Upgrade: Travel Better is written by Mark Ashley, a writer and frequent traveler who lives by the blog’s motto of “Living the first class life, at coach prices.”

The site provides news, travel tips, and commentary on happenings and trends in the travel industry for the traveler looking to maximize comfort, style, and convenience, while getting a great deal. It is not a travelogue or traditional travel writing per se. The blog focuses primarily on the mechanics of travel, seen from a consumer’s point of view.

The site operates under a pretty strict code of ethics, which you are encouraged to read, along with our privacy policy.

For those seeking out my travel-related writings in dead-tree format: I’ve contributed travel articles to National Geographic Traveler and FastCompany. I’ve also written for Consumerist.com (now a subsidiary of Consumer Reports).

This blog began in February 2006 at the urging of friends, who felt that my travel and deal-finding experience needed a web presence. I do not work in the travel industry (though I had a brief stint in the hospitality business many years ago.)

My own travel is a blend of business and pleasure. While I travel frequently, and have traveled extensively all my life, others certainly travel more than I do. (My first international flight was as a baby. I clocked about 75,000 miles on planes last year.)

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