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emergency exit An upgrade... to the exit row?

Reader David writes in:

Did I miss the memo or is this old news? As plat elite on CO I got an email yesterday on my blackberry alerting me that I was upgraded on my IAH-LGA flight today. I didn’t read the details, but an upgrade to First is always welcome. Upon check in, and re-examination of the email, I was “upgraded” to the exit row! It’s nice but it’s not a real upgrade, is it? How long have they been sending these “upgrade” emails out?

News to me! It’s the first I’ve heard of this, but if readers have had similar experiences, I invite them to share their story in the comments.

Exit rows are generally nice, for the extra legroom, though some travelers dislike that the seats sometimes don’t recline. And they are an improvement, though not technically upgrades according to Continental’s own chart. They should count under the “preferred economy seating” benefit for elites. But that’s still not an upgrade.

I’ve sent a note to Continental media relations, requesting official comment, but it has gone unanswered. Is this a trend? Is it a goof? If they offer an explanation, I’ll post it here.


pixel An upgrade... to the exit row?

2 Responses to “An upgrade… to the exit row?”

  1. Tony Says:

    Yeah, this is lame. I prefer exit rows, but often times I have to weigh the pro with the cons. Pro is extra legroom. Cons are no recline on first row of double exit row, armrests do not raise, seat cushions are often thinner/harder, the row is often colder, sometimes missing (or mini) wall-side armrests, and sometimes do not have window shades. These are all documented on seatguru.com (no affiliation).

  2. CJ Guest Says:

    As someone who’s 6’6″, the exit row is definitely a upgrade for me on flights over two hours. In fact, I often angle for this coveted row, as it’s a great way to save money, by not upgrading to business class, while still saving my legs. The trade-offs to sitting in the exit row are more than welcomed!

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