lost Short hops    June 2, 2006    Lost editionLost privacy
If you’ve used hotels.com to book a room, your credit card information may have been stolen. The company should be contacting you if you’re affected. Yay.

Lost kids
Parents’ nightmare: United Airlines put an unaccompanied child on the wrong flight (sent him to South Bend instead of Taiwan), and left the South Bend-bound child at O’Hare. No word on whether their bags arrived in the proper city.

Lost marbles
Singapore cab driver converts his vehicle into a mobile karaoke unit. I wonder if his repertoire includes Sammy Hagar’s “I Can’t Drive 55.”

Lost fight
Virgin America says it won’t start flying until 2007, because Continental keeps filing objections with the Department of Transportation. Virgin promises fares 30 to 50 percent less than competitors on cross-country flights. Where have we seen this before?…

Lost lunch
Nervous about flying? Ever frightened when you’re coming in for a landing during serious crosswinds? This video of Boeing 777s and 747SPs doing test landings somewhere in Brazil might make you feel better about the ability of airliners to land safely in less than ideal conditions. Or it might just make you shout “holy crap!” repeatedly, like I did last night.

(image: ABC, via Honolulu Star-Bulletin, which describes how a former Eastern (and later Delta) L-1011 was destroyed in order to serve as a set piece for the TV series “Lost”)

pixel Short hops    June 2, 2006    Lost edition

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