CellphoneBlack.0 No Cellphones light to be added to aircraft interiorsThe writing is on the wall. Or on the overhead plastic panels, more accurately.

The “no smoking” light, usually next to the “fasten seat belts” light, has become obsolete on most airlines since the nearly-universal inflight smoking ban. And with cell phones coming onboard soon (Air France, Ryanair, BMI, TAP, and others will be testing inflight mobile phones), the signs will soon be replaced by “no cell phone” signs in the cabin.

The “no mobile” sign will show a mobile phone crossed out and will be illuminated during takeoff until the plane has reached a certain altitude in order to ensure there is no interference with mobile networks on the ground.

But what will all-smoking Smintair‘s overhead lights look like??

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pixel No Cellphones light to be added to aircraft interiors

3 Responses to ““No Cellphones” light to be added to aircraft interiors”

  1. The Sarcasticynic Says:

    That’s one idea. My preference would be to swap the No Smoking sign with No Perfume.


  2. Emirates promises (or threatens inflight cellphones on longhaul flights » Upgrade: Travel Better) Says:

    [...] – “No Cellphones” light to be added to aircraft interiors – 7947 travelers can’t be wrong – Air France to allow cellphones in [...]

  3. Johnny Franco Says:

    I have worked as a flight attendant for 3 airlines now. I don’t understand this whole debate about cell phone use inflight. I have never found a cell phone to actually WORK to make phone calls while at 35,000 feet. I see passengers playing games and such or listening to music on their phone, but I’ve never seen anyone talking on them – that’s because they don’t WORK up there! If anyone knows of a phone that actually can connect a call while inflight, I’d like to know about it.
    And..about the interfearance with the aircraft systems…I don’t know who true that it. Everyday, passengers leave their cells phone on in their bags by mistake and there has yet to be an airplane accident directly related to cell phone usage.

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