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travvies 160square 2007 Travvies: The WinnersThe results are in!

It is with great pleasure that I announce the winners of the first annual Travvies, celebrating the best in travel blogging.

First off, thanks to everyone for participating, from nominations to voting. The response has been fantastic, and many people wrote in to say that they appreciated the awards for pointing them to new and interesting blogs. (If you’d like to review the nominations, start here for an overview.)

I’d also like to thank the judges once again for their hard work in narrowing down the list of nominations to a tight group of finalists. Thanks to John Brownlee, Matthew Daimler, Henry Harteveldt, Darryl Jenkins, Michele McDonald, and Michael Miller. See their full bios here.

A final note: If you’d like to be added to a (spam-free!) mailing list devoted solely to announcements for next year’s Travvies, please use the contact form.

To the results: A grand total of 2306 ballots were cast. In some categories, the competition was truly fierce, with the winner separated from the runner-up by single digits. Proving that every vote counts!

Today, it’s my pleasure to present the winners.

Best Photography on a Travel Blog
Exposed Planet

Based in the Netherlands, Harry Kikstra, a self-described “climber / expedition leader / photographer / filmmaker / producer / writer / public speaker / cycler and many other things” proffers up a beautiful portfolio of images from his travels around the world. His photos portray both people and places — a reminder that the beauty of travel is not just found in vistas we see, but in the cultures we visit.

Best Single-Author Travel Blog:
The Cranky Flier

Self-described airline dork Brett Snyder serves up commentary on the aviation industry with insight, humor, and a penchant for Photoshopped stock imagery. If it’s about air travel, he’s likely to have an opinion, though in reality it’s not always as curmudgeonly as his blog title implies.

Best Group-Written Travel Blog:
The Lost Girls

Three New York women faced burnout in a “quarterlife” crisis, put their media careers on hold, and took a year to travel the world as a group. The blog is their collection of dispatches from the field, as they explore South America, Africa, and (most recently) Asia. Jealous readers, living vicariously, can pick up locally-specific travel tips as they watch these women living the dream.

Best Informative/Practical Travel Blog:
The Cranky Flier

Cranky, again! Though other blogs were nominated in multiple categories, the Cranky Flier is the only one to actually win multiple awards. As mentioned above, Brett Snyder’s focus on airline news and opinion, with a humorous touch, has won him many fans.

Best Destination Blog:

Amy Langfield helps her readers get a lay of the land in the City That Never Sleeps, with news and event listings for tourists and locals alike. For visitors hoping to hit the ground running, the site is a goldmine of up-to-the-minute information that traditional travel guides might only get around to putting in print 12 months from now.

Best Travel Blog:
National Geographic Inside Traveler

Finally, the big one: Best Travel Blog. Emily King, National Geographic Traveler’s assistant to the editor, and researcher Jessie Johnston round up stories and links from (quite literally) all over the map. Sometimes practical, sometimes destination-specific, but always about exploration and travel. The 2007 award for best travel blog goes to them.

Congratulations to all the winners! And thanks again to everyone for voting!

pixel 2007 Travvies: The Winners
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56 Responses to “2007 Travvies: The Winners”

  1. Travvies 2007 Winners Announced Says:

    [...] The Travvies 2007 winners have been announced. Congratulations to all! [...]

  2. Jon Andrews Says:

    I find it ridiculous that ‘Cranky Flier’ was nominated in 2 categories and robbed someone (ie someone better) of the opportunity of winning.

    Poor poor poor

  3. Timen Says:

    The Cranky Flier isn’t working (404).

  4. Travel Austria » 2007 Travvies: The Winners Says:

    [...] Original post by Mark Ashley and software by Elliott [...]

  5. S A Says:

    Congratulations everyone!

    My question: Why doesn’t national geographic have photos on their blog? It’s national-freakin’-geographic!

  6. John Brownlee Says:

    As one of the judges, I have to say I wouldn’t have picked National Geographic, nor did I nominate them. They do too many things wrong. Their blog is nothing but densely-packed text with a huge number of completely extraneous links. Add to that the fact that they have no pictures and it’s virtually unreadable… a cardinal sin in blogging, which is meant largely to be a skimmable medium.

    I’m going to be blunt: I find their victory here odd. They got a million nominations in the initial nominating process. How did that even happen? Did they ask everyone at National Geographic to vote for them?

    Seriously, look at their Technorati ranking:


    They’ve only been linked fourteen times across the entire blogosphere. If you simply look at the links to their directory, it goes up to 166. Most of the links they’ve got have simply been side mentions in posts about the Travvies. And yet they somehow managed to beat better, more popular blogs.

    Something suspicious is going on. My guess is they simply petitioned hard amongst their friends and colleagues to vote for them.

  7. Stacy Says:

    Congrats to all the winners! Thank you, Mark, for hosting the Travvies, I found some great blogs to add to my reader.

  8. Timen Says:

    NGIT has a worldwide magazine audience visiting it. Although I agree with Fred, I think that if NGIT it nominated the rest will never stand a chance just because of this huge readership.

  9. 2007 Travvies: And The Winners Are… - News - Awards, Blog, Information - Written Road Says:

    [...] For full details on the Travvies – i.e. nominations and judges, check out this link. Tags: Awards, Blog, Information, Journalism, News, Resource, Resources for Writers, travel Like this post? Subscribe to the Written Road RSS feed, or get email updates by entering your address below and let us tell you when there’s something new on Written Road. [...]

  10. Fred Says:

    To John and Jon: There’s nothing wrong with asking your readers and friends to vote for you, is there? Every finalist had a logo and a “please vote for me” post. Where’s the foul?

  11. Jessie Says:

    Just thought I’d weigh in a little here. It will probably surprise you, but, because we’re so new, IT actually has a pretty small readership. The numbers are constantly growing, and the Travvies have definitely helped us reach a greater audience. Gridskipper, for instance, typically gets more hits in a day than we do in a week. It’s precisely because of our still small readership that we were so jazzed about this nomination, and kept a “please vote” post at the top of our blog the whole week, while the Gridskips posted once the day they were nominated, and then put up so many posts after it that the announcement wasn’t even on their homepage by the end of the day. In a way, I think being a small blog (for now) helped us out. Which is not to say we don’t want all the readers we can get!

  12. Fred Says:

    Maybe there should a separate category for pro vs. amateur blogs next year. Or blogs run by magazines/newspapers vs. the rest. I don’t know.

  13. Olivia Says:

    Congratulations to this diverse group of winners!

    Re: NGT “IT”…. In my view, there are more than enough access points on the National Geographic Traveler site to view photos of practically every destination under the sun. The IT Blog’s writing is superb and the topics are fresh and uniquely informative without sounding stuffy or trite. Not to mention that these blogs, as I understand it, are thoroughly fact-checked before publication. Can most blogs say this? IT also gives Traveler readers a chance to contribute entries, in their own voices, which helps give the Blog a real community feeling.

  14. hmm Says:

    “To John and Jon: There’s nothing wrong with asking your readers and friends to vote for you, is there? Every finalist had a logo and a ‘please vote for me’ post. Where’s the foul?”

    Not saying there’s a foul, but EVERY finalist did not have a “please vote for me” post.

  15. Mark Ashley Says:

    Folks, a few points here:

    First, campaigning on your blog, by asking people to vote for you, isn’t “illegal.” Some people might find campaigning distasteful, and I can understand that position, but I can’t see a viable campaign-free alternative. Campaigns are fair game.

    What’s not fair game is when the same people vote again and again. This happened — repeatedly — but the system flagged these ballots, and they were purged. (Nice try, people. You know who you are.)

    That said, if you have suggestions for improvements to the Travvies next year, please feel free to post comments here or via e-mail.

  16. No Boundaries.org: An Around The World Travelogue » Blog Archive » Best Travel Sites on The Web: Winners Says:

    [...] In reference to my previous post, the winners have been announced for the Travvies, the best travel blogs on the web: [...]

  17. Melissa Says:

    Congratulations to ALL the winners! And thank you Mark for organizing this.

  18. gje Says:

    Congratulations to all winners.

    A good thing to start Mark! Is it possible to publish the voting statistics?

    Finally there seems to be a follow up in the form of the http://www.radaron.com/2007/03/02/the-t-list-is-started-traveltourism-bloggers-list/
    The T List

  19. Family Travel is a “Best of the Net” » TravelBlog Archive » Family Travel Says:

    [...] He and his wife Kirstie found this blog today in the UK newspaper the Guardian, because — taa-daa — the paper listed Family Travel as a “Best of the Net!”  In a list of proposed alternatives to the just-announced Travvies, there is FT in all its glory as a “Best Practical Blog.” [...]

  20. Schuyler Wallace Says:

    You New Yorkers are most fortunate to have Amy Langfield’s wonderful NewYorkology rambling around in your city. She’s a gifted writer who obviously loves the New York scene. Thanks to all who recognized her fine work.

  21. Scott Mc Says:

    Three cheers for Newyorkology.com! It’s a great site about NYC. I’m not too upset that Mr Cranky Flier was nominated (and won) in 2 categories. But I do have one comment for the administrator of the Travvies: add a few more categories! Three come to mind:

    (1) Best blog written from the road (e.g., people really and truly traveling as they post)
    (2) Best ‘Tough Travel’ blog, for people who go to the ends of the earth to tell us all what it’s like.
    (3) Best non-big-brand travel blog. My blog at Viator (shameless plug: http://travelblog.viator.com) will never beat a blog like National Geographic. So how about a category for smaller companies / brands so we have a chance to compete.

  22. The T-List - Travel and Tourism Bloggers - Adirondack Base Camp - Travel, Tourism, Outdoors, News and Information for the Adirondack Region of New York Says:

    [...] I’ve added the recent winners of the 2007 Travvies and some of my A-listers.  I suppose I’d add to the list if you send me a link or we could let Karin do it. [...]

  23. Potopisnik - DobrodoÅ¡el, popotnik » Blog Archive » NajboljÅ¡i popotniÅ¡ki blogi, za letos Says:

    [...] Razglasili so dobitnike prvih Travvisov, nagrad za najboljše popotniške bloge. Sicer glasovanje z 2306 skupno oddanimi glasovi v svetovnem merilu najbrž ni najbolj reprezentativno, a morda v prihodnjih letih iz tega še nekaj nastane. Če ne drugega, spoznal sem nekaj novih zanimivih blogov. [...]

  24. Christine Says:

    I’ve been reading the lost girls for a while now and have been enjoying myself so far. How can you not?! I’d love to be able to do what they’re doing for that long with my girl friends. FUN! :)

  25. Verdens bedste rejseblogs er kåret Says:

    [...] Naturligvis måtte det komme: Kåringen af verdens bedste rejseblogs. Det er den chicago-baserede rejsehjemmeside 'Upgrade: Travel Better', som med læsernes stemmer har kåret de seks bedste rejseblogs inden for forskellige kategorier. Den store vinder i topkategorien 'bedste rejseblog' blev 'National Geographic Inside Traveller', som både rummer oplysninger om specifikke destinationer over hele verden og praktiske rejsetips af mere general karakter.Newyorkology vandt i kategorien bedste destinations-blog. På bloggen skriver newyorkeren Amy Langfield om små og store New York-begivenheder til gavn for både turister og lokale. Bloggen bliver i særlig grad rost for at være meget hurtig med opdateringer til de forskellige events, hvorfor bloggen i den grad er tradi­tionelle rejsebøger overlegne.Crankyflier.com vandt kategorierne mest informative blog og bedste blog skrevet af én person. Forfatteren Brett Snyder beskæftiger sig især med luftfart, og sandsynligvis har mange stemt på ham på grund af hans humoristiske tone, skriver updatetravel.com.Fotoblog blev belønnetDen bedste fælles rejseblog blev The Lost Girls, som er skrevet af tre piger, som netop nu lever deres rejsedrømme ud i blandt andet Sydamerika, Asien og Afrika. Pigerne har revet et år ud af deres karrierekalender for at forfølge rejsedrømmen.Endelig gik hæderen for den bedste fotorejseblog til hollandske Harry Kikstra, som står bag bloggen Exposed Planet. Kategorien er med fordi mange rejseblogs i høj grad er fotobaserede, hvilket hollænderens egen blog er et fint eksempel på.Direkte links til samtlige vinderblogs og øvrige nominerede kan findes på her. [...]

  26. McNab’s Energy Blog » Blog Archive » The Lost Girls Says:

    [...] The 2007 Travvie Awards are out listing the best of the best of travel blogs. [...]

  27. From the Travesphere: Terah of Traveler’s Pen Says:

    [...] in store for you in the coming days; one with Mark Ashley of Upgrade: Travel Better (and host of the Travvies) and one with Pia Taylor of Backpackers.com. These are coming up. Today, however, we’re going [...]

  28. 10 Travel Photography Tips from a Pro Says:

    [...] Exposed Planet.com for a while now. It’s one of the many blogs that I got to know via the Travvies. When I published the A First Experience PDF, Harry and I got in touch and I asked him if [...]

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    [...] I’ve been lucky enough to talk to Mark Ashley of Upgrade: Travel Better, who organized the Travvies, the first-ever dedicated travel blog awards. Based loosely on the Webbies, the Travvies recognizes [...]

  30. NGT’s Intelligent Traveler Launches New Version - Travel - Travel - The Tranquilo Traveler Says:

    [...] 2007 Travvie Award winner for Best Travel Blog, the “IT,” or Intelligent Traveler, launched a new version last week. Brought to you by the folks at National Geographic Traveler, IT creators write, “What does ‘Intelligent Travel’ mean? We think it’s about exploring the intersection of authentic and sustainable travel. We want to showcase the essence of place, what’s unique and original, what locals cherish most about where they live. And we want to highlight places, practices, and people that are on the front lines of sustainable travel – travel that preserves places’ essential uniqueness for future generations.” Sounds pretty tranquilo to me … I’ll definitely be bookmarking the IT. Category: Travel Tags: Travel & Nicaragua Fundraiser BBQ and Backyard Concert in Boulder this Sunday | Home | If you found “NGT’s Intelligent Traveler Launches New Version” useful or interesting, please share it with others by bookmarking it at any of the following sites: [...]

  31. Short hops — November 28, 2007 — Mental anguish, healthy snacks, shameless self-promotion, and more » Upgrade: Travel Better Says:

    [...] are seven runners-up, too, so go read the whole thing. Consider other blogs, like the Travvies winners from earlier this year. (Or heck, the finalists!) And peruse the blogroll in the pulldown in the [...]

  32. Caitlin Says:

    I don’t see any problem with a site being nominated in more than one category. This is standard practice in most awards – the Bloggies do it too. Winning two categories might deprive someone else from winning, but so does winning one category. In the judges’ opinion they were better.

    I’m glad to see this initiative as I feel that there needs to be more recognition of travel blogs and more of a travel blog community, like there is with food blogs, for example. There are 11 food blogs in the Bloggies finals, but no travel blogs. We should try to change this and also support stand-alone initiatives like this one. Griping about the outcome is not helpful.

  33. Balaton Ferienhaus Says:

    I am a subscriber to several of these blogs, but you’ve introduced a few more new ones that I didn’t previously know. Thanks for the list.

  34. Maren Says:

    I would love to see a category named “Best sustainable Travel Blog” for 2009!

  35. Maren Says:

    Can anyone name some interessting sustainable tourism blogs?

  36. dee Says:

    thanks for the list, I hope I can also follow their footsteps in travelling some day!

  37. Roaming Tales » Award update Says:

    [...] This news just in. Mark Ashley from Upgrade Travel has contacted me to inform me that the Travvies will indeed run this year. Apparently there was a problem last year and the nominations were collected but something went badly wrong at that point. He plans to revive it and will kick off the process in about a month so watch this space. You can see the list of 2007 winners here. [...]

  38. » Atencion con este pasajero Says:

    [...] aerolineas norteamericanas. Hoy es el autor del Blog The Cranky FlierGanador de Varios premios como 2007 Travvies – Best Single Author BlogBest Informative/Practical Travel Blog , 2007 Reader’s Choice – Best Travel BlogPerformancing.com y #29 – The World’s 50 Most Powerful [...]

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    [...] should also support initiatives like the Travvies, a new awards scheme specifically for travel blogs. It’s not as big as the Bloggies yet but [...]

  40. Roaming Tales » Travel blogs - The Travvies winners Says:

    [...] Posted by Caitlin on 04 Feb 2008 at 08:00 am | Tagged as: Ethics & Trends I promised yesterday to point my readers in the direction of some good travel blogs. A good place to start is with the 2007 Travvies. [...]

  41. Family Vacation Says:

    That’s a handful of nice links you have there. Just what I need. Trying to pick out some nice travel sites.

  42. Blog-A-Thon Challenge - Musings of The Global Traveller Says:

    [...] Upgrade : Travel Better brought us the Travvies (the best travel blogs on the web), now Travel Rants is bringing us the Blog-A-Thon Challenge (best [...]

  43. The 2007 Travvies Winners — Happy Hotelier Says:

    [...] the Winners of The 2007 Travvies were published: A grand total of 2306 votes were cast. In some categories, the competition was [...]

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