Tired of people with elite status boarding before you, or getting into separate security lines? Wish you could get double miles on every flight, and your very own extra-special customer service phone number that routes you to the same Indian call center as everyone else, but with a separate greeting? Want to get on the loyalty train while others are getting off? Upset that you’re not getting blamed by travel writers for ruining air travel? Well, you might just be in luck.

MileMaven.com‘s Boaz Shmueli writes in to offer up an interesting offer on United: Free Premier Executive status. Free. No flying 50,000 miles. No “challenges.” Just… free. But there’s no guarantee this will work: The offer may be targeted. Still, the worst you can end up doing is entering your account number on a website. Big whoop. Why not try it? Just do it by June 30.

Premier Executive is the middle tier of elite status on the airline. It offers Star Alliance Gold privileges (free lounge access anytime you fly internationally), a (pointless) “priority” tag attached to any checked luggage you might have, free Economy Plus seating, midrange rank on the upgrade list, and a number of smaller benefits (such as reduced fees) that could add up over time if you fly enough. See here for the full description of the status.

Act quickly.

pixel Get United Premier Executive status for free?
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16 Responses to “Get United Premier Executive status for free?”

  1. Megan Says:

    The big question– how you tell whether it’s worked or not. I get a “thank you for registering,” but no confirmation, even on the profile page.

    Still, useful tip if it works!

  2. Craig Says:

    How pointless is the priority tag you ask? That tag seems to have contributed to having my bags “delayed” the last two times I’ve flown United from Denver to BWI with my family. The first time it was 1 item out of 5, the second it was 3 out of 5, including a car seat and stroller. Both times we received all our items that didn’t get the priority tag because they had my wife’s name on them instead of mine. At least as a Premier Exec and a Premier Associate we haven’t had to pay any baggage fees for the privilege of having our items lost.

  3. Mark Ashley Says:

    Megan, that’s an unfortunate kink in the united.com promotion registration system. They’ll let you sign up for just about anything, but they’ll determine eligibility later.

    Craig, sorry to hear about the tag working the opposite effect. My “priority”-tagged suitcase was one of the very last to arrive on the conveyor belt upon arrival at Charlotte a few weeks ago, traveling on US Airways. At least it wasn’t lost, but it hardly had any “priority.” Of all the features of elite status, I think the tag may be the silliest.

  4. Jet Set Life Says:

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  5. Lee Says:

    If they lose your luggage, do you get a refund in your checked baggage fee?

  6. Randall Shirley Says:

    I’ve submitted as well, Megan…same result. I’m just about to book a substantial foreign ticket, and if UA gives me the status I’ll fly them. Question now is: how will I know? I suppose they’ll email me.

    Anyone else had luck getting this status?

  7. Mark Ashley Says:

    It is not likely to appear as confirmed until the registration phase is over, so I wouldn’t plan to peek at your account to see if you got the status until July 1. Even then, who knows when it will hit the account. I wouldn’t let this promotion determine your airline choice if you’re buying something this week, frankly.

  8. Mark Says:

    I’m going to have to throw a bit of water on this. As a United Million Miler, I literally flew my a.. off to obtain PE status. Now, (and with all due respect) they are letting any shmo have PE status??? Does this mean every shopping bag toting, stroller pushing, lap baby carrying person on the face of the planet will have the same benefits as, well, as me???? HOLY SCHNEIKIES!!!

    Furthermore, I doubt sincerely that UA is going to give the vast unwashed masses (again, with all due respect) DOUBLE MILES and allow them to check three 70 pound bags for no fee. Not to mention club access on international flights etc., etc., etc. If this works, there will be more people in the premium queue at LAX terminal 7 than the “regular” queue.

    That being said, I signed up my mom, my daughter, my girlfriend, my ex-wife, both of my sons, my dog and my cat.

    Good luck to all of us.

  9. Tony Says:

    Mark Dude, this isn’t the first time that an Airline has done this. Because of my Timeshare, NW gave me GOLD status back in 2005 and have been GOLD ever since. AA did the same thing, but with AA you had to travel 2 RT FC to get the Platinum status. So please do not get all bent out of shape over this…

  10. Dan Says:

    Has anyone verified whether this ultimately worked or not? Thanks.

  11. peter Says:

    i was able to simply take a printout of my mileage plus number being entered into the promo and show that to the customer service agents and gate attendants at the airports i was travelling thru and they put me in eco. plus for free, haven’t had the stupid thing actually credited to my account yet tho.

  12. Tony Says:

    I was deined the upgrade, I wasn’t given a reason. But I had called United Mileage plus 2 days before my flights and told that my account would be upgaded 2 weeks from the date I signed up, that would haev been July 9th, my flights were July 11th… I have made a copy of the web page and what I was told by the Mileage plus person… I haven’t heard anyone else who got this upgrade. Since I signed up, i have booked 10 RT flights on United…..

  13. JIm Says:

    It did not work for me. In fact, I wonder if it contributed to my status drop from Premiere to NO STATUS which happened about a month later. My status has been restored to Premiere just as mysteriously which I appreciate for the legroom in Economy Plus.

    I can confirm that registration using this promotion DID NOT get me PE status.

  14. Chuck Says:

    Well they just GAVE PE to a co worker for three months to “try” What the Heck. I have flown my butt off to get it and already flown 42 flights this year trying to get 1k this year. If this is the case I guess i find another airline….

  15. Guitar Pick Gal Chrystal Says:

    It would be great to get the upgrade. Kind of too good to be true. I will try it. Hopefully it will work! Thanks for the tip.

  16. Akiy Says:

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