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The last week has seen a number of new (or at least new-ish) travel-related websites in the news. Here’s a rundown/review, with some additional suggestions:

1) AirPower Wiki
A great idea: A user-generated list of power outlets in airports around the world. If you’re plugged into a socket in an airport somewhere, add it to the list.

2) Smoke-Free Hotels and FreshStay
On the heels of the Marriott smoking ban, Kitty Bean Yancey points to these two primitive but useful sites. My additional suggestion: Smoke-Free World, which covers restaurants around the world as well. Also see their smoke-free casinos and bowling (!) pages.

3) ExpertFlyer
Barney Gimbel is hooked on ExpertFlyer, the pay service that lets you see (mostly) complete booking class information for each flight. Some alternatives to consider: First, AOW’s fare bucket class and seat availability page offers several free links to similar information. (The Travel and Transport link is a good all-purpose freebie substitute.) Second, FlyerTalk member KVS has written a widely-used piece of software that functions similarly to ExpertFlyer; he has three membership options, including a free trial. I’ve used it, and it’s quite powerful.

4) AvoidDelays.com
First pointed out by Rob at the Airline Hub, this site is run by the National Air Traffic Controllers Association with an eye toward helping you, well, avoid delays. It’s a nice looking site, and it points to some useful information, including the most delay-prone airports, airlines, and specific flights. But… a lot of the site’s statistics are way out of date. For example, the “worst offenders” page, listing the worst airports, airlines, and individual flights, relies on government data from May 2005! The Bureau of Transportation Statistics updates that information every month and posts it here. The information isn’t presented as slickly as the AvoidDelays site, but it’s much more up-to-date.

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