirit Airlines (RECORD locator # AZIN5Y). On June 23, 2008 (# AZIN5Y) I flew from Myrtle Beach to Detroit with my 26 month old daughter (on my lap). At check in time, agents nor flight attendants said anything to me about the safety concern and needing to purchase another ticket for my daughter. However, on my return to Myrtle Beach, July 27, 2008 (RECORD locator # Q5WMWP) I was told at the Detroit Spirit Airlines agent counter that I had to purchase a seat for my 26 month old daughter. I explained that I was confused since I didn’t have to purchase a ticket for her on our travels the first time around (AZIN5Y). I understand now the importance of safety issues for my child, and given my mother’s health issue I wasn’t up on all the aviation rules! Regardless, the agent in Detroit gave me an “infant boarding pass” and sent us on our way to the gate for our flight. Once seated, a less than pleasant agent (white female with foreign accent-no name taken, too embarrassed to ask) came up to me asking where my child’s seat was located, I showed the flight attendant my infant boarding pass and she told me that it is FAA REGULATION that a child over 2 have their own seat and rudely TOLD us to leave the aircraft.
    …..why wasn’t I told about any of this on my first trip to Detroit and why was I allowed on the aircraft for our return flight and kicked off….is it really FAA regulation? By the way, I found nothing stating this on the FAA.gov website. I only found words such as….the FAA strongly urges or recommends. I canceled my flight and paid the cancelation fee and drove home. I am completely turned off by Spirit air travel and how so many Spirit representatives gave me the wrong infornation regarding rules and my child’s safety. Could I be the only parent that was so clueless as to disregard my child’s safety or I’m hoping I was just mislead due to the first flight and the agents telling me nothing. The amount of distress this has caused me and my mother (the one I was in Michigan to visit-for CANCER issues) is almost too much to bare for all involved; including my 2 yr old daughter who was anxious to see her Dad after one month away from him. Is it normal protocol to train their employees to be void of any human emotion?

    Also, in addition, please read Spirits MISSION STATEMENT:

    “Our mission is: to provide a safe, customer oriented, market responsive air transportation product; to provide the highest level of customer service offering prompt, efficient and friendly service; to provide the best valued products for the most competitive prices; to be an easy company to do business with; to respect our fellow employees and acknowledge the power of teamwork; to be a company in which our staff experiences a friendly environment and enjoys being a part of Spirit’s family. A place where work can be fun; to consistently strive to improve what we do and how we do it.”

    Your company failed miserably in your MISSION STATEMENT, at this juncture, I can not pass along any positive feedback about Spirit Airlines and its employees.

  33. johnkazelis Says:

    I;ve booked aflight from orlando to atlantic cityand made amistake on time am to pm; I;ve try to correct the error with in 20 minutes’ Ive been told every thing is ok. after checking back ; I was told I;ve never called and thier is a 90.00 dollar charge for achange.after several calls and talking to thier supervisors who won;t do anything but lie; I;ve faxed thier c.e.o and no answer BEN BALDANZA 2800 executive way MIRAMAR FL

  34. Kirk Says:

    I was not aware of the many dissatisfied customers of Spirit Airlines. I found this site when I google’d for a corporate customer service number. It surprised me that ther were so many negative sites. I never found the number and after reading these blogs will not continue to try.
    My son broke his leg in Columbia S.C. Spirit is the only carrier that flies direct to Ft. Lauderdale. I was tring to find out which seating had the most leg room wheter it be “Big Front Seat”, bulk head or any other seat. All I got from the Phillipino customwe service was that it would be enough room. No one could tell me the deminsions and when I asked who I could talk to to find out I was told to call the airport. I asked for the local phone numbers for Columbia or Ft Lauderdale and they did not know. By now I knew that I was getting nowhere so I hung up and looked up the number in the Ft Lauderdale phone book. Spirit Airlines was not there.
    If you want to take a “BUS” in the air Spirit my be OK. If you want a real airline go eleswhere. Looking at the options Spirit is not always cheaper.

  35. Ortiz Says:

    This airline is the worst. They lost my luggage back in April of 2008 and I am yet to hear from them. Recently I contacted the CEO and was told by someone in some department that they are still working on claim for the month of July. This tells me that thier either dont know how to read or they just played plain stupid. My lost luggage reports dates back to April 16 from ATL to FLL counting that more then 120 days have pass I would think they will know their own math! and Yes I am waiting for their terrible CEO to let me know how bad they are and son non ………. I am about to give them a piece of the law.

  36. Lynn Boney Says:

    Oh, I agree with all of the problems with Spirit Air. Their 800 number is a call center in India, the employees have been instructed to never allow a caller to speak with a manager, even the corporate Customer Service center in Fort Lauderdale won’t allow a person to speak with a manager. This presents a serious problem for customer service if this is their corporate policy.

    Due to medical reasons I had to cancel a flight, now my doctor won’t allow me to fly for quite some time and they will not issue a refund.

    I suppose if I can get Greyhound to issue refunds and apologies then I can attack another company with bad policies and extremely bad customer service to get them to understand that their business is about their customers and when they don’t have any customers, they won’t have a business.

    Maybe it’s time we launch a boycott against Spirit Air and then see what Ben Baldanza has to say about his lack of concern for customers. If anyone reading this is interested, please look for the new Boycott SpiritAir website I’ll be launching soon. When will corporations learn they have to be responsible to their customers.

  37. Stecco Says:

    I am so upset with Spirit Airlines. I have tried for two days to modify a ticket and all I get online is the system is busy please try again. I call and they say if I use the phone service it will cost me $200.00 more than online. My husband is stuck in another country and this airline has no customer service. I will never use them again and I will tell the world. What a rip off

  38. ssmith Says:

    I can tell you that all of your problems are by design. After being in the inner workings of Spirit, I have been privy to many of the decisions and all of your complaints are a result of a calculated business plan. The only thing that will stop the Spirit BEAST is to kill it. Chapter 7 will make the world a bettr place.

  39. ssmith Says:

    I can tell you that all of your problems are by design. After being in the inner workings of Spirit, I have been privy to many of the decisions and all of your complaints are a result of a calculated business plan. The only thing that will stop the Spirit BEAST is to kill it. Chapter 7 will make the world a better place.

  40. Amy R. Says:

    SpiritAirline is the worst company to deal with. I was bumped three days in a row at las vegas airport. My flight was overbooked and I was on standbye. They sent our luggage to Detroit and bumped us in Las vegas. We had no clothes, no hotel, no rental car and no patience. The ticket agent was aweful! I video taped her because I couldn’t believe that a supervisor for Spiritsair could be such a &itch!!! I followed her around with my camera and asked for help. She stuck her hand in my face (thats on tape!) I am posting it on UTUBE for all to see.

  41. James M Says:

    We will never fly Spirit again. I thought for a moment that if I wrote and complained to the CEO, that he would care and possibly give me a free ticket. This article puts that to rest. Anyway, if he did give me a free ticket, then I would have to fly Spirit to use it.

    Of course I could give a free ticket away….perhaps to my worst enemy. But there is no-one on this earth that I hate so much as to give them a free ticket to anywhere on Spirit Airlines.

  42. James M Says:

    One more point. My major complaint was that we noticed in both Washington DC and in Ft Lauderdale, there was a blatant difference in treatment for white travelers on Spirit Airlines. Those passengers that were hispanic or black were treated with courtesy while white passengers were treated with scowls and short snappy responses in a demeaning and impatient tone. Non-whites were also afforded preferential treatment. In Ft Lauderdale, there were a few white passengers that had to wait until all non-whites in line had been served, even though many of those passengers were ahead in the line. Actually, in our line, there were only two small groups of white passengers.

    I now understand somewhat how minorities may feel by discriminatory treatment that they may receive even in 2009. But if Spirit employees feel empowered by their corporate culture to impose “payback” on white passengers fine. I have no intention of flying Spirit ever again.

  43. Mark S. Says:

    I want to write him myself, is there anyone who can send me his e-address, have actually have some constructive suggestions for him. And I must add that most of the staff of the airline are great. Including a pilot who tried to land 4 times at Guatemala City in reduced fog conditions and ended-up diverting to Cancun fueling up and going back in time for clear weather. Costing cheap-skate airlines a lot of cash. The counter staff who have realized I was truthful when told I tried to pre-pay luggage but the website woul’t accept….. on & on, I love this airline and know its limitations come with the benefits I love most = cheap flights to great places…..
    I did see the CEO on some show and he said basically that you could get a free coke, but he doesn’t want to charge $80-200 more like the others, and he is so correct. I take an empty water bottle or two though security, fill it up at water fountains and carry on. When in flight I often ask attendents for their clean water from the company’s large bottle = never a problem yet! LIAT Airways is another great tropics airline to take! But nothing comes close to Spirit, period! I’m a retired Marine on a tight budget, not a company hack making lies for the CEO…..


  44. DreAllDay.com » The Big Payback Says:

    [...] My three cents: It’s obvious that parts of this letter have been cut-and-pasted from Spirit’s database of ‘Customer Complaint Responses,’ but the guy had to have read the letter being that he specifically responded to details of the letter that reached him (also note that this guy Schoggins was not one of the original recipients). Anyway though, a $50 credit? Not good enough, IMO. A shitty flight experience deserves at least one free round-trip flight; the punishment must fit the crime, so to speak. But what should we expect from an airline whose CEO accidentally hits the “Reply All” button when instructing one of his employees to give a proverbial “fuck you” to a disgruntled consumer (more)… [...]

  45. Dr Paul Says:

    Date 8/5/2009.

    Subj: Spirit Airlines Stealing Customer Miles.

    Spirit Airlines has put a time limit and expiration date on Frequent Flyer miles.
    No matter if you have thousands of miles or been with them for years, if you don’t book a flight within a couple months, Spirit will delete the miles on the books you were building. All the miles will be removed without warning.

    Despite several e-mails with Spirit, they refuse to put back the miles.

    Time to boycott Spirit Airlines.

  46. michael Stevens Says:

    My experience with No spirit air is great.i was flying on flight nk336 tampa to Ft. Lauderdale.as I was trying to get comfortable in those seat I slide my feet under the seat in front of me.Little did I know that part of the metal trim that holds the paneling to the wall was bent down.It sliced my toe under the nail.As I waited for help I reached into where the magazines and barf bags are to look for something to put on my toe.What I found was a couple of day old throw up.My hand went right in !!!
    When a steward (happen) to come by he reluctantly got me a warm bottle of water ,2 napkins and a year old bandage that I was afraid to use.
    I have tried twice now E-mailing them and haven’t received a word.
    If anyone has any advice I would welcome it .

  47. bob stover Says:

    I too was a victim–I bought my tickets on phone line and told the agent on line that I was traveling with a very small dog, but the dog was a service dog for my wife who has a very bad diebites problem, by the way we were flying to san jose coasta rica, well the agent said quickly that on an international flight that the dog could not go, no matter what, and I tried to show him the papers on the dog and he wouldn’t see them, so I asked for the supervisor, she came over and said the same thing, and I told them I wanted my 765.00 back and was refused. this didn’t go over with me at all, so I gave my e-mail adress to them and went next door and bought a ticket with american for 800.00 dollars for my home just outside of little rock arkansas. when I got home I had an e-mail from the costmer service–he was very nice to me and told me he was very sorry that this had happen. he offerd to pay me back what I had spent on the ticket for coasta rica and round trip tickets for my family any where sprit flew, so I told him I would be satisfied if the other 800.00 was paid. I am waiting for the results now but am happy that he is working to help me—fould out latter that it was un lawful to be turned down with a service dog.—-I think everybody needs a second and maybe a third chance——bob stover

  48. LORETTA BYRD Says:


  49. gail Says:

    I’ve never flown such a horrible airline in my life and I fly quite frequently. I have sent 2 letters to Mr Baldanza personally. One sent confirmation of receipt which was delivered and one sent certified/confirmation of receipt which was returned unopened and “refused” hand written on it). I want my refund, as promised by his airline. I hope he or his office reads these complaints because I’m going to rewrite the letter in its entirety right here. (Sorry to bore others, but I’m trying everything I know to get my money back).

    “CEO, Spirit Airlines
    Corporate Office
    2800 Executive Way
    Mirimar, FL 33025

    Dear Mr Ben Baldanza

    This is the 2nd letter I’ve sent to you personally and 12th piece of correspondence sent to your company without response. I do expect a response of some kind — it’s still the polite thing to do (protocol).

    I will restate my situation once again before Il obtain a lawyer and contact the Better Business Bureau and television news.

    As stated previously, in 9-2-09 letter to you and mailed with “confirmation of receipt”.

    “Dear Mr Ben Baldanza,

    I flew your airline in Feb08 and your folks messed up my flight reservations and cost. They would not give my money back, but offered a voucher in the amount of $185.01. (Although I never expected to fly your airline again it was the only way to get my money back).

    Today I tried to use the voucher and was told it’s expired. No one told me I had a deadline/expiration date.

    That’s a lot of money and I can assure you, I’d not have simply thrown away/wasted it.

    Please fix this problem with a refund or a credit. Thanks for your assistance in this manner.

    Please reply to my letter. Do I have a credit or not? If not, why not? I am trying to be patient with you and Spirit Airlines, but this has gone on long enough. Respond to my correspondence. I’m slowly losing my patience. Either issue a credit or give my money back to me.


    Teresa (last name)
    SMSgt (Retired)
    United States Air Force

  50. gail Says:

    I think we should all get together and get a lawyer. File a joint complaint against the airline. This incident with Spirit was the 2nd time they messed me over. The first time I wrote to the CEO, Mr Ben Baldanza, I wrote the following:

    CEO, Spirit Airlines 3/7/08

    My dealings with Spirit Airlines have been dreadful since the day I made reservations on line.

    1. I was a lst time user of Internet making reservations. I checked Alta Cty instead of ATL.
    2. Called Spirit immediately.
    3. Assured problem was taken care of and $70 change fee was waived.
    4. Reservations were at that time made by Spirit personnel from TPA to ATL to TPA.

    At this point, I assumed all was taken care of. Boy, was I wrong!

    I was charged $179 + $179 + $201 = $559!!!!!!!!! Again, I called and was issued a voucher in the amount of $185.01. I have no idea where that amount came from. The ticket price was $135. I don’t want a voucher; I want my money back. I will not fly Spirit again.

    I was on the flight from TPA to FLL and then to GA (ATL). Please straighten it out and refund my money (except what it actually cost to fly from TPA to ATL roundtrip) which when I checked was $135. I can’t believe flying has gotten so difficult. I miss the old days of actually talking to people I understand on the phone.

    My record locator # __________. All I wanted to do was visit my sick mom in Georgia. Somehow it cost me my money, my patience and a bit of sanity too.

    What I haven’t lost is my determination to right a wrong. And this my friend is wrong. I want a refund of my money.

    I don’t mind paying a fair fare but this is over kill and taking advantage of me. Please fix it for me. Credit my account with cash, not a voucher. I won’t fly Spirit ever — anymore.

    Thank you,

    Teresa G. Godin

    2nd Ltr, dtd 26 Feb 08

    Spirit CEO

    On 26 Feb 08, Spirit missed its connecting flight in Ft Lauderdale to Tampa, with no other flights until 0700 the following morning.

    I expect the unexpected when traveling and prepare for those circumstances, i.e., extra clothing, cash, etc. However, when a flight misses another flight and its the last one of the evening, I don’t think it proper that a lady should take her sleep on a bench for the evening. But once again, Spirit did not care. Shame on this airline! I was at such a disadvantage, not knowing when we would be leaving — only “not this evening”. I am on medication that requires I have some assistance after a limited amount of time of taking it.

    This really threw me off! I required a wheelchair; I wandered too far, was lost and absolutely devastated! Shame on Spirit for not caring for the disabled. I feel like I have been beaten and bruised by Spirit from the day I made reservations on-line. A refund is in order — the right thing to do — for an absolutely horrific experience with your airline.

    I was also charged $20 twice (2bags, 2X) to recheck the luggage because of Spirit missing the flight to Tampa!! Some passengers were charged, others were not.

    To top it off, my checked bag (along with 8 other passengers) didn’t arrive in Tampa with me. It was “lost”.

    Kind of frustrating, but just the sort of ending I have come to expect by now from Spirit. Perhaps you should fly your own airline sometime.

    If you had my experience, you’d write the CEO too.

    The second letter follows:

    Dear Mr Baldanza,

    I flew with your airline in Feb 08 and I’ve been trying to remedy/solve a situation between Spirit and myself ever since. I have written our office twice since Mar 7th, 2008 and have tried to reach you by phone which must be near impossible because your phone number isn’t listed on a Spirit directory or on the web. If I need to get an appointment to see you, I will drive from Tampa to Miramar to have an audience with you if that becomes a necessity. I am now out of $184.01. That is a substantial amount of money for me. I live on Air Force Veteran’s disability pay and my Air Force retiree income. Please hear me out, send your response and that will be the end of it, as I’m sure you will see not only the human side of my situation, but more importantly, intellectual reasoning.

    I made initial reservations to travel to GA on 9 Feb with a return flight to T

  51. gail Says:

    I made initial reservations to travel to GA on 9 Feb with a return flight to TIA on 26 Feb 08. I spoke with Shawn at the corporate office on 3/1/08. he was going to look into it and get back with me. I never heard from him again although I tried to make contact several times to no avail.

    The call center you have in the orient is useless when I’m trying to take care of business in the United States. Each person has been very difficult if not impossible to make understand the position I’m in. They don’t have the authority to do anything but make reservations.

    I’ve been given the runaround long enough. Now, not only am I out the money I was charged twice from Spirit, I’m also out the voucher for $185.01 because I was unaware there was an expiration date. Reinstate my voucher with appropriate expiration date noted for my review.

    The buck should stop here — with you.

    Teresa Gail Godin

  52. steve Says:

    Family and I arrived at your terminal (Spirit) at Detroit International Airport at around 3:30 am to be announced by a rude ticket agent that our flight had been cancelled. They ruined our

  53. Search Marketers Need An Attitude Adjustment - Online Marketing Daily Says:

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    [...] and being absolutely horrendous when anything goes wrong and customer service — or even politeness — is [...]

  55. John Says:

    Flew Spirit for the 1st time….
    Will NEVER fly Spirit again. Be warned.

    I found a $30 mystery charge for carry-on-baggage on my credit card…I had no carry on baggage.
    The customer service agent in India couldn’t speak english or refund my money.
    Had to have the charge reversed via credit card company….
    This company is built on defrauding consumers. Awful conditions on the plane. Unacceptable delays/no warnings/etc…
    Be warned!

  56. harold goldstein Says:

    Where did they have the gall to notify me a day before my flight was scheduled when they knew about it month’s ago according to the indian company they hired to handle complaints? How could they cancel it without my permission? Does Ben baldanza not really care about his customers. Never again will we fly spirit air. read what Soraya Hyppolite from spirit wrote. Sounds familiar doesn’t it? I guess she works from a script also.

    From: Jeff Goldstein
    Sent: Wednesday, October 06, 2010 5:07 PM
    To: ‘Spirit Airlines’
    Cc: ‘Heather.Harvey@Spiritair.com’; ‘tony.lefebvre@spiritair.com’; ‘martin.harrison@spiritair.com’; ‘Ben.Baldanza@Spiritair.com’; ‘jeff.carlson@spiritair.com’
    Subject: RE: Distro Forward; Goldstein, Jeffrey–Schedule change —refund request [Incident: 101006-000133]


    Please be assured that our corporation and any of it’s affiliations will NEVER use Spirit Airlines again regardless of business or pleasure. I have never been treated with such disrespect and lack of understanding. Your agents in India informed us earlier in the day that my flight was rescheduled back in July. Had I been told this then I could have chosen another flight. I did not request or authorize a cancellation of the existing flight.

    If your company really cared about doing the right thing for it’s customers they would have a Customer Service department, not a Corporate Escalation Officer.


    Jeff Goldstein


    From: Spirit Airlines [mailto:spiritair@mailnj.custhelp.com]
    Sent: Wednesday, October 06, 2010 2:34 PM
    To: xxxxxxxxxx.net
    Subject: Distro Forward; Goldstein, Jeffrey–Schedule change —refund request [Incident: 101006-000133]


    Distro Forward; Goldstein, Jeffrey–Schedule change —refund request

    Discussion Thread
    (Soraya Hyppolite1)
    10/06/2010 02:33 PM

    Dear Mr. Goldstein,

    Thank you for contacting Spirit Airlines Corporate Offices. We welcome an opportunity to assist you.

    Although rare, schedule changes do take place. We can certainly understand your frustration and recognize the inconvenience this can cause to travel plans. At times, airlines need to make changes in their schedule, because of weather patterns, better organization for the passengers, and overall safety.

    I have cancelled your flight and refunded the entire cost, $181.96, to your VISA card 3077. Please note, refunds are processed immediately; however, the time it takes to post to your account may vary, depending on your financial institution. As such, please allow up to two billing cycles for this to post to your account. Please be advised that once a refund is issued, we are no longer in possession of the funds used to secure your reservation.

    Thank you for your patience and continued support.

    Soraya Hyppolite
    Corporate Escalation Officer
    Spirit Airlines

  57. harold goldstein Says:

    I forgot to mention their corporate tel # is 954-447-7965 ext 8039 Soraya Hyppolite, xt 8040 for ed miranda, and continue down the line 8041, 8042, 8043, etc,etc,etc…until you get the party you want. Soraya refused give me the info to allow me to contact them.

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  59. Sandra Rivera Says:

    Just got off the phone with Soraya Hyppolite 954-447-7365 ext 8039 at the corporate office of Spirit Airlines and she was very rude and not helpful at all. I will never fly spirit airlines ever again they are the most shady company i have ever dealt with. And not to mention their customer service is outsourced to India and the reps hardly speak english. I believe in Karma and guess what they will get theirs.

  60. Sandra Rivera Says:

    Go figure this is the email I received from the rude Sorraya.

    I apologize if you experienced difficulty while attempting to obtain information or assistance from a reservation agent. Our professional and courteous agents are not only capable but also dedicated to assisting our customers secure and manage their travel plans. They are highly versed in company policy and provide excellent service to our valued customers.

    Our web site is customer-driven. All the options are completely in the customer’s control. When a customer enters their credit card account number, the expiration date and security code of that credit card, they have made a decision to do so. We further ensure that customers are making a conscious decision when self-enrolling, by requiring them to “agree” to the terms and conditions of the membership, prior to completing the process. The terms and conditions state membership is non-refundable, non-transferable, and auto-renewed yearly.

    If you wish to cancel your paid membership, simply log into your account and choose the “cancel membership” option. If you require assistance with the cancellation process, please let me know. I’m happy to help.

    Thank you,

    Soraya Hyppolite
    Corporate Escalation Officer
    Spirit Airlines

  61. rae verrocchio Says:

    I received an e-mail telling me that our flight leaving in 39 days has been cancelled. Not many planes flying into Punta Cana. Their attitude is oh well!

  62. rae verrocchio Says:

    Oh an the group of us have over 5000.00 tied up that we won’t see unitl 10 days. I am so disappointed.

  63. M Cohen Says:

    tried to reach the COO no luck


  64. Joan Says:

    I had an issue today with Spirit Airlines and I was able to reach Soraya Hyppolite and she was very professional and polite. I enjoyed talking with her and she took the time out to listen to me. She was also patient with me.
    She made me feel valued.
    I will continue to use Sprirt Airlines!!!

  65. Barry F. Says:

    I am a former employee for this airline and just as the passengers feel about their experience, trust me most of the workers feel the same exact way. The job is not secure especially if you are an airport employee, this is because there is no union. Upper management do not care about employees or the needs of passengers, they only care about the numbers on the monthly reports. The working conditions are extremely poor and compared to other airlnes, Spirts employees are over worked and way under paid. Management just gives us the bad news to only upset the customer in many different cases. Flight cancellations with no compensations, or missed flights due to connections with no type of remorse to the passenger. Countless times I have experienced stranded passengers and felt hopeless as upper management sit in their office and feed us to the wolves with no plan to help but only to rebook. It was a nightmare especially during the strike. I do wish the best of luck to all the passengers who fly that airline.

  66. The Grass is Greener Says:

    I have worked for a few different airlines in my lifetime…and I can tell you, everything complained about on here is not different than ANY airline…whether you work for one or travel on one or both….Spirit actually does very well, and most employees I have come across recently in my travels…seem very happy. GO SPIRIT!!!

  67. Angela Taylor Says:

    Customer service IS important. Just because you offer low prices doesn’t mean service is no longer appropriate. We were treated horribly last month by Spirit. they cancelled our flight from St. thomas to Ft. Lauderdale. this caused us to miss our flight in Florida back to Dallas.There were six adults in our group. we stood in line for five hours while they gave us the run around trying to ‘help’ us get to Dallas. It was 2 am before we got out of there. we had a seven months pregnant woman with us. It was awful. they gave us cab vouchers and we couldn’t understand why the cabbies were so upset when we handed them over. We found out later. They gave us what they told us were hotel vouchers to the Holiday Inn. it was for ONE room. we had to pay for two more rooms. Six adults in one room! Are they for real? The hotel clerk was not surprised by this. She said probably the hotel would only take a one room voucher because they never pay their bills. They gave us two meal vouchers because we were stuck in Ft. Lauderdale until 5pm the next day! We walked to the Dennys for breakfast. They wouldn’t take our vouchers! Big surprise. The manager said they don’t pay their bills. The shuttle driver from the hotel said he heard this story on a DAILY BASIS. he said They cancelled our flight because they didn’t have enough ppl to fill it, not because of mechanical failure, which is what we were told. they booked us on AirTran to get us home because they don’t fly on Tuesday. While we were in line for 5 hours waiting for a new flight we showed them several available flights on other airlines which would have gotten us home much sooner. They would slowly try to ‘book’ that flight and somehow missed it every time. We now realize that AirTran is the only airline that will do business with them because THEY DON’T PAY THEIR BILLS!!! To add insult to injury, this was the night all the tornadoes and bad storms were moving across the country. We had to fly to Houston that night and wait on the storm. Thanks to Spirit Air we were in four airports, took off and landed four times and it took us almost 40 hours to get home. Oh, and did i mention, we also had to pay baggage fees for the same bags AGAIN when we got on AirTran, because we were told that Sprit wouldn’t pay it. This doesn’t even cover the rude way we and all the other customers were treated. Customers, who paid money! And I see what the grass is greener wrote, but I am 52 years old and have flown countless times and have NEVER been treated this way. EVER. This is a horrible company and i can’t believe they are still in business. You people should be ashamed of yourselves to treat ppl this way!

  68. Ryan Says:

    You guys have to admit they are one of the cheapest airlines out there in certain situations. What if you do not have any bags, you do not want a drink, and you really just want to get to the place you are going? Then why pay extra for it. I have used Spirit several times for business and I was very satisfied. Perfect example…I needed to get from Fort Lauderdale to Tampa and only needed to be there for one day and I only had a laptop with me. It was only $50 round trip! I cant even drive there for that amount! Also, I am easily able to be home the same day. Even if I had to be charged for bags it still comes out cheaper then other airlines.

    If they were just like every other airline out there, then they would be failing instead of profiting. I learned in business school, “you can’t compete with Walmart”. If Spirit had the same services and prices that Jetblue, Southwest, Delta, etc have then they would just be another fish in the pond. They have their niche, and I am happy because I can go round trip for $50 when no other airline can offer that.

  69. Mad as Hell Says:


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  71. presiden indonesia Says:

    The thoughts are very well laid out and it was refreshing to read. I was able to find the information that I was looking for. I just wanted to leave a comment as a token of appreciation. Thanks for sharing this on the Net.

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