car cut in half Hertz introduces half day car rentals

Everyone is ga-ga for the urban car-sharing services that have crossed into the mainstream. Now Hertz is fighting back with shorter rental terms at its European locations.

It will now be possible to hire a car for three or six hours for short day trips, or nine hours for overnight trips.

A Hertz survey revealed that 61 per cent of travellers would be more likely to hire a car if they did not have to rent it for a full 24 hours.

The new service – Hertz 369 – is available at over 1,200 city and airport locations across Europe, including Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland and the UK.

Why am I reminded of that unfortunate motel experience in 1998, when the front desk clerk asked, “You gonna need the room the whole night?” Why yes, yes we did. But I digress.

This isn’t Hertz’s descent into the equivalent of a seedy motel. This is a good thing.

You might be surprised that a full 61% of travelers don’t want to rent a car a full day. But consider parking expenses and hassle in center-city European cities, and it becomes more plausible. Consider, too, that you could use a short-term rental car to shuttle yourself to the airport, and it makes even more sense.

Of course, it all comes down to rates. But this is a welcome option.


pixel Hertz introduces half day car rentals
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5 Responses to “Hertz introduces half-day car rentals”

  1. Oliver Says:

    I’d *love* to see those part-of-a-day rentals here in the US. Why? Your suggestion about shuttling yourself to the airport is the reason. I often rent a car from a nearby Hertz Local Edition and drive myself to the airport. It’s insignificantly more expensive than a cab, and I have had more than my share of late/non-arriving cabs and airport shuttles to not want to ever rely on them again.

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  3. Cyprus Chick Says:


    I would love to see you introduce part day hire also. I often rent cars and really do not need for as long as i pay for, so would be a great customer attraction!

  4. Kellie Says:

    It will be a great way to hire, as said above for Airport transfers, as often this is all you require it for.

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