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a380 at chicago ohare 1 Airbus A380 at Chicago OHare

I’m back from vacation, tanned, rested, and ready. Thanks to Tyler Colman, a.k.a. Dr. Vino, for minding the store in my absence, and for guest-posting earlier today. (And, as an aside, congrats to him for his James Beard Award nomination!)

I returned to Chicago just in time to catch a glimpse of the behemoth Airbus A380 at O’Hare. Airbus and Lufthansa have been taking it on tour. Sadly, I arrived at 4:30pm and was unable to get the interior tour, but I snapped a few exterior photos. They’re not the greatest pictures, but what the heck.

The photo above was taken from my seat onboard a comparatively wimpy little Boeing 737, right after landing. We taxied right past the mega-jet after touching down. I have to admit, it’s really impressive when you see the plane in person. There was a 747 nearby, and it looked small.

And yes, being a dork, I took the train to the long-term parking lot and back to the terminal to try to get another glimpse.

More photos after the jump. Click “more” to see them.

a380 at chicago ohare 2 Airbus A380 at Chicago OHareView from the inter-terminal ATS

a380 at chicago ohare 3 Airbus A380 at Chicago OHareAnother view from my flight

a380 at chicago ohare 4 Airbus A380 at Chicago OHareI like this shot to give perspective on just how HUGE this plane is. Look at the size of that tail, all that distance away. Those rental cars look tiny in comparison…

a380 at chicago ohare 5 Airbus A380 at Chicago OHare

a380 at chicago ohare 6 Airbus A380 at Chicago OHareMedia and VIP buses parked at the plane.

a380 at chicago ohare 7 Airbus A380 at Chicago OHareIt’s a big tail.

pixel Airbus A380 at Chicago OHare
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  2. Oliver Says:

    I saw the same aircraft from the runway on Monday morning in FRA during a 3 hr layover. Impressive. Unfortunately they wouldn’t let me on the viewing deck right above the parked plane (private party), so I took the train between terminals 1 and 2 back and forth hoping to get a glimpse of the departing aircraft. Alas, I missed it somehow.

  3. Turd Ferguson Says:

    They’re making a big deal of this coming to LAX and JFK this monday, and we already had the sucker here a month ago. Wish I coulda seen it, though. I didn’t even know that O’Hare was capable of handling the A380, wonder when we will see regular passenger service of it over here…

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  5. Becky Sukkau Says:

    What a majestic bird!!! What I would do to fly on a A380 Airbus. I was so amaized that it could even take off the ground. Sure I understand that the A380 holds more passengers but if it ever crashed… my God my God. That is the only thing that concernes me.
    May the A380 never have a bad day. If it ever did, my God have mercy on the souls that built it. The new bird may be amazing in all it’s glory but lets not forget that human life is more valuble.
    So when can I have a try out on the metal eagle that moves me so? I want to fly first class all the way to any were.
    God speed!!!

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  8. Willie Anderson Says:

    when will the airbus a380 start flying out of Ohara airport in chicago

  9. Willie Anderson Says:

    I saw the a380 when it came to Chicago once before, I would like see it at the next air show , please let me know when it will be shon again : Thank you Verry Much .

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