lh global wifi Lufthansa relaunches global inflight wi fi
Lufthansa officially announced today that it was bringing back its global inflight internet service. Redubbed FlyNet, the system recreates the Boeing-powered satellite-based system that was up and running as recently as 2006.

Unlike the inflight wireless systems that airlines are running in the US, Lufthansa’s FlyNet, powered by Panasonic, will use a satellite-based network, which means that you can get a signal over the oceans. And if you’re looking for a way to pass the time on a long flight, I think internet access is a pretty good way to do it. (Yes, I know, it can tether you to the office, too, which means you’re never off the clock. It’s a tradeoff.)

How about price? Too soon to ask for specifics, but I like that mileage redemption is an option:

Various different price models are planned – ranging from a rate by the hour to a monthly flat rate. Passengers should also be able to redeem Miles & More award miles for the use of WLAN Internet connections. The exact price for specific products will be announced at a later date.

I like the mileage redemption option, and it will be interesting to see how creative they get with pricing. A recent study by Alaska Airlines showed that customers are extremely price sensitive when it comes to internet access (at least on domestic US flights). One domestic provider, Row 44, has hinted at the possibility of inflight service subsidized by advertising. Who knows, perhaps Lufthansa will consider ads to reduce the cost to passengers as well.

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  1. hharteveldt (hharteveldt) Says:

    Twitter Comment

    Could give LH an edge

  2. Milton Wongso Says:

    I wish LH can reach 3G, so I can tether without paying extra fees.

  3. Wandering Aramean Says:

    The Row44 service – the one that Southwest and Alaska Air have both contracted with – is a satellite based solution. So that service is running in the USA right now, though Aircell’s gogo is terrestrial and much more broadly deployed right now.

    It will be nice to see this back in the air. If the cost for providing the service can be controlled bettern than Boeing did then it has a chance. It isn’t clear that such control is possible, but here’s to hoping.

  4. Mark Ashley Says:

    @Wandering Aramean, you’re right, my mistake. Row44 uses Hughes satellites to link inflight wifi to the ground. I stand corrected. Mea culpa.

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