2008 travvies 160square 2008 Travvies Nominations: Best Photography on a Travel BlogBEST PHOTOGRAPHY ON A TRAVEL BLOG

Some blogs focus as much — or more — on the visuals as on the writing. This award celebrates the best in visual media on a travel blog.

You may nominate UP TO THREE BLOGS by leaving a comment in this post. (Click here to do so.) If your favorite has been nominated already, feel free to show your love and nominate it again, though a blog only needs to be nominated once to be in contention.

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pixel 2008 Travvies Nominations: Best Photography on a Travel Blog
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44 Responses to “2008 Travvies Nominations: Best Photography on a Travel Blog”

  1. Darren Cronian Says:

    I haven’t updated this for a few months (time goes too quick!!)


  2. Kira Says:

    Photos from all over, mainly with an interest in ancient history and religions:


  3. Sean O'Neill Says:

    I nominate:
    Stuck in Customs

    Daily Dose of Imagery

    The Cool Hunter
    While not strictly a destinations blog, the images of hotels and signs and clothes from destinations worldwide are amazing.

    good luck to all nominees!

  4. Amanda Says:

    I nominate two sites:

    Corporate America Runaway:

    Mom Says I’m Running Away:

  5. DJ Says:

    I humbly nominate my own site – http://www.travelpod.com/members/djchurch

    I’ve been travelling almost two years now throughout the Middle East, Africa from top to bottom, and Asia so far.

    I think the better photography happens from Tanzania and Uganda onwards when i finally managed to find a decent camera to replace my old one.

  6. Valerie Foster Says:

    http://www.galleryq.com has fantastic photography and some pretty fantastic people to boot!

  7. Paul Surniak Says:

    I nominate http://blogofdreams.com
    Two teachers in China travel and publish pics and stories stories China. They also allow others to put up photos and then donate the adwords revenue to The Library Project to build libraries in orphanages and rural villages in Asia.

  8. Ruthann Says:

    I nominate Kent Wien, an airline pilot whose blog is located at http://www.cockpitchronicles.com . His job gives him a unique vantage point that most of us could only dream of.

  9. katherine Says:

    I nominate http://blogofdreams.com

    Great photos of China that really support the articles of this blog.

  10. Richard Chen Says:

    I nominate prof. Lonnie Hodge and David DeGeest as well as the whole team behind them for their every effor in making http://blogofdreams.com the real window of China to the world.

  11. Julie Says:

    Lola Akinmade, who posts some of her photos on her blog at Matador http://matadortravel.com/travel-community/geotraveler

    and has her portfolio on her website: http://www.lemurworks.com/lola/

  12. Sunny Lu Says:

    I nominate http://blogofdreams.com
    i love photography and I am so happy to see there are so many people from different countries who use their cameras everyday to record every moment of their lives in China.

  13. Pete Carter Says:


    Because they care.

  14. Des Walsh Says:

    Me too for http://blogofdreams.com/

    The photography gives a glimpse of a more complex, culturally, naturally rich China than endless pics of The Wall, The Forbidden City etc etc. As Pete Carter says in his comment, they care. The photos show that.

  15. Terry Says:

    The Dreamblogue. The images are incredible (stunning actually) and offer a “human” perspective that reminds us China is full of wonderful people, too.


  16. Ava Says:

    I nominate Far & Near: http://www.far-and-near.com.

  17. Carolyn Says:

    My Marrakesh is the best photography travel site.

  18. Harvey Packham Says:

    I nominate Gene Pembroke – interested in all around him and it shows in his photos.

  19. Laura Says:

    The best travel and destination photographs can be found, daily, at My Marrakesh, http://morrocanmaryam.typepad.com

    That woman has an eye that won’t quit. As a painter, I find her sense of composition and color to be exquisite. She has a great gift for finding subtle and surprising subject matter, too.

  20. Tony Says:

    The Brazil Travel Blog:

  21. jkiel Says:

    Stuck in Customs is always fantastic.
    Venice Daily Photo reminds me of where I’d rather be.

  22. Nominate your favourite travel blogs : Tips from the T-List Says:

    [...] Best Photography on a Travel Blog [...]

  23. Siok Siok Tan Says:

    I nominate China Dreamblogue, web url: http://blogofdreams.com. The blog aggregates wonderful photos of lesser known places in China all for a charitable cause. Two thumbs up.

  24. Chris Says:

    I nominate My Marrakech, http://www.moroccanmaryam.typepad.com. Her photography is fun and quirky and not the same old, same old that you see all over the blog world.

  25. Lisa Flavin Says:

    http://www.theconcordlife.com – Striking photos of historic concord, sweeping landscapes and classic architecture. This is not you tired postcard fare – fabulous to look at!

  26. Pat Stoner Says:

    I nominate “From the Faraway, Nearby” http://www.adventuresoftimtim.blogspot.com

    His photography tends to capture that place where geography and landscape meet. He is an awesome writer as well.