air asia AirAsia: 1,000,000 free tickets within Asia

Discount carrier Air Asia has a new promo: They’re giving away 1 million tickets for flights within the region. It looks like it’s available on most every route right now, including major routes like Bangkok-Singapore.

Of course, taxes come on top of this, but it’s still really cheap. For the BKK-SIN route, I found “free” seats that came to 1450 baht total, or about US$40 roundtrip. Hard to beat.

Click here for the promo page. Book by January 19, fly between April 1 and October 27, 2007.

UPDATE: For the November 2008 free ticket offer, see here.


pixel AirAsia: 1,000,000 free tickets within Asia
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7 Responses to “AirAsia: 1,000,000 free tickets within Asia”

  1. Csenterisna karo karo Says:

    Mau tau cara pesan tiket free!

  2. Angelo Ciavarella Says:

    Want to plan a family trip to phuket from melbourne, then return flight to Bangkok and back to melbourne.
    dates: 6th Jan-18th Jan in Phuket
    18th -21st in Bangkok.
    return to melbounre 21st.

  3. elizabeth arthur Says:

    what a wonderfull opportunity we have beeen given I would love to have this break with my family because of the year it has ben for them i have cared for my friend and children through chemo .the colapse of their busines 2 deaths and a number of minor happenings
    this an opportunty to meet with my finish family as well
    i love k.L and that part of the world …the lovely shopping sight seeing and closeness to veitnam
    i really just wish for the people who do go the very best and to really enjoy their trip
    Thank you for this wonderous opportunity liz
    my email is … lighthouse@doggy.com.au

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  5. Gladys Fernandez Says:

    I look forward to this free flight to Kota Kinnabalu. I want to spend some time with my sister and nieces. I have just lost my husband to pancreatitis,in August. It has been a very traumatic time to cope with my life, without my husband.
    My sister and neices suggest, what a blessing, we can spend time together,forgetting work,family and the dead. Just be ourselves on holiday.

    thank you,

    Gladys Fernandez.

  6. haliza hamed Says:

    ianya akan menjadi suatu percutian yang sangat indah jika dapat membawa anak2 dan suami ke Kota Kinabalu pada hujung tahun ini setelah berada di dalam kesakitan puluhan tahun ini. Semoga Allah mengurniakan kesihatan, keselamatan dan kesejahteraan buat kami sekeluarga juga orang-orang yang dikenali….

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