2008 travvies 160square 2008 Travvies Nominations: Best Big Media Travel BlogBEST BIG MEDIA TRAVEL BLOG

Last year’s Travvies voters asked for this change more than any other.

More and more media companies are launching blogs of their own, and journalists are becoming bloggers themselves. This award recognizes the leaders in the “professional” category. (Freelancers whose sites aren’t hosted on a company blog site are excluded here.)

You may nominate UP TO THREE BLOGS by leaving a comment in this post. (Click here to do so.) If your favorite has been nominated already, feel free to show your love and nominate it again, though a blog only needs to be nominated once to be in contention.

Note: The comment form automatically asks for name, e-mail address, website (optional), and a text field. E-mail addresses will never be shared or visible publicly, in keeping with our privacy policy. Enter all nominations in the text field. Use the “website” field only if you are linking back to your own site.

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pixel 2008 Travvies Nominations: Best Big Media Travel Blog
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20 Responses to “2008 Travvies Nominations: Best Big Media Travel Blog”

  1. Jeannette Says:

    I nominate Intelligent Travel (intelligenttravel.typepad.com), National Geographic Traveler’s blog.

  2. Marilyn Terrell Says:

    Since the blog I contribute to, Intelligent Travel, has already been nominated, I’d like to nominate:

    The L.A.Times’ Daily Travel & Deal blog by Jen Leo: http://travel.latimes.com/daily-deal-blog/

  3. Sean O'Neill Says:

    I would like to nominate:
    Budget Travel’s This Just In, Ben Mutzabaugh’s Today in the Sky for USA Today, and The International Herald Tribune‘s Globespotters.

  4. Ken Says:

    Not a big fan of their magazine, but the blog is good.
    Budget Travel blog

  5. Nominate your favourite travel blogs : Tips from the T-List Says:

    [...] Best Big Media Blog [...]

  6. Nominate your favourite travel blogs : Tips from the T-List Says:

    [...] Best Big Media Blog [...]

  7. Louise Brown Says:

    I’ve gotta nominate the Trip Adisor blog, it’s hilarious

  8. Tim Says:

    The Perrin Post looks “big media” all right (with a page load time to match), but some good content, especially when the namesake is posting.

  9. Happy Hotelier Says:

    Three suggestions:

    Gridskipper Gridskipper
    Guardian Travel | Guardian
    Int Herald Tribune Travel and Dining – International Herald Tribune

  10. Wendy Perrin Says:

    Thanks, Tim. If the award were for the greatest number of corporate battles fought and lost, I’d win hands down. It’s a miracle I’m still even writing it.

    I’m going to nominate three from USA Today, which — from what I can see — actually values its blogs:

    The Cruise Log

    Hotel Hotsheet

    Today In The Sky

  11. Tom Says:

    From reading Wendy Perrin it seems that dispensing solid, proven, travel advice–and exposing travel rip-offs–is not so much a job, but a calling. Cheers to that!

  12. Andrew D. Nystrom - LA Times Says:

    Thanks for the kind nomination, Marilyn.

    Besides seconding our blog, http://travel.latimes.com/daily-deal-blog/, I’d also recommend

    http://intelligenttravel.typepad.com/ (NatGeo)

    http://www.worldhum.com/ (in this category, since it was acquired by Travel Channel this year)


    the the user-generated, Editor-curated http://www.everywheremag.com (8020 Publishing), not quite MSM and not quite a
    blog’ per se, but all about Travel, visually arresting, informative and always inspirational.

    In adventure,
    ~ Andrew
    [full disclosure]
    Sr. Editor/Producer, travel.latimes.com
    Los Angeles Times Interactive | latimes.com

  13. Al B. Says:



  14. Marilyn Terrell Says:

    Thanks Andrew!

    I second Sean on Globespotters:

    Sean’s “This Just In” for Budget Travel has a snazzy new design and useful stories:http://current.newsweek.com/budgettravel/

    I used to like The Economist’s “More Intelligent Life” back when it was a travel blog: http://www.moreintelligentlife.com/node/197
    Now it’s just a “lifestyle magazine.”