2008 travvies 160square 2008 Travvies Nominations: Best Single Author Travel BlogBEST SINGLE-AUTHOR TRAVEL BLOG

This award celebrates the best travel blog written by an individual blogger. Again, the topic is open, as long as there is only one regular poster.

You may nominate UP TO THREE BLOGS by leaving a comment in this post. (Click here to do so.) If your favorite has been nominated already, feel free to show your love and nominate it again, though a blog only needs to be nominated once to be in contention.

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121 Responses to “2008 Travvies Nominations: Best Single-Author Travel Blog”

  1. Andy Beal Says:

    Nominating: Sheila at http://www.GoVisitHawaii.com (Go Visit Hawaii).

  2. Cranky Flier Says:

    Elliott.org – http://www.elliott.org/

    Killing Batteries – http://killingbatteries.com/

    Cranky Flier (my blog) – http://crankyflier.com/

  3. xj47 Says:

    I nominate Lucky’s One Mile at a Time:


  4. BRog Says:

    I agree – Cranky is the best!

  5. FortFun Says:

    I agree with xj47. Lucky rules.

  6. Frog Man Says:

    Another nod to the cranky flier. He is the crankiest.

  7. Deniz Says:

    I also nominate aop at foxnomad.com!

  8. Peter Pop Says:

    http://www.OnLineTravelReview.com gets my vote for single author…its funny and informative

  9. Karen Bryan Says:

    I nominate Travel Rants
    as Darren Cronian is on only independent blogger in the UK covering travel consumers issues.

  10. Sean O'Neill Says:

    Because some great blogs have already been nominated, such as The Cranky Flier, I nominate:

    Sheila Beal’s Go Visit Hawaii

    Tim Leffel’s Cheapest Destinations blog http://travel.booklocker.com/

    Pret a Voyager (travel through a designer’s eyes) http://pretavoyager.blogspot.com

    honorary mention–but not an nomination because it no longer exists–for Joe Brancatelli’s Summer of Our Discontent blog, which was an inspired labor of love (and anger)

  11. doug Says:

    Jared at:


    It’s the best single author travel blog I read.

  12. Ken Says:

    Since Cranky has already been nominated, how about:

    1 – Today in the Sky

    2 – View From the Wing

    3 – How To Travel

  13. Nathan D Says:

    Everything Everywhere Travel Blog (Gary Arndt): http://everything-everywhere.com

  14. Greg N Says:

    Best single author nominees:
    Online Travel Review and Today in the Sky.
    OTR because Jared Blank’s writing style is witty, he entertains and consistently posts fresh material. Today, for Ben Mutzabaugh’s ability to create dialog and he educates readers on aviation issues.

  15. BW Says:

    Check out VisitTheCoqui a site dedicated to the jewel of the Caribbean – Puerto Rico

  16. Tripster Says:

    I also nominate Gary at http://www.everything-everywhere.com.

  17. Scott S Says:

    Cranky is consistently the most interesting and informative. It is also extremely light-hearted (considering the name of the blog) and well written.

  18. Scott S Says:

    Cranky rules.

  19. Toby Says:

    I nominate Up Front with Tim Winship
    One of the leading Frequent Flyer experts.


  20. Marc Says:

    OnlineTravelReview.com – Very concise but comprehensive site with useful information delivered with a good dose of humor and common sense.

  21. Claire Walter Says:

    elliott.org and crankyflier.com are worthy indeed, but so — I say humbly — is my http://travel-babel.blogspot.com. I combine consumer- and issue-oriented, news and experiential posts and try to be mostly useful and a little bit snarky.

  22. Steven Lesser Says:

    Cranky flier gets my nomination

  23. Lee Harrison (Owner Select World Travel, UK) Says:

    by Tanya Trevor Saunders
    What is life really like living in Kenya? This is an outstanding Blog with some amazing Photography.

    Sticking up for our fellow Brits and also my competitor in the Travolution Magazine ( UK based Magazine part of Travel Weekly) Blog awards 2008, and yes we are both finalists for having the best UK ConsumerBlog, so hopefuly we both have some pedigree on this side of the pond.
    Darren Cronian for Travel Rants
    and also myself, Lee Harrison for destination essentials at

  24. Avi Greengart Says:

    I start my day with Online Travel View (http://boardingarea.com/blogs/onlinetravelreview), Jared Blank’s wonderfully eclectic take on travel news, analysis, and humor.

  25. Joe Says:

    I nominate Online Travel Review too. Jared has a particularly interesting perspective on this always interesting industry.

  26. bujur Says:

    I nominate AOP: foxnomad.com

  27. The King Says:

    Cranky Flier gets my vote

  28. Ralph Says:

    Jared rocks the airline world.

  29. Alyce Barry Says:

    I nominate Travel Babel (Claire Walter) at http://travel-babel.blogspot.com. Awesome use of photos, intelligent commentary, fun to read.

  30. Rosemary C Says:

    http://travel-babel.blogspot.com is a constant pleasure–a combination of practical information and the fun of reading about an experienced and intrepid traveler’s adventures. It’s reliable in content, written by a travel writer of many years, and new posts appear almost daily to keep you coming back!

  31. Nominate your favourite travel blogs : Tips from the T-List Says:

    [...] Best Single-Author Travel Blog [...]

  32. Jody B. Says:

    I nominate Travel Babel (http://travel-babel.blogspot.com), Claire Walter’s interesting, informative, and well-written blog on domestic and international travel.

  33. Melanie Mulhall Says:

    I nominate Claire Walter and her site, http://travel-babel.blogspot.com. This site is intelligent, hip, informative, and fun. Doesn’t get any better than that!

  34. Nick Green Says:

    The best – witty, pithy and to the point! Great 5 minute read every morning

  35. Margaret Pevec Says:

    I nominate Claire Walter and her blog at http://travel-babel.blogspot.com for consistently interesting content!

  36. Susie Says:

    I nominate a phenomenal writer and adventurer, Scott Woz :)

  37. Susie Says:

    who’s website didn’t show up when I submitted my comment :( ………

  38. Dana Laursen Says:

    Love the intelligent conversation style of this blog. travel-babel.blogstop.com

  39. Kirsten Says:

    I love the CrankyFlier

  40. dave evans Says:

    has to be Gary Leff of View From the Wing.

    As well, i recently stumbled across another blog on the BoardingArea.com site called One Mile At a Time by someone named lucky and it’s really well-written.

    And Upgrade, i really like your stuff on the Boarding Area as well, wish you could excuse yourself for a vote.

  41. Raj Says:

    I’d like to nominate Escape From New York


  42. Tom Says:



    Change Your Socks, Change Your Attitude

  43. Mary Golden Says:

    Claire Walter’s sites are quite informative, fun and useful!

  44. Martyna Says:

    I’m nominating a fairly new blog from the UK
    Lost Weekend
    as well as one I’m quite surprised hasn’t already been mentioned Vagabondish

  45. DJ Says:

    I’d sheepishly like to nominate my own blog – http://www.travelpod.com/members/djchurch

    I’ve been on the road for about two years, with about two years to go (money and body permitting).

    I used to be a high school teacher in History, Anthropology, and GeoPolitics. As a result my writing tends to be either thoughtful pieces on the cultures and countries i visit (the teacher part) or smart ass, self humiliating pieces about me being an idiot (the high school part). Unsurprisingly, the humiliating pieces have no problem keeping track with the “serious” pieces.

    The better writing seems be from Africa onwards (according to my fans – well, a friend I paid to say he was a fan).

  46. ris Says:

    nominating gary: http://everything-everywhere.com/ for best travel blog by a single person.

  47. Tanya Says:

    Delighted to see my Kenya Wilderness Diary blog nominated here


    Thanks Lee!

    I’d also like to nominate

  48. Happy Hotelier Says:

    How about

  49. Kathy Kaiser Says:

    I vote for Claire Walter’s travel blog http://travel-babel.blogspot.com.

  50. Karen Robbins Says:

    Love the site! Great images and the stories are always entertaining. I nominate Escape From New York!


  51. Tim Says:

    The Practical Travel Gear blog, cause we’ve got to pack and wear something too.

  52. Hulya Polat Says:

    I nominate http://www.foxnomad.com
    It is informative and funny and covers all over the world!

  53. Happy Hotelier Says:

    Like to nominate A Luxury Travel Blog

    A Luxury Travel Blog

  54. Mike Says:

    I’d like highly recommend http://frugaltravelguy.blogspot.com/ it’s full of great travel money savings tips hacks!

  55. travel hag Says:

    Tho he has already been nominated, I also must jump on the bandwagon and throw support to Cranky!

  56. Killing Batteries » Travvies nomination time Says:

    [...] Best Travel Blog Best Single-Author Travel Blog [...]

  57. J.R. Says:

    Here’s to Killing Batteries once again!

  58. Aidan Mc Carron Says:

    Killing Batteries – http://killingbatteries.com/

  59. Cecilie Says:

    I like his “The definitive guide to airport and airplane etiquette.”

  60. Wendy Perrin Says:

    Since nobody seems to have nominated them yet and they deserve a little recognition:

    Rick Seaney

    Don’s Place

    Musings of the Global Traveller http://theglobaltraveller.blogspot.com/

  61. anne marie Says:


    light and killing

  62. AV Says:

    Jared’s blog continues to be clever, informative and very well written. A great read that always makes me chuckle…

  63. Jeff D Says:

    http://www.trailofants.com is a great blog by an Englishman called Ant, really well written and win or lose he deserves all the praise he gets

  64. Scott Says:

    Arthur Frommer’s travel blog at http://www.frommers.com/blog/

    Rick Steves Blog Gone Europe at http://www.ricksteves.com/blog/

  65. Dennis Deacon Says:

    The focus here is cruising, specifically small ship adventure cruises. The blog informs with the latest news, provides information on the latest promotions and presents reviews and travelogues from destinations around the world.

  66. Ava Says:

    I’d like to nominate Far & Near.

  67. Miley Says:

    I nominate Girls Gotta Travel (www.girlsgottatravel.com) and This non-American Life (www.zurika.com).
    Both blogs offer a female-centric perspective on travel, which I enjoy.

  68. Heather V Says:

    Maryam of My Marrakesh. Love this blog!!!

  69. topchamp Says:

    I was going to suggest maryam as well – but I see she has several votes already.

  70. Keith Kellett Says:

    I nominate Vivienne Mackie’s ‘Around and About with Viv’ at http://vivsworld.wordpress.com/

    And, my own ‘Travelrat’s Travels’ http//travelrat.wordpress.com

  71. Harvey Packham Says:

    I nominate Gene Pembroke – fascinating and witty.

  72. gene Says:

    i just read the rules and i guess i can’t nominate myself
    ( http://www.concierge.com/cntraveler/blogs/perrinpost/contest_win_your_dream_trip/index.html )
    you need 52 posts? i think i had 49 or something.
    and although it was started in 2007, most were in 2008 (DEC/JAN/FEB). crap.

  73. Laura Says:

    My Marrakesh is THE travel blog of blogs. Her beautiful photos and evocative writing inspire aching wanderlust and place envy and fervent vows to go and do likewise.
    Here it is: http://moroccanmaryam.typepad.com

  74. Happy Hotelier Says:

    My third nomination:

    Les Explorers: Probably the only Frenchman writing in English about travel.

  75. David Says:

    I’d like to nominate GirlSoloInArabia.com

  76. decor8 Holly Says:

    I easily nominate http://moroccanmaryam.typepad.com/my_marrakesh, this lady is amazing, her writing transports, her photography is stunning, and her passion for travel and culture couldn’t be more alive. I’ve been a readers since she launched My Marrakesh and wouldn’t know what to do if she ever stopped blogging — her voice on the web, especially in the category of travel and culture — makes a huge difference. Their are many imitators launching travel blogs but Maryam is by far the most original and inspiring.

    Holly Becker
    Founder/Editor, decor8

  77. Ben Says:

    I nominate DJ at travelpod for his travels through Africa and India.


  78. poetloverrebelspy Says:

    Looks like my earlier comment didn’t get through.

    Family Travel
    Nerd’s Eye View
    Less Than a Shoestring

    And one for next year, because she started too late to make 52 posts in 2007:
    High Culture, Low Budget

  79. Debbie Says:

    I nominate my site, http://www.deliciousbaby.com.

    I blog about traveling with kids and provide inspirational travel stories, tons of practical advice, and family friendly city guides for cities around the world.

  80. Lisa Flavin Says:

    Great hyperlocal blog – transports you to this lovely locale – great on a stressful day!

  81. Lisa Flavin Says:

    http://www.theconcordlife.com – great hyperlocal blog – transports you to this lovely locale – great on a stressful day!

  82. EPGB Says:

    informative, funny, useful to both industry insiders and just-plain-travelers


  83. Pat Stoner Says:

    TR at the Faraway, Nearby is a beautiful writer and his travel blog is stunning.


  84. ESAPB Says:

    Might as well nominate my own: Evan Sparks’s Aviation Policy Blog, http://www.evansparks.com

  85. A. Wannabe Travelwriter Says:

    Where do the married writers sign up?

    Well, since certainly no one else will-

    I nominate me, in the category as the best, trying hard, new travel humor(?) blog:


  86. Al B. Says:


    Tom Swick: Travels (it’s only a few weeks old): blogs.trb.com/travel/columnists/swick/blog/


  87. frankg Says:

    I see a lot of great travel GUIDE blogs but not too many great travel WRITING blogs, in the tradition of Tim Cahill.

    So far, http://killingbatteries.com
    seems to be the most FUN to read.

    I would love to find more like this one.