travvies 160square 2007 Travvies: Meet the finalists, meet the judges, and vote!The judges’ decisions are in, and it’s time to announce the finalists, introduce the judges, and start the voting!

First off, I’d like to thank everyone for getting into the spirit of things and making so many great nominations. Speaking purely for myself, I discovered a great number of sites that I had never read before, and that I’ll be sure to add to my feed reader.

Second, HUGE thanks to the judges for reviewing all these sites and selecting their favorites. I’m sure you’ll join me in thanking them for generously donating their time and effort. Their names and backgrounds are revealed later in this post.

Voting begins immediately and runs for one week, through 6pm, Central Standard Time, February 28, 2007. You may cast your ballot by clicking here. One ballot per person, so please make all selections before hitting “submit.” Please note that the finalists’ names on the ballot are links which will open to a new window. The order of finalists is randomized on every ballot, so no site has top billing every time.

Without further ado, here are your finalists. Congratulations again to all finalists, and best of luck!

Brave New Traveler
Girl Solo in Arabia
National Geographic Inside Traveler

Europe String
Let’s Visit Asia
Yucatan Living

Cheapest Destinations Blog
The Cranky Flier
The Perrin Post
Today in Travel
View From the Wing

Brave New Traveler
Lost Girls’ World
TripHub Group Trip Advisor

The Cranky Flier
Flight Level 390
Killing Batteries
Travel Sweeps

Exposed Planet
Flight Level 390
Life Vicarious
Michael Simon on the Road
Notes From the Road

vote 2007 Travvies: Meet the finalists, meet the judges, and vote!

I’d like to extend a huge thanks to the judges, whose task was by no means an easy one. Here they are, in alphabetical order:

John Brownlee is a writer for and editor of the Table of Malcontents blog, a wonder closet of ephemera spotlighting the fringe of art and culture on the web. After spending most of his youth backpacking through dozens of countries, he has a bone to pick with Rick Steves. He lives in Dublin.

Matthew Daimler is the Founder and CEO of SeatGuru is an award winning travel website which provides information about airline seating and amenities to over 30,000 visitors each day. Matthew is a frequent travel blog reader and is honored to participate as a judge in the first annual Travvies.

Henry Harteveldt is vice president and principal analyst for travel research at Forrester Research. He analyzes and projects how consumer and business adoption of new technologies will impact the sale and purchase of travel services. Television, radio, and print media regularly consult him for comment on industry and consumer trends. His previous work includes senior positions at GetThere, Fairmont Hotels, The Trump Organization, Continental Airlines, TWA, and CKS Partners.

Darryl Jenkins is currently a professor at the Ohio State University. Previously, he was at George Washington University for fifteen years and served as director of the Aviation Institute. He is the author of several books on airline economics, and is a regular commentator on U.S. television. He is a Virginian Country Gentleman, living in Fauquier County, where he is also the county’s largest raspberry grower.

Michele McDonald is editor and publisher of Travel Technology Update, an industry newsletter that is read by executives of online travel companies, industry suppliers, global distribution systems, investment analysts and technology companies that are involved in electronic travel distribution. She also is a contributing writer for Air Transport World. She has covered the travel industry for more than 25 years. Previously, she was editor of Travel Distribution Report and managing editor of Travel Weekly.

Michael Miller is a founding partner of The Velocity Group, a Washington D.C.-based aviation consulting firm specializing in airline and aircraft consulting, strategic communications, economic forecasting, business analysis, aircraft and network analysis and other areas of aviation. Previously, he was the Editor-in-Chief of Aviation Daily, the largest daily publication in the airline business. He regularly appears in television and print media as an expert on airlines, aviation, safety, and international issues.

vote 2007 Travvies: Meet the finalists, meet the judges, and vote!

pixel 2007 Travvies: Meet the finalists, meet the judges, and vote!
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25 Responses to “2007 Travvies: Meet the finalists, meet the judges, and vote!”

  1. Europe String » Vote for EuropeString Says:

    [...] EuropeString snagged a spot in the Best Destination Blog finals of the 2007 Travvies, hosted by UpgradeTravelBetter.  Other finalist includes Lets Visit Asia (by Ruth Schaffer, a friend of mine who my family and I just visited last weekend), NewYorkology, Johnny Jet and Yucatan Living. [...]

  2. Escape Blog » Blog Archive » Vote for EuropeString Says:

    [...] One of my other travel blogs, EuropeString, snagged a spot in the Best Destination Blog finals of the 2007 Travvies, hosted by UpgradeTravelBetter. Other finalist includes Lets Visit Asia (by Ruth Schaffer, a friend of mine who my family and I just visited last weekend), NewYorkology, Johnny Jet and Yucatan Living. [...]

  3. Let’s Visit Asia - Vote for Let’s Visit Asia at the Travvies Awards! Says:

    [...] Woohoo! Let’s Visit Asia made it to the finals of the 2007 Travvies Travel Blog Awards! I am just so tickled and honored, considering who the judges were. [...]

  4. Brave New Traveler Named Finalist For 2 Travvie Awards » Brave New Traveler Says:

    [...] Yesterday, they announced the finalists, as chosen by their panel of prestigious judges, and I’m happy to report that Brave New Traveler made the cut for two categories: [...]

  5. b5media - a global blog network - Travel & Culture Channel News: We Brag About Our Own Says:

    [...] The contest, designed to honor the best of travel blogging, is sponsored by the travel blog Upgrade Travel Better. Check out what Melissa and Ruth have to say, and then head over to cast your vote here. [...]

  6. Fly Away Cafe - Where Travel is a way of life - Vote for the Travvies Says:

    [...] Go vote for them here. [...]

  7. The Seattle Traveler - Cast Your Vote for the 2007 Travvies Says:

    [...] Head on over to Upgrade Travel Better and cast your vote for the 2007 Travvies — recognizing the best of travel blogging. [...]

  8. Travvies: Get Your Vote In! - News - Awards, blogs, Market Leads - Written Road Says:

    [...] 5 finalists have been shortlisted in every category by the panel of judges and public voting is open for a week – until 6pm, Central Standard Time, February 28, 2007. [...]

  9. AviationViews » Blog Archive » Aviation Blogger Recognition Post Says:

    [...] And finally a big congratulations to The Cranky Flyer for his Travvies nominations in two different categories…well done. [...]

  10. Go Vote! Says:

    [...] Mark is a busy guy! He announced the finalists for the Travvies 2006. Go vote! [...]

  11. Lee Harrison (owner Select World Travel Malvern) Says:

    Good luck to all of the Finalists, it’s nice to see some new and interesting Blogs to read, and some deserving finalists have been chosen.
    Although our Blog, Destination essentials at hasn’t made the Travvies, we are pleased to say it has made it to the Finals of Travel Weekly Magazines Agent Achievement awards being held in London on April 3rd for Best UK innovation.( We are a small 1 Branch Independent and are also a finalist in this category) We are also finalists in the Sales and Development category, TIPTO Propritors of the Year award Category, and also Best Small Agency Category.

  12. garri Says:

    Whilst I didn’t expect to see Holiday Pad in the finals I am absolutely gobsmacked that Travel Rants ( didn’t make it.

    I’m sure Darren’s not losing any sleep since the Guardian chose Travel Rants as one of the 50 essential travel sites.

    Good luck everyone!

  13. Marc Says:

    The Perrin Post: Secrets every smart traveller should know is a great, practical travel blog. The regular travels and photos provide a lots of practical do’s and don’t’s for every traveller!

  14. No An Around The World Travelogue » Blog Archive » Best Travel Sites on The Web Says:

    [...] The travel blog world is a buzz today as the nominees have been announced for various categories in the Best of The Web’s Travel Sites.   Nominees for “The Travvies,” as they are called, have recently been announced here. [...]

  15. Trisha Says:

    Just found out about your award program. Am surprised that the blog at didn’t get mentioned. The destination guide have writers who have traveled all over the US and London and feature historic hotels, b&bs, and campgrounds.

  16. Vota en los Travvies al mejor blog de viajes Says:

    [...] Sitio Oficial | Upgrade Travel [...]

  17. sarah Says:

    The trouble with the Perrin post is it displays nasty, evil pop-under ads for their CN magazine. It’s a shame ‘cos it’s a great resource but so damned corporate.

  18. The Cranky Flier » Blog Archive » Last Chance to Help Cranky Win a Travvy Says:

    [...] This is the last day of voting for the Travvy awards, so please head on over to Upgrade:Travel Better to cast your vote if you haven’t done so already. [...]

  19. The Cranky Flier » Last Chance to Help Cranky Win a Travvy Says:

    [...] This is the last day of voting for the Travvy awards, so please head on over to Upgrade:Travel Better to cast your vote if you haven’t done so already. [...]

  20. From the Travesphere: Ian from Brave New Traveler Says:

    [...] Today I’m starting a new interview series called From the Travesphere. In it I talk to other travel bloggers about their travel experiences and their ideas about travel blogging. In this first installment I was lucky to talk to one of the Travvies 2007 finalists, Ian MacKenzie. Some might know him from his early web endeavors, but I like to think of him as having one of the most promising travel blogs in the travesphere: Brave New Traveler. [...]

  21. 2007 Travvies: The Winners » Upgrade: Travel Better Says:

    [...] I’d also like to thank the judges once again for their hard work in narrowing down the list of nominations to a tight group of finalists. Thanks to John Brownlee, Matthew Daimler, Henry Harteveldt, Darryl Jenkins, Michele McDonald, and Michael Miller. See their full bios here. [...]

  22. roddick Says:

    Hey guyz plz help me..i just made my blog but dont know how to submit it here for participate in FINALISTS!!!

  23. Short hops — November 28, 2007 — Mental anguish, healthy snacks, shameless self-promotion, and more » Upgrade: Travel Better Says:

    [...] whole thing. Consider other blogs, like the Travvies winners from earlier this year. (Or heck, the finalists!) And peruse the blogroll in the pulldown in the right sidebar for more great blogs that I read [...]