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Do-it-yourself boarding passes — either printed on your own computer or on your phone — are par for the course these days. I can’t remember the last time I used a kiosk, much less a check-in staff member…) But there are self-printed boarding passes, and then there are BOARDING PASSES.

A traveler by the name of William Bryson decided to see if a poster-sized boarding pass would be honored. He succeeded, and his blog has the photos to prove it. He made it through TSA — even getting some laughs — and onto his flight. He even hit the lounge. One photo is below, but check his site for the full photo timeline.

This isn’t 2011 — he actually did this over three years ago — but it’s new to me, and probably to you as well. (To put even more age on it, his boarding passes were on Northwest, which isn’t even a brand anymore…)

bryson giant boarding pass Now THIS is a boarding pass

(Via Zug. Thanks, Andy!)

pixel Now THIS is a boarding pass
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7 Responses to “Now THIS is a boarding pass”

  1. Gorilla Safaris in Uganda Says:

    This would be a sight passing through airports. I should try this the next time i travel..

  2. Taavi Says:

    :D really cool

  3. James G Says:

    Haha! I never would have even thought about doing that. Looks like he was coming from Alaska! That’s where I live and I should totally do that on my way home to visit my family in Florida this summer. They would get a kick out of that!

  4. Adrian Vultur Says:

    I would be surprised if his boarding pass would have been accepted on most of the European airlines who seem to make life as difficult for their passengers as possible .. Good on you William.

  5. Repesipsy Says:

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  6. Gabriel Says:

    Haha, that’s funny. I wonder how small you could make one? I’m guessing they would have a bigger problem with a small boarding pass compared to a really big one.

  7. Debra Says:

    Ha! That is definitely a BOARDING PASS if I’ve ever seen one. I love it when folks insert a bit of humor in their day. It brings everybody up! Thanks for sharing!

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