westin Buy two nights get one free at WestinIt’s another hotel offer that’s worth checking out: Westin is offering a free third night with a two-night stay. Their third night free offer is valid for stays through December 31, 2009, and the rules state that it’s available at all Westin properties worldwide.

Normally, I’m skeptical of these deals, because it’s often hard to find availability for the dates and locations you really want. But I just ran a few searches myself, and found good deals at properties in Berlin, Tucson, and Los Cabos. Then again, I had no luck finding rooms available through this offer at any property and date combination I searched for anywhere in California. Your mileage may vary, of course, but it’s definitely worth checking out.

Hat tip to Julia Bainbridge writing on Wendy Perrin’s page over at Conde Nast.


pixel Buy two nights get one free at Westin
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  1. PerrinPost (Wendy Perrin) Says:

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    @UpgradeTravel Glad you liked the Westin 3rd-night-free deal. [link to post] Trust me, at @perrinpost we always check rm availability.

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  2. juliabainbridge (Julia Bainbridge) Says:

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    And a curtsy to you RT @upgradetravel New post: Buy two nights get one free at Westin [link to post]

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  3. Oliver Says:

    The article you point to says “This deal applies at all Westin properties worldwide” but when I tried a property in Japan, the booking engine told me the promo code was invalid and just quoted the regular price.

  4. Mark Ashley Says:

    Oliver, in their defense, the CNT post also adds a caveat, “The rates for the nights you pay for are based on availability and demand.” I also didn’t find any availability in Tokyo when I just checked now. (I didn’t check other Japanese cities.) And as indicated in my post, there was no availability for dates/properties that I checked in several locations in California.

    I’d file this under “worth checking, but not banking on.”

    I heard from one reader who booked the deal in Tucson, after seeing my explicit mention of that property.

    If anyone books a room at this offer, feel free to leave a comment stating the location and rate.

  5. mikey Says:

    I’m planning and end-of-August trip to San Francisco, and there are plenty of options for me at both SF Westins. $199 per night (for the first two nights) at the Westin SF Market Street, and $219 per night at the Westin St Francis. The terms say that for arrivals on Th/Fri/Sat, the third night is free, so it may not work for arrivals on other days of the week.

  6. oliver Says:

    I guess I’d expect an error other than ‘code invalid’ if there is no availability for a certain hotel on certain dates…

  7. India Delhi Hotels Says:

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  8. Rich Says:

    I tried Florida area and only found stay 3 nights and the 4th is free.

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