no furbies on board Great moments in airline signage: No Furby on board

Longtime readers know that I have an affection for odd and amusing signage, especially from planes. (Willie Wonka safety card, anyone?)

This great sign apparently comes to us from Qantas in 2007. Your Furby can bring down the plane!!!


pixel Great moments in airline signage: No Furby on board
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4 Responses to “Great moments in airline signage: No Furby on board”

  1. Joe Says:

    I actually took the same picture 4 years ago when I was in Australia on a flight from Sydney and Cairns. To this day it still cracks me up.

  2. Nordic Traveller Says:

    That is excellent. Is it a hoax that someone stuck there or has Qantas got a GSOH ?

    As you like signage you might want to look at this video of funny hotel signs I found.


    Seems a bit “fake” though, what do you reckon ?

  3. ptahcha Says:

    I think that was added with the furby craze. I believe they do have wireless transmitters built in so the furbys can “talk” to each other.

  4. somebody Says:

    That’s a bit of a myth, it’s actually because you can’t have (any) electronic devices operating during take-off and landing as a part of international aviation standards.. Ferbies need to have their batteries removed to be turned off, and to do this you need a screwdriver, which cannot be taken on board, thus Ferbie cannot fly.

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