2008 travvies 160square 2008 Travvies Nominations: Best Destination or Trip Narrative BlogBEST DESTINATION OR TRIP NARRATIVE BLOG

This award celebrates the best travel blog focusing on particular destinations, either through local expertise on cities, countries, etc., or through a compelling trip narrative that documents the ins-and-outs of the author’s voyage. Quality writing and/or photography about that location that make you want to book a flight (or train, or ship) as soon as you can.

You may nominate UP TO THREE BLOGS by leaving a comment in this post. (Click here to do so.) If your favorite has been nominated already, feel free to show your love and nominate it again, though a blog only needs to be nominated once to be in contention.

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pixel 2008 Travvies Nominations: Best Destination or Trip Narrative Blog
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73 Responses to “2008 Travvies Nominations: Best Destination or Trip Narrative Blog”

  1. Jeff Connor Says:

    Nominating “Vermont Travel Notes” for the 2008 Travvies Best Single Author Travel Blog

  2. Stacy Says:

    Two of my favorite travel narrative blogs:

    Euros Ate My Dollars

    Reason to Wander

  3. BW Says:

    Check out VisitTheCoqui a site dedicated to the jewel of the Caribbean – Puerto Rico

  4. Chaos Says:

    Hey….i nominate this one

  5. Ritamae39 Says:

    I second the motion

    Just Married Chilean Style; Life at the end of the world

  6. Ritamae39 Says:

    I second the motion

    Just Married Chilean Sytle; Life at the end of the world


  7. Kristen Says:

    I tres-o the motion to nominate Just Married Chilean Style; Life at the end of the world.

  8. amanda Says:

    Just Married Chilean Style… ohquepasa.blogspot.com


    is the best!

  9. rachel b. Says:

    I bazillion that

    Just Married Chilean Style


  10. Tamsin Says:

    Who else but the only Mamacita Chilena; go girl!



  11. Ordinary Girl Says:

    I also nominate Just Married Chilean Style – http://ohquepasa.blogspot.com/

  12. Fned Says:

    Who else????

    Just Married Chilean Style


  13. Kirsten Says:

    I love the CrankyFlier

  14. Ted Lester Says:

    Candy from Strangers: Traveling Around the World in Search of Sweets

    by Malena who is traveling around the world discovering international candies.


  15. Amy M Says:

    http://www.everything-everywhere.com Gary (the writer) takes me to places all over the world that I’ve never heard of and would never experience otherwise. No other travel blog engages me like this one, and it’s the first site I check every morning.

  16. DJ Says:

    I humbly would like to nominate my own blog –

    I’m about two years into what is supposed to be a four year trip that has so far taken me from the Middle East, from top to bottom in Africa, and currently through the Indian Sub-continent.

    I think my writing has improved over the course of the blog, and for about seven months had a monthly column in a Canadian newspaper, the Halifax Daily News (now defunct. Not my fault!)

    Thank you.

  17. Soultravelers3 Says:

    I would humbly like to nominate our unique family travel blog:


    We are 20 months into an open ended, multi-year trip around the world as a family on a tight budget & we blog/vlog about our adventures and collaborate with other travelers, teachers, schools, and homeschoolers around the world.

  18. Travel-lover Says:

    I would like to nominate: http://www.johnnyjet.com/blog/myblog.html

  19. Harriett Says:

    I would like to nominate the blog http://www.soultravelers3.com

  20. Julie Says:

    I would like to nominate:


  21. Melissa Says:

    This is a great ’round the world blog! I check it daily for updates!

  22. Melissa Says:


    This is a great ’round the world blog! I check it daily for updates!

  23. Heather V Says:

    I would like to nominate Maryam of My Marrakesh. It is a wonderful blog.

  24. Von Says:

    Beautiful pictures and fascinating text

  25. gene Says:

    i hear it is quite an honor just to be nominated so what the hell i’ll do that favor for myself, even though the blog to which i am referring is sort of a temporary blog-within-a-blog.
    i wrote a 7-week account of a trip i won from Conde Nast Traveler, and it was published on the Perrin Post.
    go here to see what i mean:
    thanks, and sorry if this is cheeky…….gene

  26. Laura Says:

    I nominate My Marrakesh http://moroccanmaryam.typepad.com/
    For the most exquisite photos, the most compelling story, the most distinctive voice, this blog is simply peerless, so charming, an utter delight. Check it out!

  27. Tony Says:

    The Brazil Travel Blog:

  28. I'm having clutch trouble Says:

    I nominate Gene Pembroke’s SA and Antarctica blog for it’s incisive and fun reportage and of course his wonderful photography:


  29. evie Says:

    I nominate Gene Pembroke’s blog.IT was very entertaining and informative. He is a terribly clever and witty writer

  30. Father of CANE Says:

    Gene Pembroke’s Blog at:


    Incredible photography, informative little tidbits of info regarding the local(e)s, plus, as an added bonus – witty, comedic commentary! What more can one ask for?

  31. travel-lover Says:

    For Best Destination or Trip Narrative Blog, I nominate Johnny Jet (http://www.johnnyjet.com/folder/archive/archive.html)! He travels each week all around the world giving an honest review with helpful tips and hundreds of pictures, links and videos.

  32. Euscadiz Says:

    Our favorite travel Blog:
    Gene´s very personal view of places, people and situations is so fun, and so well written…Only travelling yourself beats reading his Blog!.

  33. decor8 Holly Says:

    DEFINITELY http://moroccanmaryam.typepad.com/my_marrakesh
    She is fantastic and extremely engaging.

  34. Carol Says:

    The BEST:


    We love it!

    Great stories, great photos, great information,great videos, great people and places! This is a real traveling family…. living the dream ( for almost 2 years and going strong) and sharing it with us all!

  35. Susanne Says:

    I would like to nominate a blog on live and things Beijing China:


  36. Scott Says:

    Gene’s travel blog takes us from Rio down to Antarctica and back up to Caracas in a period of 6 weeks. A thoroughly interesting trip journal delivered with a sense of humor accompanied by some quite memorable photos.

  37. nancy Says:

    Gene Pembroke’s travel blog-within-a-blog is the best! I followed his trip through antarctica and south america avidly. insightful, offbeat, and with amazing photos – I would buy the book!

  38. Ju and Nic Says:

    My husband and I thought Gene Pembroke’s blog of his trip through south america and antarctica was brilliant. Made me want to pack up and go. Keep blogging Gene!

  39. Kelly Says:

    Our good friends took a RTW trip last year, and while their blog was written for family and friends it offers a wealth of advice and laughs.


  40. Chris Says:

    I would humbly like to nominate my HubTrotter blog covering travel in and around Boston: http://hubtrotter.blogspot.com

  41. Lauren G Says:

    On Nicaragua mostly and Belize http://blog.joshuaberman.net/

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