It’s been a rough day. A rough week, and it’s only halfway over. (And while I may whine and moan, if you’ve had the misfortune of trying to have Europe on your itinerary, it’s been even rougher.)

So here, cheer up. Have a clip of Stephen Colbert, on the subject of airline fees.

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Ryanair Charges for Toilets
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pixel Colbert on airline fees: The golden age of wallet sodomy
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6 Responses to “Colbert on airline fees: “The golden age of wallet sodomy””

  1. T. Thema Martin Says:

    Colbert is exactly on point. It is unfortunate that the airline industry has come to this point. More and more people are looking into private air travel over first-class travel on a commercial plane.

    T. Thema Martin
    Editor, Savionaire
    Refined Single Living On The Go

  2. LongTimeObserver Says:

    Airline managers aren’t happy until passengers aren’t happy.

    The beatings will stop when morale improves.

  3. Spencer Spellman Says:

    This is further reason why I love Colbert! It really is a tragedy when Congress is having to get involved with airline fees. It was a tragedy when they got involved in baseball and a tragedy with this. Yes, airlines did lower prices during the economy bust, but they tried to offset it with fees, and it’s failed miserably.

  4. mayg_ (Maria Garcia) Says:

    Twitter Comment

    Funny but sadly true

  5. Chad Says:

    “Gaugosphere” – Always good for a smile! As far as paying to use the bathroom, that’s how a lot of Europeans do public bathrooms, so that’s sort of a natural extension of how they do it already.

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