tsa confiscated stuff Rescuing your prohibited carry on items from the trashMajor thumbs up for this new trend: Airports such as Chicago O’Hare are installing kiosks that dispense padded envelopes, allowing passengers to mail prohibited items home or store them for pickup upon their return.

Mail Safe Express works by having security officers escort passengers to the kiosks, where they can put their property in bubble-wrap envelopes that can be mailed to an address or sent to a pickup spot at the Hilton Chicago O’Hare Airport.

The Chicago Department of Aviation’s 60-day pilot program began Monday with six kiosks in three terminals. It had 12 transactions in its first two days. Each kiosk, which accepts only credit cards for payment, has two sizes of envelopes, the larger of which is about 6 inches wide and 10 inches long.

The service costs $10 for storage, or $14 for domestic UPS shipping. The machines only accept credit cards. And those mailers are tiny — can’t they get a bigger padded envelope? At that size, no wonder they’ve only had 12 transactions.

Nonetheless, this is a good idea. As long as the TSA persists in confiscating personal care items over the 3-ounce limit, this is a great alternative. And it’s cheaper than dumping your expensive perfume (or, presumably, any forbidden non-liquids as well) in the trash.

pixel Rescuing your prohibited carry on items from the trash
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  1. Jasmeet Says:

    There’s a luggage store in Oakland Intl Airport, that’ll supposedly store prohibited items for $1 a day, per item.

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