abbott hotel Free hotel stays for community service? Read the fine print.A neat gimmick, but a gimmick nonetheless: Sage Hospitality, which owns a range of individual hotels across different brands, is encouraging people to perform a full day’s work for a charitable organization, in return for either a free night or a 50% off voucher.

But the Sage site makes pretty clear that you’re not guaranteed much of anything:

Complete 8 hours of volunteer service to a registered 501(c)3 non profit organization to qualify to receive 50% off the published room rate — or maybe a complimentary night (limited availability).

To qualify to receive maybe a complimentary night? What, were their fingers crossed behind their backs when they wrote this?

Maybe I’m just a curmudgeon, but if a hotel company is going to promote public service, they should have a more straightforward way of “rewarding” that service.

But if you read news reports, you’d get a very different view of the offer. Take the Associated Press. How could they so completely swallow the PR on this? In the AP’s report, they only tout the free night. There’s no mention of the 50% off voucher option.

Hotels in the mix include the Sheraton Tempe, the Courtyard Monrovia, Courtyard San Diego, Homewood Suites Brisbane, Courtyard Denver, Hilton Garden Inn Denver, Residence Inn Denver, Hilton Garden Inn Orlando, Doubletree Atlanta, Sheraton Chicago NW; Courtyard Brighton, Detroit, Fairfield Inn Duluth, Sheraton Kansas City, Holiday Inn Omaha, Fairfield Inn Las Vegas, Marriott Charlotte, Fairfield Inn Cincinnati North, Courtyard Portland (Oregon), Renaissance Pittsburgh, Renaissance Providence, and Residence Inn Milwaukee.


pixel Free hotel stays for community service? Read the fine print.
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    “Free” hotel stays for community service? Read the fine print.

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