members only Is Spirit Airlines new club worth joining?

This past weekend, I was a guest on Peter Greenberg’s radio show, talking about Spirit Airlines and their new luggage fees. (Shameless self-promotion alert!)

During the segment, Peter had his producer fire up the Spirit website to see how low their fares went. The answer: $9.

But there was a catch: She found a $9 fare, but only if you joined their “$9 Fare Club.” I had noticed this on their site Friday afternoon, but didn’t think anything of it, really, not realizing at the time that this members-only savings society was anything new. Since then, it has hit the news and blogosphere as something newsworthy.

I’m predictably skeptical. For starters, I’m not a fan of the new Spirit fare structure, so paying a membership fee to maybe — just maybe — have access to limited-availability ultra-low fares doesn’t seem like a good way to spend your cash.

That said, for now the club is relatively cheap to join. A 3-month trial is $9. Thereafter, it’s still pretty cheap, honestly, at $29.95 per year. If (and only if) that really gets you access to ludicrously cheap fares year-round, then it may be worth it. But I have my doubts. Besides, Spirit doesn’t shy away from sales with cutesy names.

I’d wait for the sale.


pixel Is Spirit Airlines new club worth joining?
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  1. Mike Maddaloni Says:

    Does air travel really have to be this complicated? I have never flown Spirit, and with all they have announced last week and with this new club, I don’t plan on booking with them.


  2. Mark Ashley Says:

    Amen to that, Mike.

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  4. Patricia B Says:

    Please cancel my $9 club membership! I want a credit on my recent Discover bill where I was charged for $29.95 on July 11. I had no idea I was in a club and do not use your services nor do I plan to. Thank you. Patricia **** (name, address, etc., redacted)

  5. Mark Ashley Says:

    Dear Patricia,

    Your request to get out of the Spirit $9 club is a fair one, but why are you e-mailing me about it? You sent it to a travel blog, not to the airline itself. This isn’t the Spirit Airlines website.

    You should contact Spirit Airlines directly. Try this phone number for starters: 800-772-7117

    Feel free to let me know if there are any problems getting credit. You’re not alone — several other people have complained about club memberships, and others have written to me, asking for information about their accounts.

    Also, I removed all your personally-identifiable information from the comment. We don’t want that stuff out there for the world to see.

    Good luck getting the refund.

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  7. MBrown Says:

    Recently went up on line to check baggage (1 bag) I’m on a mac computer. After checking off my 1 bag I was not getting a confirmation of the transaction. So I continued to re enter my info. A few days later I received an alert from my credit card company of numerous credit entries. Needless to say I had 11 $5.00 charges from Spirit air. That was on the 18th of July and have called spirit air 12 times so far and cannot get through. Thier web site does not give you any other way of contacting them. Is anyone aware of another means of contacting them?

  8. Mark Ashley Says:

    Well, you could call your credit card and dispute the charges.

    But first, you might try filing a request online:

    Here are Spirit’s contact numbers:

    English: 800-772-7117
    Espanol: 800-756-7117
    Direct: 586-791-7300
    In the Dominican Republic, please call 888-751-2275 to book reservations.

    Good luck! And please report back with your results.

  9. Julie Says:

    I just joined the $9 club on Spirit Airlines because we always get good deals when we fly with them anyway and I figured we could save even more. Well, today I get the first club savings email and I can’t get those prices. I keep trying and don’t know if I’m logged in right and than I notice the date the sale is good for. It was for yesterday through tonight but I got it almost 24 hours after the sale was on. The cheap deals are probably already sold out. I called to complain because I feel it’s false advertisement and they are actually stealing my money if they aren’t going to send me the deals when they go on sale so I have a fair chance. The customer service rep said the manager was in a meeting, which almost always is the case when you need one and I couldn’t even understand him because he could hardly speak English. Nice. I may have to cancel the membership but will see if the manager calls me back about my complaint. I’m sure she will when the sale is for sure over! Isn’t that the American way! I’m not sure yet if this $9 club is worth is but so far, it’s not.

  10. MBrown Says:

    Finally received credit on charges for baggage. Going thru their customer web site was the only way it got resolved.

  11. Mark Ashley Says:

    Thanks for the update! Glad you were able to get the luggage fee refunded.

  12. Julie Says:

    I had posted a comment earlier about not getting the $9 club prices until 24 hours after they starte the sale. I never did hear back from the manager and the reason I couldn’t understand the costumer service rep is because Spirit outsources now and the Costumer service is in the Phillipines. Nice! THat is also the “American Way”. Since that sale, every sale I get anymore is over and gone before I even get it in my inbox. I’ve called to complain and have spoke to many in the Phillipines that don’t even understand how to handle the problem, including their “supervisors”. They will not transfer you to America for assistance, even when they can’t help. They gave me one number that wasn’t even legit to try and than phone numbers for the Spirit credit cards and said they could help me. The credit card company would give me another number and so on. The funniest part of it all is that after about 9 calls, including one to the office in West Palm Beach and they gave me the number for Detoit control tower!!!! That was wierd. That man than forwarded me to a number there that could help me and than when I pressed what my need was and figured I would finally get an actual person, I was given the stupid automated center that gave me the 1- 800 number for Spirit back in the Phillipines. I screamed and than hung up I cancelled my $9 club and refuse to fly on Spirit. We have always flown Spirit or Northwest or Delta because of great prices but we will start something new and drive to Michigan from now on. Customer Service is everything and Spirit needs to bring the work back here and start providing good service.

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  14. Lee Says:

    I have had issues on all airlines in the US. It is the price of deregulation; capitalism’s ugly side. Gone are the days of meals, service, drinks and legroom. Now it’s sardines in a plane instead if a can.

  15. balot Says:

    Hi Julie,

    I wonder where you are from but I couldn’t resist replying to your email because you mentioned you couldn’t understand costumer service rep from the Philippines.

    Well, after reading your comment for the second time I now understood why you couldn’t understand the “costumer” service rep. That is because you cannot spell correctly! It should be CUSTOMER.

    And btw, your grammar is awful. I wonder maybe it’s the other way around, meaning, maybe the CUSTOMER REP couldn’t understand when you speak.

    Last time I checked Call Centers are booming in the Philippines which only shows how well they speak English. I’m sure a grade 1 student from the Philippines can spell better and create grammatically correct sentences than you.

  16. JP Says:

    Sorry, but I have to agree with Julie. I have called Spirit several times to complain about their “Travel Insurance” when you buy your ticket. I could hardly understand any of the reps. I used to fly Spirit all the time because they were a lower price, reliable airline. I will never fly them again. I flew from O’Hare to Fort Meyers and had a horrible experience with them. For starters, when you purchase a ticket online there is a check-box for travel insurance that is automatically checked yes. When you try to get a refund (even before the flight), no one at the customer service phone number has no idea what to do. I finally just wrote them a letter, though I doubt I will get a response. At O’Hare, there are no automatic kiosks so every person needs to actually be checked in by an agent. Normally I prefer this, however Spirit had 2 people working to check in hundreds of travelers. It took 1.5 hours to check in. On the plane itself, I swear they added 2 extra rows of seats because that is the least amount of legroom I have ever had on a flight. The worst part is the nickel and dime hijinks. They charge $10/bag, automatically enroll you in a yearly recurring cost club unless you notice to uncheck the box, they have NO customer service, they even charge $2 for a can of soda on the plane. Also, we brought our dog on the plane. She is small enough to fit under the seat in front of us, yet they charge $75 (EACH WAY!). They have no extra time or cost involved in me carrying on my own bag, I still do not understand this one. I WILL NEVER FLY SPIRIT AIRLINES AGAIN!!!

  17. Allieloopy Says:

    I also had a horrible time with every single call to Spirit. They do NOT speak english well and they do NOT know how to help you when a problem arises. Heck, I had trouble with them confirming flights, the rep got it wrong and I was only able to get help after 3 calls.

    Their english speaking employees have problems also.
    At my departing airport the ticket agent checked my tickets then told me I had the wrong date on my (confirmed) ticket and forced me to buy a new one right then for a flight that had been planned for months.

    I looked more closely at the ticket and saw that he could not understand the numbers. He misread their typeface and couldn’t tell the difference between a 3 and an 8. He then gave me a huge fight when I pointed out the error and asked for a refund on the new ticket he made me buy.

    Most of the time you cannot even speak with them on the phone. I was stuck in Disneyworld with return ticket problems and had to spend most of the day on the phone while standing in lines. Their website was down or else I would have taken that route.

    So attacking the spelling ablility of someone who has a valid complaint is childish. Whatever substandard outsourcing company Spirit contracted with has very low standards for employees.

  18. Julie Says:

    Balot, I really couldn’t resist responding to your email to me as you missed the entire point of my email in trying to draw attention to a misspelled word vs. discussing obvious flaws and problems with Spirit Airlines customer care. When did your supposed superior intelligence by catching a word spelled incorrectly, turn to disrespect that had nothing to do with the entire message? I apologize for my spelling error of customer but you fogot to mention that I also forgot my “d” at the end of started as well. I will surmise from your email that you must be from the Phillipines, or an angry Spirit worker?! (perhaps an owner of your own outsourced business or just another uninformed American)

    First of all, Spirit outsources their call center to the Phillipines because it’s cheap, NOT because they are truly great at their jobs OR speak english well! That is a joke! They are outsourcing just like all the other big names that are doing it.(Target does it too, but they will transfer you to the US when asked). I would like to know who, other than balot, checks to see how the customer call center boom in the Phillipines is going on a regular basis?(or ever)

    Do I think it’s wrong? Absolutely! If we aren’t getting the quality of customer service where the work is being outsourced to, why outsource in the first place?

    Another example would be that it is extremely difficult and sometimes impossible to find things made in the USA anymore. Do you watch the news and see all the recalls out there? I have 3 children and guess how many toys they got for Christmas that were actually toys? 1! I do not trust what is brought into our country anymore or from other places that are “cheaper” to have things made. We are a greedy nation as far as coming up with inventions, toys, clothes and so on, and than selling out American citizens in the process and giving jobs that should be here to places like the Phillipines, China and any other slave labor country out there. After getting their cheap labor, the companies who did the outsourcing do not keep up on quality control, even at the risk of upset customers or to the other extreme, death or sickness of our children.

    You obviously missed the entire point in my email to attempt to belittle me in yours, balot, so let me rephrase my comment so you may be able to understand it better. Spirit Airlines customer service center in the Phillipines provides below average customer service at best and my calls to their center proves that. Years ago, and we have flown often, when they used to have call centers with U.S. employees behind the phones, I never had a problem correcting a situation or primarily making changes to our tickets. They knew what to do and fixed it. If, and when, you finally get through to the center in the Phillipines, they truly don’t know enough about the company, procedures and what to do in different situations that arise. They do not speak english well enough to provide an outstanding and excellent customer service experience that most USA companies strive for.

    If you find this to be false,(balot) I believe you truly are working for Spirit or you’ve never actually had a problem and called the customer care number for assistance. I’m starting to wonder where you live?

    FYI, last time we flew on Spirit, I made a comment about the call center in the Phillipines to the ladies behind the ticket counter. We paid for our luggage ahead of time and it only charged us one way so we ended up paying more for our bags and they both said simultaneously, “Oh, no. Don’t call them. They won’t be able to help you.” They proceeded to tell me how I needed to handle it but we never did because it was just one more hassle to deal with on our trip. They said that we have to send in complaints to the company about these things or they will never be changed as long as the airline is making money.

    Thank you JP and Allieloopy for sharing your own experiences of what fine Customer care Spirit has and for excusing my spelling errors.

    Concerning flying with your dog. We used to fly with our dog who will not fit under the seat. Spirit used to charge us $30 each way to put her in cargo that was temperature controlled and pressurized but they no longer provide this service. Most of the other airlines won’t either. The airlines that we fly currently make you pay to keep your dog under the seat also. Another money maker. Northwest charges about $400 round trip to put our dog in cargo. That’s more than what we pay for our own tickets when we fly! Very unreasonable and fortunately we have a great family that watches her for us when we fly now. That has made traveling so much easier for us. A real blessing.

  19. John Says:

    I was charged $29.95 twice. The $9 Club website has no phone number, or contact email address. I’m going to try calling the 800-772-7117, but guess this won’t be easy. I’ll probably drop this membership, I don’t like charges like this just “showing up” without authorization.

  20. Julie Says:


    You should probably drop the club but also contact your credit card company and dispute the charge. I know something similar happened to us once and we disputed the charges after calling our credit card company and than we sent a letter in writing upon their request. We ended up getting our money back.

  21. Kyle Says:

    How do you know if you are logged on to get the $9 fare? I booked tickets this morning just like they informed me to on the e-mail and now it is showing that i owe the full amount? Customer service line is busy and nothing pisses me off more than bad service!!

  22. MDS Says:

    Believe me, they don’t need your booking! Their flights are always full!

  23. D Sears Says:

    I am furious at Spirit Airlines .
    I bought a RT ticket for $317 in January 2008 for a flight in April. This included a return fare with a higher price due to a feature: “A Big Front Seat” (we didn’t care, but that was all that was left that day.)

    The airfare just dropped today to $222 ($95 less)… for the regular sized seat.
    I decided that the $60 online change fee was warranted, since I would net approx $35. I wouldn’t do it otherwise.

    I entered the change online, but when the final total came up- it was $264.

    I called their 800 number.
    The rep said the low price has gone up already.
    I went online again while we were talking; it was still there. I asked him to check and he verified that the $222. fare was still available.

    I told him I was in the middle of processing a change, but did not want to complete it till he could tell me why the lower fare wasn’t coming up.

    He stuck to that higher price being the only one available when changing, and offered to do the change for me for $70- which is their correct change fee when not going online.
    I said I will pay $70 change fee but only if I can get that $222 price.He said he couldn’t do that.
    I asked for a supervisor.
    I was put on Hold.
    I stayed on hold 45 minutes.(thankfully on an 800 line and with a speaker phone!)

    I hung up and tried again; same run-around, no reason.
    Offered to put me through to a supervisor.
    After another 20 minutes on hold, I hung up again.

    The next person I spoke to gave me their direct Customer Service line. I tried that and when I pressed 3 for Customer Relations, it was busy for 5 hours.
    I tried every Voice Mail option- no one answers there. I left two messages; none returned.

    I finally called their direct line in Miramar Florida- nearby, and same voice mail choices.
    I decided to try different extensions and finally got a human being.
    I explained my concern. This person said “that’s the rules” .
    I said “what rules, where?”
    She said in the Terms and Conditions; I told her I was looking at the Terms, and there was nothing there to describe why a price that is available is not available when you Change online.
    She said “That’s the rules, the price is different; I can’t help you.”
    She said she was a manager and I could go no higher.

    I flew Spirit a few times when they first started out; they were Ok, and a good value back then.
    Two months agao I was warned by a friend who used to fly SPirit 10 times a year for business. He warned us not to use them anymore.

    Now I know why.

  24. shiwalogo Says:

    it is definitely not worth it. it’s very complicated and there are very few flights and if there are any, they are full. unless you travel every other day and have lots of time and very flexible life, i wouldn’t recommend this at all.

    southwest is the best

  25. Daniel Rose Says:


  26. Marie Maldonado Says:

    Spirt air Lines, is a good air line no problems with my flight from Forth Lauderdale to Agudilla P.R

  27. Nancy Frenzilli Says:

    Hope Spirit keeps flying. We live in Tampa, FL, and fly frequently to Cancun, about 300 miles “as the crow flies”. Only two airlines offer even fairly reasonable fares today, AA and Spirit. AA requires a change in Miami–always a nightmare. Spirit has it’s own terminal section in Ft. Lauderdale, making the plane change quite simple. Both flights are close to 750 miles each way in the air. No wonder fuel costs are a nightmare? Why can’t some of the airlines from the north connect to Tampa, a wonderful, easy to use airport, and proceed directly to Cancun?
    We use both airlines, but have found Spirit to be more dependable and cleaner. yoggii@tampabay.rr.com

  28. Mary Jo Says:

    I joined the $9 fare club for a short while (the cheapest fares seem to be November-March)…we actually had a vacation booked in St. Thomas, but cancelled because the airfare was going to be $1000/per person(due to the date being the last week of the year)….so we cancelled our trip and got such an AWESOME deal through the Spirit fare club that we flew to Mexico in January. The rate was actually referred to as “We’ll pay you to fly”. It was -$2.00 each way to fly. The only “catches” were paying extra for each bag of luggage, which I think ended up being $10 for each of us round trip–I think this went up to $10per bag each way. I didn’t mind because we saved SO much money!

  29. Mary Jo Says:

    Also wanted to note that yes, I did have some difficulties with it and the customer service, but it was worth it in the long run–we saved alot of money….YES, you DO need to check your email OFTEN…most sales are only for 24 hours…and I noticed that the best ones were offered on Fridays “Fabionicci Friday” ??? So, if you can tough out the customer service crap, you’ll save some dough….

  30. Lindy Says:

    Do not EVER join spirit airlines $9 club. Currently on the phone (while I type this message) trying to cancel the $9 club membership and it is proving very difficult. Customer service is POOR and no one s knowledgeable about where to refer people.

    I get highly irritated when this kind of stuff happens.

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  32. KostaRikan Says:

    Well I can assure you that all airlines have their own ways to screw up. I fly to Costa Rica once a month and only through spirit I can get a RT for less than $200 for a direct flight from Ft Lauderdale. Yes sure they’re a little complicated but nevertheless it takes me to my final destination.


  33. Nancy Frenzilli Says:

    Good news in the Tampa Tribune this morning
    (7/18/08). Jet Blue has filed for direct non-stop flights from Tampa to Cancun starting in December. Perhaps they will go on to Costa Rica?

  34. KostaRikan Says:

    I believe some airlines are not aware yet of how profitable Costa Rica results. For example, last night I flew to Costa Rica on Spirit from FLL on a 11:20 pm flight.

    I bought the RT for $211 including taxes and they had a full flight. So if we guestimate the following: $30,000 per flight (125 seats, $200 average fare pp, bags and seats) x 3 daily flights so yes, they make big bucks. Yes, sure they have big expenses but if they weren’t making a profit they wouldn’t be flying three times to Costa Rica.

    I spoke to the stewardess and she mentioned that all 3 daily Spirit flights to Costa Rica were always full. I hope more low cost airlines will soon have direct flights USA/CR, otherwise, I am ok with Spirit Air.


  35. Kimberly Says:


    The topic of this page is “Is the Spirit $9 Fare Club worth joining?”.

    The answer is a resounding ABSOLUTELY NOT!

    Because you will VERY rarely actually get the low fare at all. Today, I received my email, clicked on it, logged in and was denied any discounted fare at all. The email advertised $8 fares, the site showed the dates I wanted both ways. Then when I went to book (6 minutes past receipt of the email) it was $164 one way and $104 the other.

    It’s a complete scam. I do not believe that if there were any decent number of seats available at that lower price, that they would be gone in 6 minutes. This is False Advertising at it’s finest and I will keep you posted as to my progress with the legal action I am planning to take at this time!!!

    A very frustrated customer.


  36. Kristen Says:


    The way they’re able to offer these fares is through identity theft–they got my debit card (God only knows how), charged the $39 fee, then charged a slew of airline tickets to my card for Spirit Airlines and Easyjet, neither of which even serve the US, where I live.

    I’ve reported them to the FBI’s Fraud Division and I’m pursuing the matter through a number of legal channels. I’m a federal prosecutor, so they really screwed up by stealing my debit card number. My complaint was not the first the FBI has received on this company. If you give them your card number through one of their promotions, expect fraudulent charges at some point down the line.

    Buyer BEWARE.

  37. Allieloopy Says:

    Um, Kristen, first of all Spirit Air does serve the US. It also doesn’t steal debit card numbers, that would have been an individual. A Federal prosecutor would know this. They would have also capitalized the word Federal. Stop spreading rumors that don’t make sense.

  38. KostaRikan Says:

    I don’t think they just stole your credit card information. I mean, did you UNCHECK the $9 Fare Club box?? Because if you didn’t then it’s automatically checked for you to join the club, and yes, you’ll get billed automatically as well.

    They have a disclaimer (always read the fine print) so liability is out of the question. Sure they shouldn’t automatically check the box for you but most online services do this. Don’t you just love Corporate America??


  39. Disgruntled Says:

    So, we got highjacked into this club sometime last fall. I travel for business but have to make my own arrangements. I booked a flight from ATL to FTL and obviously didn’t see I was getting opted into some club. A couple months later my credit card card was billed the annual fee of $29.95.

    I called their customer service line and was told by two separate reps and one manager that they couldn’t do anything about refunding my money or cancelling my membership. That I had to log on to their website to cancel it there. I was pretty certain I could do so by putting in my email address and hitting “Forgot my password” but just figured that would allow them to say, “Aha! If you figured out how to login, then obviously you knew you were a member.”

    So, I called my credit card company (BOFA) and explained the situation and that we felt we were fraudulently joined into this club and wanted to do a chargeback. They did, sent us some papers we signed to that effect, and we got our money back.

    Fast forward to now. I’m still getting occasional emails indicating Spirit still thinks I’m in their useless club, but the annual fee hasn’t hit yet. So, I finally went online and hit forgot my password, signed into the site, and cancelled my membership.

    So, this is where I say that I think this whole thing is fraudulent and I’m going to complain to the Miramar and State of Florida Better Business Bureau, but we’ll see if that actually happens.

    –Hope this helps. Their customer service line certainly doesn’t help for jack.

  40. freqflyer Says:

    how do they know if you are carrying a pet onboard?

  41. Allie Says:

    Well unless you plan on putting the pet in a body cavity…all bags are scanned in the airport.

  42. Mike Thomas Says:

    I cannot get on the membership website, I am a member however my password and user name is not accepted.

  43. Licam I. Nhuts Says:

    DONT EVER FLY SPIRIT FOR YOU WILL REGRET IT!/ yea i said it…fly spirit and you dead shyt/ i’d rather travel back and be beheaded/ im a lunatic and they charged my credit/ i found out where one of their employees work/ and you can bet you bottom dollar i’ll make them hurt/ i’ll have them burn cuz the money they stole is the money i earned!/

    julie is the man!

  44. ballot Says:

    eyooooooo spirit sucks nuts

  45. JK Wald Says:

    SPIRIT AIR-they just dont care-i hope they choke on my pubic hair-bad service-worthless-a spirit cursed-they pay minimum wage and deserve to be squirt with sperm!

  46. yoel Says:

    I flew to Bogota and I was ok, but I joined the $9 club to save some money and I don’t see how.if you try to use they codes like 48 hours ended with the same regular price, I will wait a few month and if nothing happen I will cancel the membership.

  47. R.Richardson Says:

    Spirit Airlines is the most awesome value! It’s unfortunate that so many stupid people try to buy tickets online and don’t pay attention to what they’re doing. If you don’t read EVERYTHING before you click “submit”, then you deserve whatever you get. Please learn how to be a smart consumer, and don’t blame your foolishness on Spirit Air or any other company.

    Secondly, I can’t believe people are griping about not being able to find the $9 flights. The answer is simple… LOG IN, FIRST. Then, ta-da, the bargain $9 price will appear. And they ARE available.

    Thirdly, there is NOWHERE else that you’ll get this good of a deal. And yet some of the people here are acting completely bent out of shape that they aren’t treated like royalty. Duh. You just got a $9 ticket. You should be thanking your lucky stars. If you feel you need better treatment, pay $500 for First Class elsewhere.

    Fourthly, don’t buy a ticket if you think you might change your mind later. It is ALWAYS a hassle trying to get a refund from any airline. If you know you’re the kind of person who gets irate about hassles when trying to change reservations, then go ahead and pay $500 for a refundable ticket so you can feel free to change your mind numerous times after purchasing a flight. Me, I’ll just stick with the $9 fares.

    Fifth, if you want a $9 ticket bad enough, maybe you should be willing to check your email daily. Spirit has no blackouts, so the only thing stop you from getting the $9 price is all the other people who also want the $9 price. I guess if you want it bad enough, you’ll check your email more often. Everyone else is checking theirs. Don’t be a baby about not getting a $9 seat just because you’re too lazy to look for it and somebody else beat you to it.

    Sixth, if you get the Spirit credit card, you don’t have to pay the annual club fee. However, the card has an annual fee which you will have to pay. But the card entitles you to “Elite” status, and gives you miles for every purchase. It’s a good deal.

    Seventh, need I remind you we are discussing a NINE DOLLAR flight? Incredible opportunity to fly international for a bargain!

  48. D Sears Says:

    I totally disagree- and it has NOTHING to do with the fact that you can get $9 airfares if you join their club and also irrelevant that they have a customer unfriendly method of dafualting tothe club if someone doesn’t take the check mark off.
    What is patently and consistently true is that Spirit Airlines Customer Service is the WORST of any airline.
    I am not talking about the Phillipine based assistants who dutifully – and politely -follow their instructions to a T.
    I am talking about the fact that there is NO WAY to correct any Spirit Airlines caused problems.
    NOT all airlines, have difficult return/adjustment policies. Not all airlines have NO way to escalate or address a problem.
    Not ALL airlines have defective computer software, and do not admit it nor have any way to address the problem.
    I have spoken to their corporate heads in their Miramar office to escalate a problem (no easy feat getting through) Getting a redress once at corporate level is VERY difficlut- and still causes more problmes in itslef.
    For instance:
    their online ticket credit system is defective: it does not accurately reflect current prices, so even if airfares fall enough to justify their change fees, when you go online, follow through data entry up to the last screen- only then do you find they do not have all fares (including the low one that is STILL available!!!!)on that system.
    Response all the way up the chain: that can’t be, the low fare must be gone. Over 12 employees told me that EVEN AFTER I PROVED TO THEM- and the CORPORATE MANAGEMENT!!! that it was still available. That is called Bait and Switch, as far as I know. They get my high change fee for a higher priced ticket exchange!
    ALSO: when I finally got a credt, NO VOUCHER was emailed or mailed to me. I had to TRUST it was there on their very in-efficient computer syste,m.
    THEN when I weent to use it,knowing it would not cover the fees and taxes, I used part of it.
    I went online a month later to use the balance- and LO AND BEHOLD, there is an UNWRITTEN rule: you cnnot use the voucher twice.
    Itt is NOT WRITTEN nor documeted ANYWHGERE. Talk about a rip off. This airline is headed for a big fall.

  49. R.Richardson Says:

    I’m sorry that you aren’t able to enjoy the benefits of the airline. I don’t know how difficult it would be to contact them about changes or problems or whatnot. I just pay my $18 for an international roundtrip ticket, and call it good. Never had a problem. And never had this good of a value on ANY other airline.

    If I ever had a problem with Spirit, I would probably just tell myself “Oh well”, and think about all the times I had saved $400 per trip by choosing Spirit over another airline.

    If an airfare falls below the price you paid, that’s simply the cost of purchasing early. I don’t even think a person should be entitled to a later “sale” price, because you’ve had the security of a seat guarantee the whole time. I don’t think anyone should be able to reserve a seat and then complain about a sale that came later. It’s just like stuff going on sale in a store. People who buy something at one price and then try to take it back when they discover the item is on sale and then buy it again at a lower price are SCAMMERS. Buying early is a gamble… sometimes you’ll capture the lowest price, and sometimes not, but the one thing you do capture by buying early is the guarantee of a seat. People who wait for a sale may lose out entirely because the plane will book up.

    If I was an airline, I would NEVER allow a current ticketholder to change to a lower price. (Reason being that the later sale prices are determined by the number of vacant seats remaining.)

    It does sound like you had a lot of difficulties, but doesn’t sound like your expectations are reasonable, considering it’s a discount airline. You get what you pay for. Discount airfares are for straightforward consumers who want straightforward purchases and don’t need special exceptions. Just buy, and fly… period. No other fluff.

    It’s just like any other discount company.

  50. D Sears Says:

    For one thing- I have never gotten a $9 nor $18 ticket from Spirit. All tickets I’ve purchased from Spirit in the past 3 years were over $200.
    On your basicv premise: we disagree totally.

    Whether for $9 nor $18, if you get on a plane and they provide bad service- whether online or on the plane, losing your luggage or delaying a flight due to their own errors in scheduling, you SHOULD bring it to the attention of Customer Service.
    If I buy something inferior at Walmart for a sale price, I do go to their Customer Service, explain the situation politely with all proof and expect a rational and efficient customer service response.
    By not doing so, we Americans are lowering our standards. If we want inferior Chinese products or bad airline service, then that is exactly what we will get.
    On the other hand, I have flown Southwest Airlines 100s of times- with excellent customer service, no excessive fees, and whether I purchase a low cost or higher fare, I expect, and get, good service. That’s why Southwest will outlast all other low cost, and most legacy carriers.I only wish they would fly to more places I go to regularly.

  51. Levinie Wooten-Loatman Says:

    I agree with R.Richardson the fan fare club does work, it’s fantastic for someone who is on a strict budget as I am. Yes they do have different promotions such as 48 hours, 24 hours that you have to book the flight for the 48 or 24 off. However they have flights that are 1, 2, 8 and 9 bucks and the dates of travel. I am so happy I joined this club. I got a flight for 1 dollar to the Bahamas in June, however you have to pay the international fees and taxes but it was 89.90 round trip with taxes and fees includes from Fort Lauderdale to Bahamas. Hey come on I couldn’t go wrong with that. The regular price was 250.00 round trip well I like the 89.90 price much better. Well in August they sent something to my e-mail for 2 buck flights guess what I went to the Bahamas again this time the ticket was 105.00 round trip with taxes and international fees included. Well I’m going back in November but this time I got a 9 dollar fare going but had to pay more coming back because all the 9 dollars seats coming back were probable booked but I’m still not paying but 120.00 round trip so it’s still a deal. Guess what in December I have a trip booked for Montego Bay Jamaica and the total cost was 105.00 round trip all fees included it was a 9 dollar fare each way. Hey I can’t beat that no way. As far as I’m concerned I’ve already earned my 39.95 membership back already with all the savings. All my trips were smooth sailing and no problems.
    If I was not a part of this club that spirit offer I know I would not have been flying like this since June with two more trips booked and paid for at those prices. See you have to remember when they offer those cheap prices they only have so many seats for them so who ever jump on it first get the deals. I check my e-mail each day cause they are always offering good deals. With the economy like it is I’m glad spirit has a way to give me a break in the finance department of my purse. Take all the tips that R. Richardson gave because I’ve had to ask some people I know if they were logged in when trying to get their deals and they said no. I’m sorry for those who have had the bad experiences with the club but the ones who have gotten the benefits as i have I know you are like me a $9 dollar fan fare fan and you are enjoying your discounts to the fullest. I know for a fact I would not have booked these past or future trips had it not been for this club. Spirit is giving me the opportunity to fly to places I’ve always wanted go and hotels can be booked through them as well. Thanks Spirit!
    Yes this spirit club is worth it if used correctly.

  52. Jen Says:

    Hi guys,
    I am a part of the $9 club. I just booked my 1st Orlando trip for $39.00 round trip. I was so excited. I have a family of 7 so this was a huge discount. My only disatisfaction was the luggage and seat charge. I chose to only buy one luggage b/c all my kids are little and I have a big suitcase. The seat charge however is unfair. I have little ones so whether they know it or not they will put my kids with the adults. We’ll see

  53. Cinia Klibert Says:

    On 10-01-08 i have enrolled in the $9 fare club but 10 minutes later, i have cancelled the memebership. After cancelling the account, i read that a $9.00 will be charged and that is fine but i have not yet received my $29.00 refund. I have requested this refund by mail on 10-16-08. Who can help me with this matter?

  54. Mal Brown Says:

    Spirits proposed “new” program which is still in the development stage for redeeming spirit miles is just as bad as there $9 dollar club. You are unable to confirm your redemption miles until they call you. So you cannot plan your trip. My 1st request was denied by email, my 2nd request someone did call, but when I tried to contact them on 4 occasions nobody called me back. so I had to use another airline. My last request still has not been answered. They want you to use their Free Spirit card but they make it so difficult to redeem your miles. It makes you wonder about their honesty.

  55. Linda Kilarski Says:

    Wow, I don’t know whether to join or not. I really don’t want hassles but in this economy I am watching expenses. If we can save on airfare for a few trips it would sure help. However the time and agravation that many speak of scares me. What is the prudent thing for one to do?

  56. Jeff Says:

    listen people….i have flown Spirit several times….they are no better or worse than any other airline out there…..they absolutely try and get you to sign up for the reoccuring charge that is the 9$ fare club (free money for them)….and insurance….if you open your eyes and pay attention you will see both boxes plainly marked right next to your itinerary…..UNCHECK them! gee wasent that difficult…..i dont agree with this type of marketing, but i also dont agree with people not paying attention and then whining when they screw up….i was a member once, i decided to cancel, went to the website and pushed the cancel button(just like they say to do), took me all of 3 minutes i think….no problem…..QUIT blaming others for your failure to use your head….sorry for being harsh but come on people!!!!

  57. Jeff Says:

    PS i have saved alot of money with spirit but you have to be diligent and ready to book fast when those deals come up

  58. Jeff Says:

    and yes all the little extra charges are bull but, they feel this is the best way for them to make money. either pay it or as my father always said “walkin aint crowded”

  59. Marsha Says:

    The $9 Fare club requires I fly with the 2 people I made flights for. I cannot return with the two people. Will Spirit check this and not allow the other 2 to fly since I am not there?

  60. Ruth Beach Says:

    I would like to cancel my Spirit Air Fare Club Membership.
    I enrolled on 12/26/08 & now realize I can not take advantage of this
    membership due to my financial situation.

    Please reimburse my credit card. It has only been two weeks from my

    Please advise me of my status as soon as possible.

    Thank you,
    Ruth L. Beach
    [address redacted]

  61. Ruth Beach Says:

    Please remove me from your Spirit Air Fare Club Membership
    Thank you,
    Ruth L. Beach

  62. Mark Ashley Says:

    THIS IS NOT THE SPIRIT AIRLINES WEBSITE. Please do not post your personal information here.

    If you are trying to cancel your membership in the Spirit Airlines club, the instructions have been posted in this post, but I am repeating them here:

    A Member may cancel his or her membership in the Club at any time by selecting the unsubscribe option within their FREE SPIRIT account profile

    If you need to reach Spirit by phone, the number is 800-772-7117, but be forewarned, the web is a far less frustrating experience than waiting on hold for a customer service representative.

  63. Jackie Says:

    On Jan. 6th I booked a reservation online with SpiritAir for myself for travel in February. Then on Jan. 20th, I booked another resevation for my son who later decided to travel with me. I was fortunate – I read the fine print – and noticed that I needed to uncheck the boxes for travel insurance and unchecked the box to decline membership in their $9 fare club. I had thought about joining – but after reading all these negative comments I’m glad I didn’t – sounds like a ripoff. I was lucky in that respect, but I did notice a $2 charge on my bank statement identified as a “Club Spirit Promotion” fee. Now I know it’s only $2, but I was worried that more of these unexplained unauthorized charges would be debited to my account, so I called Spirit Air’s Customer Service number to question the charge. The gentlemen (I’m guessing in the Phillipines) didn’t speak English very well, but I was able to decipher that it was “a fee that SpiritAir charges for each reservation booked online”. However, he did say that the charge would automatically be refunded back to my account after 24-48 hours. I couldn’t understand his explanation as to WHY it is charged to begin with if it’s automatically credited back within 24-48 hours. Hopefully he’s right and there will be no additional surprise “Promotion” fees. I booked on Spirit because they are the only airline with direct non-stop service Ft. Lauderdale to Myrtle Beach, SC (one flight per day). I didn’t find their non-refundable fares much cheaper than other airlines – especially since they charge for each piece of luggage per flight segment – and I was absolutely shocked to discover that you have to pay to select your seat in advance. How petty can these airlines get. Gone are the days of good customer service, free meals, free beverages, advanced seat selection, and free baggage check-in. The prices go up – but the quality of service goes down.

  64. Tonya Says:

    All you people are STUPID!! You complain about EVERYTHING!! It’s a way to save money, point simple! If you want to pay more, go somewhere else. But it seems from those complaining about losing $9 that their broke butts need to save money. You can’t expect Riitz Carlton service and accomodations but only want to pay Motel 6….excuse me….. Motel 8 prices. What the hell do you expect? I tell you what, all you dumb butts quit the program and make room for me. I have several friends in the program and they have saved thousands of dollars. One friend daughter’s in school across the country so he travels quit a bit. He has NEVER paid over $100 for a ticket that would ALWAYS run between $300 – $400. Does he care if the flight attendants don’t speak English? NO!!! He cares that he can afford to send his daughter to college AND visit her. He doesn’t care about stupid peanuts and sodas. Bring your own. In terms of luggage, most airlines are charging for the second or more bag ANYWAY. You people are living in fantasy land. You have an unreal expectation. I guess when you eat at McDonalds, you want white cloth napkins and real fine china with sterling silver

  65. Cyndi Says:

    For a measly #39.95, even if you get one reduced flight, you have made your money back. Since I have joined about 3 months ago, I was able to get 1 round trip from NY to Myrtle Beach for $110 total. Next trip to Myrtle Beach cost me $34.50 round trip and I am flying out again, with 3 other people in February, and it is costing me $138 total for 4 round trip tickets. I think it is a fantastic oportunity to get some tickets dirt cheap. Come on people, read instructions and follow directions. And stop whining if you don’t check your email regularly. Whose fault is that but your own. And all airlines charge for luggage and food/drink. Nothing is free anymore. As far as the seat charge, I think that is a rip off, but I have found that if you get to the airport in enough time, you will get good seats without having paid to reserve them. Just wish they flew to more airports!

  66. Terri Says:

    Has anyone been able to redeem free miles on Spirit Airlines? I recently put a request in to redeem miles for a flight in March. It has been over ten days with no reply. I did send a folow-up e-mail today.

  67. Victor Says:

    I am a member of Spirit Airlines
    and travel often to Ft. Lauderdale and New York
    I think this is a real deal and thanks to the people of Spirit for this
    great and original membership plan
    I think there is a lot of Stupid people around making retard comments about
    this airline.
    Spirit is not Continental, Spirit is not American neather United or Delta.
    Spirit has its own rules, read the rules, undestand the rules, and take a credit card with you on the airplane.
    and never be late.
    also have your own water if you dont want to use a credit card.
    cause Spirit does not accept Cash.
    why? cause they dont want to deal with problems other airlines have.
    even worse they dont want to deal with people who does not even know how to buy something online.

    At least I know Spirit Airlines Clients are smart, they know how to use their money, they have time to travel, they have credit cards, they can make their own selections, and that makes the passengers of this airline, better quality
    people, people that is not complaining all the time, I really dont want that kind
    of people around me.
    Thanks Spirit Airlines
    I think your business is cool
    I think you are made for a new generation of customers
    long life to Spirit Airlines

    I am a real customer, not a desperate marketing promoter of another airline
    trying to make Spirit Airline reputation be on the spot.

  68. Racks Says:

    Just to add another positive note to Spiritair. I’m a bargain hunter, so I don’t mind doing my homework. And from checking on all direct airline websites (Delta, Southwest, United, etc) and also checking the discount flights sites, where you can compare airline prices (kayak.com, bookingbuddy.com, etc.) I have never found anywhere close to the prices that Spiritair offers.
    And yes, you can’t select seats for free, you have to pay for an extra bag, but like the other person stated before me. If you want top notch service you have to pay for it. I mean, how can someone complain about a $100 roundtrip ticket from NY-FLL. I’ve flown a couple times with them already, and I’ve said thousands of dollars. And I’m not even a member. I once got 2 roundtrip tickets for me and my wife from NY-FLL for under $100 with taxes and fees. Where do you think you can get a deal like that. If I have to wait an extra hour to board, sit in the back of the plane, hold off on a drink till I land, snack on a bag of chips until dinner. Why not!! People, its about saving money and Spiritair has done that for me. I plan on flying with them again very soon.

  69. p nash Says:

    I’m not a member as yet, but plan on joining. However, after reading ALL of these negative emails as well as the positive ones, I can’t help but wonder at the I.Q. of the people who are doing most of complaining. It also,seems to me, that these same folks would complain if they were hanged with a new rope. READ THE DIRECTIONS, DUMB ASS.

  70. Rene Says:

    Spirit Airlines website is absolutely horrible. I hold a PhD and it takes me hours to READ THE DIRECTIONS, DUMB ASS. I have been flying Spirit for years but will not be doing so any longer. Their “Rewards” program sucks big ones. It has taken me two weeks to finally speak to someone regarding my attempts to get a reward ticket. Emails go unanswered. There is no human available who can answer calls. The only customer service department they have is email. I have spoken with three representatives from the reservations department who have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA WHAT IS GOING ON. I have patiently and politely answered the same condescending questions that implied I hadn’t followed their protocol or couldn’t READ THE DIRECTIONS, DUMB ASS. When they had no answer, they sent me back to their stupid email. I sent numerous follow up emails that went unanswered. The only way I was able to get a human response (by the way the people I spoke with on the phone were unintelligible to native English speakers about 50% of the time, not due to grammatical problems, but due to pronunciation problems) was by deluging their email system. They were unwilling to offer even a token compensation for my time and frustration (maybe as little as a few extra miles would have gone a long way toward calming me!)

    FREE SPIRIT is a sham just like their $9 Fares! I will be switching to a competitor as soon as I am able to navigate their totally inadequate system for redeeming miles.

  71. Ada I. Jimenez Says:

    Iam in the $9 dollar club, but their is about 3 month that I did not receive any spacial or list about the different spacials, like( 1.00-5.00-13.00- etc) I would like to know what is going on with my subscription. My last trip was on January,09. Before, I send a note and I steel on it, but is like a I been ignore. My friend they steel receiving those spacials.
    Please, let me know. Because, I am not going on a club if I am not going to have any benefit. Thank you in advance, Ada Jimenez

  72. chris kowalski Says:

    Can somebody let me try their code so i can see how cheap it really gets? Im thinking of joining but am a little skeptical about paying for hopes. Can share my 10 years of experience of finding cheap flights in return.

  73. B LEONARD Says:

    I love flying spirit, I just booked two trips this week. One in June 110.00 round trip to Boston, another round trip to Boston in September for 49.00 all taxes included on both. How can you beat these prices. Every air carrier is charging for all beverages unless you are in first class. Just about everyone is charging to check bags. Come on get with the program. You can’t pay these prices on any other airline. Stop complaining. For the yearly fee, if you take just one flight you are paying the membership fee. For two round trip tickets and the membership fee I paid 189.00. I can’t get one round trip ticket to Boston for that price. So everyone that is complaining you just must be natural nit pickers. Today when everything cost so much money and something is a good deal right in front of your face, it amazes me how much some people love to complain. I have only had great service on Spirit flights, and my friends have great service.

    I have been in high end customer service for over 20 years and I know poor service and this club and airline provide good service.

    If the flights are so out, its because at these cheap prices they go quick.

  74. mike jones Says:

    My family of 5 travel by plane, from New York City, often. I have had Tuesday & Wednesdays off for the last 12 years. This has enabled me to find awesome travel deals through the years. I have always wanted less expensive flights even at the cost of cutting service.
    I am posting this from Ft Lauderdale, Florida because we got our 3rd batch of $13 (40 roundtrip with taxes/fees) from NY to Florida. We have 2 other trips to Florida planned in August and October. We can never get the $9 fare, but we consistently get fares close to it.
    I’m not a huge fan of Florida, but when I get an opportunity to get 5 of us away for $200. I jump at it.

    Tools we use for Budget TRaveling:

    .Budget Travel magazine (not for the deals but for the budget strategies)

    .we are within a circle of friends who constantly scour for the best deals ANYWHERE

    .Giving up seats on plane for $400 voucher (also hotel &meal vouchers)

    .STAY IN TOUCH WITH OUT OF TOWN/STATE/COUNTRY FRIENDS! If they live in a popular destination, MAKE them a friend!

    All that being said; I’m happy with Spirit!

    …I hope one day they remove all the seats from the plane and let us stand up to vegas for $9.

  75. Richard Gozinia Says:

    I am not sure if this helps the questions about the $9 fare club, but I slept with a Spirit Airlines flight attendant once. She was hot.

  76. Bruce Says:

    I quite often travel between LAX and Detroit Metro

    Do they offer fair discounts to any city they fly to when they have the specials?

    Or are they offering a discount only if flying from some set city to another set city?

    Are you choosing your destination based upon which city is on special?

  77. Jhoanna Says:

    For those of you that actually got those low fares, HOW DID YOU DO IT??

    I believe that the dissatisfaction with this airline and specifically this $9 club, is that I never seem to able to get those $8 deals. I do not doubt that they perhaps sell ONE booking at this rate, but otherwise I find it nearly impossible to tap into their system on time. I check every time I get an email immediately, and I’m pretty good with a computer..

    So please help me be as happy as you are that you spent the membership fee, and tell me HOW DID YOU DO IT??

    As far as their customer service, it is crap! And no I am not degrading the hard working people of the Phillipines (I married one) and to answer another person’s question, the call center business over there is BOOMING! So I do not blame them for how they handle situations, they are trained that way by the company that hired them. It is also not their fault that they have to handle the massive amount of complaints and problems that the airline has without any authority to do anything about it. They have been trained to neglect the callers problems, and pretty much tell them that there is nothing they can do about it, I am also certain that they are not given the phone numbers to transfer to a manager in the US, because that manager likely doesn’t exist. The problem should be addressed here starting from the top, and allowing it to work its way down to the customer. But it is obvious that this company, though claiming extraordinarily cheap travel, is in it for the money and not looking out for its customer on a budget (like me).

    -I’d be truly appreciative for any info on getting those cheap fares!

  78. Tinna Says:

    I just sent them an email, to complain about that I never get the emails sent to me about the email special !
    I got an email sent back a little later saying;

    “This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification.
    Delivery to the following recipients failed. customerr@spiritair.com

    And that is the email they give up on spiritair.com

    I’m about to book a flight to FL next week.. I’m not sure if it’s a good idea. I’m having a feeling showing up at the airport and I don’t have any seat or that the plain isn’t even leaving.

  79. Mark Ashley Says:

    Tinna, there may be an extra R in the e-mail address you used to contact them. Try writing to them at customer@spiritair.com .

  80. Tinna Says:

    To Mark

    It was copy paste from the website

    I did try another email. I will wait and see what happens.

    Thank you !

  81. Sunni Says:

    After reading all the above comments, I have decided it would be a bad decision to join the $9 Club.

  82. Renee Says:

    How long does it take for membership to take effect? If I pay for the membership, can I immediately book at the membership rate?

  83. Rosa Simo Says:

    Please cancel my club membership I want a credit for 39.95 charged on may AmericanExpress bill on july 2009. I had no idea I was in a Club and do no use your service.

  84. Mark Ashley Says:

    A friendly reminder:


    If you are trying to cancel your membership in the Spirit Airlines club, the instructions have been posted in this post, but I am repeating them here:

    A Member may cancel his or her membership in the Club at any time by selecting the unsubscribe option within their FREE SPIRIT account profile

    If you need to reach Spirit by phone, the number is 800-772-7117, but be forewarned, the web is a far less frustrating experience than waiting on hold for a customer service representative.

  85. Jack Calyman Says:

    If their corporate and reservations departments are this screwed up,
    Can you imagine how bad their Aircraft Maintenance is. I will not risk my life for a few dollars. I think we all remember Value Jet.r

  86. John Says:

    4 of us (myself, wife, and 2 children) flew recently from Detroit to Ft. Lauderdale on Spirit airlines and encountered NO issues. Checkin and both Detroity and Ft. Laderdale went very smoothly.

    And yes, I did join the $9 club, and we all flew for $199 return (thats for the 4 of us not each).

    Would I fly Spirit again, sure why not, the planes were clean, the ground and flight crew helpful. This is the 2nd time I have used their club fairs, another time from Det to Vegas, and both times had not issues. Yes there are limited seats but at $9 a seat they can’t sell all of them at that price.

  87. marco Says:

    Insane? Where else can you fly from Florida to Michigan for $49 round trip, party of two for $98??? Great deal and great club to belong to.

  88. Marcos Says:

    I LOVE SPIRIT AIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    People, stop complaining!!!! … I have been member of the club for 3 years. If you leave in a place like Fort Lauderdale Spirit Airlines is one reason to be here.
    if you live in a place were spirit flies only one flight per day, to one unique city maybe is not a deal, however if u live in South Florida and other cities as San juan, Detroit etc Spirit is the best fly deal ever!!!!
    I has been traveling like crazy thanks to Spirit. Every year I travel 12 or 10 times, almost every month. I never pay more than 160 $ for a return ticket. I am a teacher and we travel with my students several times a year thanks to spirit fares of 9 dollars. Once I got a ticket of -3 dollars ( yes I am not kidding they give me money back for the air taxes…)
    Yes, planes are always full, they do not have a real business class and you pay even for the water, but with those prices who cares? I LOVE SPIRIT AIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  89. Marcos Says:

    For Rene:

    You told you hold an PHD and cannot navigate in Spirit site?
    You are stupid! or maybe you are a retard. I do not believe you are a PhD!

  90. graham Says:

    to marcos you must have to much time on your hands if you can travel all the time i live in il and only get 2 weeks off per year that you have to book off so time is importent to us i am a $9 club member ever time i try to get the deals i can not get them i tryed today to get tickets to ft lauderdale went to book put all my info in keep saying free spirit # does not match name i double check the # put it in 5 times same thing on the 6 time it through put the price went up from $9 to $75 so to pay $40 a year and can never get the cheap fares what a rip off i phone spirit airlines i got people that can not speak english i ask where they was was told india i am very unhappy with spirit i am trying to get the corporate phone number. now we know why there is somemany people in the us the jobs have gone over seas.

  91. graham Says:

    i think marcos works for spirit you are stupid you needs to take a hard look in the mirror before you put bad things on here about people

  92. Yaeger Says:

    If people have complaints about the 9.00 club, all of you file a class action against the company

  93. Veronica Says:

    Spirit is what it is- a discount airline. As for the $9 savings. I have used it. $9 each way, plus taxes and fees comes out to about $50. NOT bad at all. That’s a tank of gas in some cars. Yes, there are restrictions like you have to fly only on certain days. Who gives a hoot! If you are not flexible on your days, it’s no good for you. And it can’t be as terrible as most of you make it out to be, because years later it is still around. ;-)

  94. Veronica Says:

    Oh.. and for those of you who haven’t realized $9 club is only for those who pay an annual membership fee. Again, this is SOO not a luxury airline. Can’t compare apples to oranges people.

  95. pat Says:

    i have been a member for two years and can not even get the cheap fares sent to me how do i get the promotions? is here something i should add to my addres book ? help

  96. Mark Ashley Says:

    Pat, are you a member of the $9 fare club (and paying a quarterly fee) or a member of Free Spirit, their frequent flyer program? Two different animals. If you’re in the $9 fare club and not getting e-mails, you’ll need to contact Spirit customer service. Good luck with that.

  97. steve Says:

    Family and I arrived at your terminal (Spirit) at Detroit International Airport at around 3:30 am to be announced by a rude ticket agent that our flight had been cancelled. They ruined our

  98. John Lehnen Says:

    Spirit Airlines is just a sign of the times my friends. It is just a crying shame from flying the skies of the 50 to early 70′s. Pan Am, Eestern, Brannif , TWA and Pacific Air. Northwest was only a regional airline and United and American were regal airlines. Especially the Chicago to Hawaii. Royal Hawaian and New York Shuttle . NOW .. It/s junk bond airlines . Greed, overpricing and distain are the epitaph of the airlines today. Most of the people who work there, wish they were doing something else, but cannot afford to lose the job. I don’t think they themselves are to blame. Basically, I think most people want to be friendly and represent a good company. But, can you imagine working for a company like Spirit if you did not need the paycheck ?

    Insurance, computer , health centers and many other companies outsource their ” Customer Service ” to India, Pakistan and god only knows what other third world country . Nobody can understand what the hell they are saying and just give up. It is not worth the frustration, and that is the way it is designed.
    But , no customer service employees want to work for 50 cents an hour either , so , thats what you get .

    I lived in Chicago and St Louis and traveled by air for 25 years, most of it very enjoyable . Now, unless I had to have a heart transplant and the only way I could get it was fly there, it is the only reason I would get on a US Carrier .
    Kicking and screamng . Well, I could probably not kick too much as there is not enough room for that .

    Not only do you have to pay for your ticket, where the price changes every hour ! . One now pays for luggage, earphones, blankets/pillows, soda and snacks, ticket change fees and internet fees . I’am waiting for restroom fees, which is probably right around the corner . For the price of the flight and the added extras, one could have a pretty good time just staying at home ….
    Do you really need to see mom and dad that bad ?

    Iam 63, and just old enough to remember when it was fun to travel by air . Heck, the planes still had props then and you could park right out front and walk right to the gate at Midway and even O Hare, as with most of the airports then . Now, I look into the airport at the mile long lines and just get back in the car. I don’t need to see anybody that bad .

    The traveling public is not much better . Most eveybody these days are rude and inconsiderate . Its a what is in it for ME, world, which I guess is what is happening to all of us . ME first , then YOU . Meals served on trays with china and silverwear have been replaced by everyone bringing on chinese, pizza’s and sub sandwiches , then stuffing all the trash in the seat pocket or just tossing it on the floor like a baseball game .

    I don’t normally comment on issues, but, I think it does good for one to vent once in awhile . Of the top 10 Airlines I would have to rank Spirit #10 .
    Not that the difference between 1 and 10 is all that much mind you. They seem to however have gone out of their way to upset most of their customers. One can only hope they will join the ranks of North Central, Ozark, TWA, Branniff, PSA, Pan-Am, Eastern and others, and just have the good sense to merge or go out of business .Putting us out of our misery ..

    If you absolutely have to fly somewhere, Take Singapore Airlines they are by far the best and it will give you insight into what flying was like back in the 50′s

    Thanks for letting me vent .

  99. Spirit Airlines to charge fees for carry-on bags AND checked luggage | Upgrade: Travel Better Says:

    [...] his customers the bird – Consumer victory: Spirit reverses its “web convenience fee” – Is Spirit Airlines’ new club worth joining? Categorized in: Spirit Airlines, luggage No CommentsSHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: "Spirit Airlines [...]

  100. slp904 Says:

    It all goes back to “you get what you PAY for”. Period
    I just booked a flight with Spirit and saved like $250 for 2 ppl over the other airlines. Had to join their club but I’ll see. Was worth it given such a stringent budget these days.

  101. Martha Says:

    What about using the $9 Fare Club during prime time such as President’s Weekend in February?

    Is it worth joining for this? We want to go Detroit to Fort Lauderdale Feb 19th to the 26th 2011.

  102. toomuchtoosoon Says:

    a simple YES or NO would suffice

  103. randy Says:

    I fly on Spirit about 10 times per year for the last three years, all through the $9 Fare Club. I have never had a problem, flights have always taken off on time (or earlier!!). Only twice was there a weather related problem that stalled us half an hour only. I have had much worse service from American and United.

    I have recommended the Fare Club to everyone I meet. Some have taken up the offer and are very happy with the service.

    THANK YOU, Spirit!

  104. joe pitts Says:

    “Balot”, often spelled “Balut” in the Philippines is a fertized egg that is sold as “street food”. Can be consideered as an “immature chicken”.

  105. Jenugi Says:

    I joined the $9 club and really wish I hadn’t. The fares are not any less than other airlines and their customer service is awful. I would not recommend flying SpiritAir to any one. There are many other airlines with much better customer service and same prices.

  106. Jim Patton Says:

    ON Sept. 28 my wife and I flew Detroit to Tampa round trip for $29.00 each way. BY the time you pay taxes, seat assignments, and carry-on fees it cost us $320.00. Other airline had the same trip for $300.00 and no extra fees.. Also we had two carry-ons but in Detroit we paid $60.00 and in Tampa they only charged us $30.00 for the same two carry-ons. A woman in Detoit was teling people if they jioned the $9 club their carry-ons would cost less but not ours. All in all it was a very disappointment.

  107. James Stalikas Says:

    I like to join help me get started please thank you James Stalikas

  108. David Weddell Says:

    The $9 club actually costs $59.95 to join. So I spent $60 to save $20 on carry-on ($10 each way). Canceled membership and they can stick the $59.95 up their ass one penny at a time.

  109. Barbara Thaxton Says:

    What can you do for me on a flight to Ft. Lauderdale, FL on 5/11/11 and returning on 5/17/11 to Myrtle Beach if I join your $9 club. What is available. Thanks,

  110. pam rodriguez Says:

    I joined the $9 fare club that promised inexpensive fares from Spirit. Well yes they do offer them but NEVER from the Latrobe airport to any airport. When I reported it they said that I had the chance to NOT buy. I told I was not given any idea that the fares would not be from my local airport. Why would I buy it if I couldnt use it? I will just chock it up as lesson learned.

  111. Lisa Says:

    Spirit Club is called $9 fare Club it is $59.95 to join as far as I know now. My son and I both joined and never had any issue with it.
    If you go to the correct site and join which is the following site:


    My personal opinion, the club is awesome if you fly often.
    My son has an audio music business, He flies often., He has flown for $19.00 round trip to Massachusetts to NJ
    His friend has flown for $20.00 round trip from Mass to NJ

    Orlando Fla to NJ $113.00 round trip
    this is in MAY!
    My mothers friend went to North Carolina with her son
    round trip Hotel and Airfare from NJ for $253.00 for 5 days!

    they even have special last minute vacations, other all inclusive deals, rental car deals, hotel discounts and all types of things,
    So all you skeptics out there that are afraid to look into things…
    This is worth it. I did it, I still am a member, My son is still a member, I am planning on renewing my membership, even though I became a member at $39.95 and its now $59.95 I am still renewing my membership,, its worth it!~!!

    Its not bullshit,.. Look into it before you ask for refunds people..
    it just may be worth more than your $29.95??

  112. Lisa Says:

    Is all everyone does anymore is complain??? Does anyone look at anything good in their life? or just the bad parts… Maybe people should start looking at what they DO HAVE and not what THEY DO NOT have… The world would be such a nicer place…,AND FLYING WOULD BE SAFER and A NICER EXPERIENCE FOR EVERYONE….
    Someone tries to do something good for people.. and all they do is complain,,,, Leave it for the people that appreciate things in life,

  113. Dave Waters Says:

    The $9 club is a rip off. It is niot any cheaper and the next year the will bill you with no notice. DON’T JOIN.

  114. Leon Magill Says:

    Spirit bills you for a $9 club renewal on a Saturday and it gets posted on your Amex account on Monday and when you call to cancel they say you had to call within a 24 hour period. Pretty cool! It’s like they have their hand on your wallet and are taking out the bills. Then to be friendly, they offer you a credit that has to be used within 60 days. Not good since I have no plans to fly within 60 days. And to top it all, American Express makes a deal with these gonifs not to allow any disputes/Inquires about the charge. This is the first time that I have heard of Amex making a deal with the devil for a few dollars of business. How sad!!!!

  115. Sam Says:

    I canceled my card yesterday, and was expecting to speak with a foreign person, but it was easy, and the lady was very kind. It was very easy to cancel my card.

  116. parc rosewood Says:

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  118. Harriet Chambers Says:

    Don’t do it. I did it last year and it is a scam. I purchased 2 rt tickets to mexico. Thier cheap ticket was more than Delta by the time they add a charge for everything, down to seat selection and $35 for your carry on. In addition, they advised me that I would be contacted to see if I wanted to renew. Another lie. I saw it posted as a future payment by my bank and went to thier web site and followed the steps to cancel the day before it was to be renewed. There is no way to determine if it went through and no way to sent a note to customer svc. I chd it the next morning to confirm and then rentered it just make sure. Then the next day did the same. Now they say too bad we did not process it till the day it was due so no refund. Now we cancelled it in the early hours of the day it was due, took your money then cancelled your membership and no refunds. So i paid $59.95 for 4 hours of thier $9. fare club. This is a scam. You will be on hold forever and then try to deal with someone who barely speaks English. Run away, use another airline,

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